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Brushfield's spots Speckle in Eye Vanished in 7 months of IBT

 Here is a little story about my wife Tracey, she had been diagnosed approximately a year ago by an optician with a speckle in the eye, here is a brief on what it is.

Iris, speckled: Due to little white (or lightly coloured) spots that are slightly elevated on the surface of the iris. These spots, arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil, occur normally, but more frequently, in Down syndrome (trisomy 21). They were described in 1924 by Thomas Brushfield, are called Brushfield's spots, and are due to aggregation of a normal iris element (connective tissue).

On Monday 24th July 2017 Tracey had an eye appointment, and guess what......the speckle in her eye had gone....her eye prescription had improved....and she did not need distance glasses anymore just reading glasses. This simple process of raising the bed amazes me all the time. I have a lot of work colleagues doing this now, and my friend Scott’s wife has said she will never go back to a flat bed now, as she sleeps so well.

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my wife was diagnosed about June July last year, we raised the bed approx January, and she was retested July, so about 6 to 7 months, but it could have been sooner, told another 8 passengers tonight in work about IBT and you, so it is getting around. Keep Safe.




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Shocked. Glaucoma Gone Vision now 100%

Hi all, have inclined our bed and the results are as follows, we have had some good results, my wifes veins have sucked in a bit, we have no aches when getting up in the morning, we both dont snore as much, my wifes feet are looking a bit better {her feet are minging, dry skin and bad flakey nails} my cough that I have had since October has gone so helps with the lungs, and I had onset Glaucoma but it has gone too, the pressures in my eyes were 24 and 26, anything 22 and over is a red alert, they have now decreased to 14 and 16 and my field of vision test has gone from 62% to 100%. I was so pleased I burst out laughing and told my optician what I had done, and she stated that studies have shown that wearing tight collars and ties can contribute to Glaucoma causing head pressure so raising the bed was quite feasible.

Also my sister does not have to get up in the night to pee no more and gets a full nights sleep, she has never ever had a full nights sleep previously. Will get back to you all if any our things happen.

Cardiff Wales, UK


Lawrence Hooper