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#Emotions and #Trauma 

I have just started with IBT this (3 nights) week, I have been sleeping heavily and unable to get out of bed. The other thing I have noticed is an emotional block/behaviour starting to lessen. I saw Greg's post about emotions and wanted to see has anyone noticed positive changes regarding past trauma's/fears?

 The truth is simple!

London UK

Karen Bailey

IBT Definitely Works! #depression, #sciatica, #restlesslegssyndrome, (Restless legs syndrome, also known as #Willis-Ekbom disease, is a common condition of the nervous system that causes an overwhelming irