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15 Days IBT Pain + Sleep Quality


Title: 15 days already!

Good evening everyone,

New in the use of the inclined bed therapy, I'm at the end of 15 days pleasantly surprised!

I had inguinal hernia surgery 4 years ago and it threw me for some time more. Since the IBT, finished the pain in just 3 days: magical!

Also I decreased my hours of sleep while being at the top in the day! I no longer have the usual 8 am but only 5 hours and still in great shape in the day!

I noticed a higher therm night before makes me get up once a night but no problem ré réendormissement then!

That is for me the benefits of IBT to date.

Good luck in the raised position of 15 cm for my case.


your  Thierry





Original French Testimonial

Bonsoir à tous,


Nouveau dans l'utilisation de la Thrapie du lit incliné, j'en suis au bout de  15 jours surpris agréablement !

J'ai une herrnie inguinale dont j'ai été opérée il y  4 ans et qui me lançait depuis quelques temps de plus en plus. Depuis la TLI, fini la douleur, en à peine 3 jours : magique !

De plus j'ai diminué mes heures de sommeil tout en étant au top dans la journée ! je n'ai plus besoin des 8 h habituelles mais de 5 h seulement  et toujours en grande forme dans la journée !


J'ai remarqué une thermie nocturne plus élevée qu'avant qui me  fait me lever une fois par nuit mais aucun problème de réendormissement ensuite !


Voilà pour moi les bienfaits de la TLI à ce jour.


Bonne continuation dans cette position relevée de 15 cm pour mon cas.


TLIment votre





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Many positive benefits but not enough sleep

                                                                                                                            Dear Andrew,                                                                                        16/10/16

At the beginning our sleep cycle was long and profound without waking and we felt rested and refreshed (during the first 15 days), then we started waking in the middle of the night, not being able to get back to sleep and feeling less rested in the morning (5 hours of sleep is not enough).


We have an Osteopath in the family, he is 43 years old and specialized in Fascia work, who tried the inclined bed himself for one month. Through his own perception he felt as if he had received a fascia treatment, each night, during 7 hours, while he was sleeping. He felt that this was not the best solution. He put his bed back to the flat position and after one week flat hasn’t felt so good, with such an energy level in 20 years. He thinks that alternating periods of inclined and flat bed could be more adapted for certain people, as was his case, and he is willing to try again at some future time.


We feel a lot of positive benefits from the Inclined Bed Therapy: much better and easier intestinal transit, no intestinal gas, soft and smooth stool, no more haemorrhoids, no more hot flushes or night sweats (menopause), pain from bumps, bruises or sprains disappears very quickly and blue areas from very old muscle and tissue sports injuries (25-35 years) are disappearing progressively, etc.


What do you think Andrew? What can we try to sleep longer and more profoundly?







IBT Improvements: #Pain,#Oedema, #capillaritis, #SleepApnoea, #Injury,#Fractures, #fungal conditions, #Headinjury, #nocturia

I found this site after watching a video by Andrew on distilling essential oils.

My husband suffered serious multiple trauma (12 fractures + shattering of pelvis and facial bones, as well as head injury and left side weakness+) 9 years ago.

After raising our bed:

*My husband stopped snoring.

*He doesn't get sleep apnoea any more.

*I sleep better.

*We both wake feeling more refreshed.

*I don't have to go to the toilet so often during the night; not at all in winter.

*My hands and feet don't swell in the summer heat now.

*My left foot would often swell since I received trauma to my shin, the swelling would cause the scaring to hurt.  I don't have this any more.

*We both haven't had back pain of any note since our bed was raised.

*My husband has had very little capillaratis (broken capillaries under the skin) on his legs since the bed was raised.

*My husband was told he would need a knee replacement within 5 years of the accident. He had a broken knee cap and ligament torn off shin + broken femur which he had to have surgery for. He still has one unattached ligament. He has coped with painkillers for 8 years but in the past 10 months (bed raised) has not had to have any pain relief for it.

*His left leg (mobility impaired from head injury) has lost the cold dead feeling and is nearly as warm as his right leg.

*The swelling in his feet has reduced a lot.

*He has had no fungal conditions in his feet/toe nails since the bed was raised (I was constantly treating them for 8 years since the accident).

*His left foot bothers him with pains every night since we raised the bed.  While this may seem contradictory, this only used to happen when he had improvements in his brain injury and he would gain new movement or feeling.  Based on this we are convinced something good is happening.

I am interested to see what else has changed without us realising.  Some of these things have been so unexpected and we never picked them up immediately but realised later that the improvements coincided with the bed raising.

IBT is so simple and so effective that I recommend it to everyone now.






Deborah Walker

Six Months on a lifetime journey

Andrew’s website and information made an immediate impact on myself.  I have a background in physiology and his ideas on gravity are novel, important and as is obvious, a rediscovery of how we should all be sleeping.  In recent times the Egyptians got there first, but no doubt they were helped by others, as knowledge and experience are cyclical, not linear as we in the West tend to fixate on.

Sadly Andrew’s ideas have not been accepted with open arms as we are living through an age of corporate pharmacy, but in our house they were very welcome.

So Saturday 17th February 2018 was our first night of sleeping inclined, but being impulsive I had raised our bed by 6 inches and by 3.30am my wife had stormed out of our bedroom, declaring she couldn’t sleep like this.  Duly chastened, I persuaded her to try again, if I lowered it to 3 inches.  We both loved this new sleeping position and over time have increased the height and angle back to nearly 5 degrees, 6 inches.  We also sleep inclined when away from home and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m currently 58, and my wife is 51.  I have been a sufferer of mild #plaquepsoriasis, mainly on my legs for about 8 years.  Looking at others, my own case was very mild, but nonetheless I prefered to keep my legs covered.  Now after being taught by my wife to close my eyes and gently feel the skin on my legs with my hands, I am 95% improved and virtually clear of any lesions.  This is very pleasing and a testimony to the truth of Andrew’s ideas.  Further I always feel well rested and have attracted some positive comments on my #posture.  

I feel healthy and will now stay inclined for the rest of my life and look forward to an active older age without any undue worry.

Additionally I love telling others about these ideas and pointing people to the IBT site, but with mixed response.  I have a lovely story developing from an 89 year old family friend and his wife, but will expand on this in due course.  My wife and I personally inclined their bed, a two part divan about 6 weeks ago, to an initial 4 inches.  

My wife is interesting as well.  After settling into this way of sleeping she is enjoying things but has a few observations along the way.  She used to experience a #headache maybe 2 or 3 times a week and would wake up and take a paracetamol to help her sleep.  These headaches rapidly disappeared never to return.  She is also starting her #menopause and was experiencing #hotflushes, but these are now very mild and generally she seems very well and not mentioning any severe symptoms.  She is also becoming a night owl and has added an hour onto the end of her day, and now comes to bed around midnight, previously she would need to sleep by eleven o’clock.  So seven and a half hours is enough if she can have longer on a weekend.

Thank you Andrew for all your time and effort over the years, love from us both.

Jim and Latha x 


Greater Manchester


Jim Crawford


Psoriasis Improvements using Inclined Bed Therapy

Hi, You good people, this is for the record, sharing this might benefit some. I will keep this short…an observation of mine: I have been experiencing the symptoms of psoriasis since my late 20s…sudden all over body outbreak that never went, i am now 40 years old. Over the years I trialled most of the known and unknown “remedies”; nutritional, pharmaceutical and lifestyle changes. Of all, only a beachlife in the tropics or the therapy with fumaric-acid esters was promising. The latter posed the issue of expenses, acquisition issues in Australia and side effects.
To make the story short: Since May this year , when I came across this website and reports about the potential correlation between psoriasis and IBT, I am sleeping on an inclined bed (5 degree angle). Now at the end of October/ the Australian winter (where the issue should be worst due to lack of sun exposure) the skin returned back to normal. 5 months of gradual disappearance of the skin lesions. Additional, I would like to note that in 15 years this never happened before/spontaneous. I put it down to the inclined bed, the alteration in lymph/blood flow.
South Australia

Sleep apnoea gone, psoriasis, energy, tiredness improved

After using this technique for the last month i have notice a dramatic recovery of my psoriasis skin condition. It hasn't completely recovered yet but iv'e noticed a remarkable difference from my psoriasis being on my lower arms and all over my legs it has reduced to a spot on the upper part of the legs which disappears over the weekend while i'm off work.

I've also notice that my sleep apnea has gone completely. Before Inclined Bed Therapy I could sleep for 17 hours a day and still I would wake up tired.  Not no more I have 6 to 8 hours sleep and when I wake up i have the energy to go to the gym, something I have never done for several years. I fully agree that this technique works, whether mind over matter, or having real scientific benefits, I don't care it works! and I feel great. thank you so much I never thought such a small difference in my life would have this much positive impact.  



chris haswell

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Psoriasis improvements and chest/back problems disappearing.

I think IBT is actually starting to eradicate my Psoriasis and debilitating chest problems (which I think are spine related), but I only recently thought this may be the case, because I had forgot completely that I was even doing IBT at all, and in fact for the last month I have been racking my brains to see what else I have been doing over the last few months that could explain the Psoriasis fading, and the chest problems becoming less frequent. 


The penny finally dropped only when I recently stumbled upon one of your interviews by Clive de Carle, and I heard you mention it helps Psoriasis.  I have been doing IBT correctly since the end of April this year, but only really noticed improvements in my general well being over the last 2 months, so it has taken a while to have a profound effect on me.


From here on down this will be a long post as I am going to try to explain where I am coming from in terms of health, and how I think IBT is the real reason my health is showing such great improvements, and not all the other things I started last year.


In January 2014 my health took a dive for the worst.  My main problem was seriously debilitating Psoriasis.  I decided against the medications (steroids) being offered despite the pain and terrible itching, and instead completely changed my terrible lifestyle from eating junk foods, to eating good wholesome organic foods along with many vitamins and mineral supplements.   

I listen to the Patrick Timpone shows on a regular basis so anyone familiar with that great show and others like it, will understand the many different things I have tried.


Over the course of 12 months I must have spent a few thousand pounds of my savings on implementing new lifestyle changes, doing all sorts of things including drinking distilled water, fasting, juicing, urine therapy (yes you read that right), organic sulphur, iodine, tons of supplements, various natural creams, salt baths galore, drinking aloe vera juice, high vitamin C and vitamin D intake, and many more things.  I even tried a few spiritual things like Reiki healing.


Many of my Psoriasis problems became a lot better by doing all these things, and in fact I pretty much solved the itching problem to a large degree.  However, it was still relentless in spreading to all parts of my body, and while not as severe as it was initially, it just kept on spreading.  


My lower torso was pretty much covered in angry scab-like eruptions.  It spread to my scalp in a big way too, and my face was terribly affected that I simply could no longer socialize with anyone - I was even uneasy with my own family despite how supportive they were.  Depression would hit me constantly and everyone who has Psoriasis will know everything I am talking about.

A year later in January 2015 I was still having problems with my psoriasis, in that it was still relentlessly spreading to new areas.  Then my debilitating chest "attack" problems started to get really bad, in that when an attack comes on I experience terrible crushing pain in the chest that radiates into the back, my breathing becomes labored and I find myself having to breathe very shallowly, and this usually lasts 3-4 hours when it starts.


My chest problem became so bad it actually made me forget my Psoriasis problems completely, while I was forced to focus on what was causing these chest attacks.  I had entertained IBT in December 2014 but never took it seriously enough, and only used a 3-foot long board to raise myself barely few inches from the floor.  It probably would have done my lower back worse than good thinking back now.


Anyway, by around April this year my savings were gone and since then I have not be able buy anything in the way of supplements, or creams.  All I really do besides take the odd dose of my dwindling Iodine and Vitamin D supplies, is eat mostly vegetables and eggs - things which I already had been doing since last year.


On 27th April 2015 I listened to another interview with Andrews about IBT, and I promptly raised my bed properly by a full 6 inches and achieved an angle of 4.57 degrees.  This time I used one of my bedroom doors as a board to rest my mattress on, and using thick books I managed to raise my double bed mattress very stably, and it covers the entire length too - something I never did before.  

I still had no idea at that time it would do anything for my Psoriasis, and I only did IBT to help with my circulation and lymph waste elimination - something I now think is a vital reason IBT works.


The last chest attack I experienced was 2 months ago in July, which up until then was almost a weekly occurrence.  Its been getting easier to sleep too, especially over the last month.  Before this whenever I went to bed I was in constant discomfort lying on my sides, with pains that if I was not careful would bring about a full-blown chest attack.  


I only noticed in the last month that my Psoriasis lesions are almost all faded away, and my body is close to 80% clear.  Earlier in the year there were terrible scabs on my lower torso and one in particular never healed, always seeping a clear liquid really angry - it is now completely gone with only a white patch of skin to show the space it once occupied.


It has taken me easily a month to realize that it might indeed be the IBT that is making the difference, because its the only thing that I have been doing differently that I did not do last year.  Its probably taken 3 months to produce any noticable effects but now its 5 months in and I am finally sleeping like a baby, and the Psoriasis on my scalp (the worst place on my body) is finally starting to show good improvement too.  In the past I would spend most of my days picking the white crusts from my scalp, but thankfully this is now something that I no longer need to do, as they are almost gone.


I discovered last week that my chest/rib attacks may be caused by "referred pain" coming from my back, and so I actually have a back problem and not really a chest problem at all.  From what I only recently learned of IBT, it aids back problems very well indeed and makes perfect sense why it would do so.  Dr John Bergman is a popular Chiropractor on youtube and he states that the discs need to be lubricated to regenerate, and I think IBT would do this easily be gently stretching the spine during sleep.  If I do indeed have a spine issue causing my severe chest pains, then IBT is the only reason I can think of why I have not had an attack in two months, and in my case its simply taken a little over 3 months for IBT to work for me.


This then is the long-winded account of my health and how I have dealt with it over the last year.  IBT is the only thing that can be improving my chest/back problem, and eradicating my Psoriasis, simply because its the only thing I didn't do properly until the end of April this year.  I simply forgot that I was doing IBT at all for the past 5 months, not only because sleeping on a raised bed became so normal, but also because I didn't even regard it as a therapy at all at that time.  I now see that its most likely the only true factor in my recuperation that is making a difference at all, simply because its the only thing I am doing that I didn't do before.


In fact its very possible that many changes were happening from week 1 but it took me months to notice simply because I had forgotten I was doing IBT.  I only noticed changes 3 months into it but didn't attribute this to IBT, and in all likelyhood the changes may well have happened much earlier than this.  I have kept a health diary since March 2014 and will consult that to see if I had noticed changes in my Psoriasis soon after April 2015 when I started IBT.





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Powerful information, compelling results Psoriasis 95% Healed

I'm a newcomer to IBT, but wanted to relate what a difference it has made so far.


I raised the head of my bed about 4 weeks ago after hearing Andrew's original visit on the One Radio Network Archives. The story and research were so compelling, I wasted no time. These are the things I've noticed already:


1. I no longer have to get up 2-3 times per night to use the bathroom.  Now maybe once, but usually none.


2. My ankles and legs are slimmer now because circulation is moving edema out.  Also, my face and chin line don't have that early morning "bloat".


3. My varicose veins appear to be less prominent in my legs.


4. My post nasal drip (all my life) has virtually disappeared.


5.  My low back and joints aren't stiff for 2 hours in the morning.  I feel limber and good the very moment I get out of bed.  Before the IBT, I always had trouble sleeping because no matter which side I slept on, my hips would ache.  By the end of the first week, my hips no longer ached at night.


6.  I've had a persistent case of psoriasis on my lower leg for over 2 years.  Nothing worked in healing the itch or removing the ugly red patch of dry skin.  In just 3 or 4 weeks, it has healed 95%.  It is hardly visible and the itch and ugly skin is gone.  Also, the skin on my legs has been severely dry for over a decade, and now the intense dryness has subsided.

Las Vegas 



Maureen Conrad

#Susac's Syndrome, #nocturia, swollen veins, #Stroke

Zsaire Gable I do a great deal of online research as I have some health challenges.

I had two strokes in 2016. I had been for a complete physical in 2015 in the fall and apart from being over tired and run down from my work schedule I was told I was in great health. Fast forward 6 months and I had 2 strokes! I was shocked. They never found the source of the embolus. I had a CAT scan followed a few months later by an MRI.

I was told I have a autoimmune disease called Susac's Syndrome. They wanted to experiment on me with "therapies" I was hesitant to embark on.

Anyway, being the avid researcher and prime guinea pig for my findings I thought it can't hurt and can only help!

I jumped in with both feet and used bricks under the box spring of my mattress as well as under the feet at the foot end of my bed. I was told not to sleep with your head next to a wall where there are wires with live current running through them as the EMF from the wires interferes with your brains natural rhythms. I did it and immediately ceased voiding more than 2 X a nite. I was up and down and up and down so many times previous to that it seemed sometimes like all I did was get up to use the bathroom.

That was greatly reduced in some cases depending on what I ate to 1X a nite! Aaaahhhhhh peace finally. I also noticed my need for sleep diminished from about 8 hours to 6 in some cases.

Generally I don't have any aches and pains nor did I before using IBT.

One HUGE thing I did notice however was when I used to wake up the veins on the top sides of my feet as well as in my thighs used to be much harder and stuck out more prominently than they do now.

That shows that the heart isn't working as hard during your sleep cycle.

I am just finished school for a Nurse Aid course and may go ahead and get more medical training.

The results were astounding and I would encourage anyone to give it a try! It certainly won't harm you, and may if nothing else reduce your bathroom trips. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice just my own interpretation based on my experience.






Zsaire Gable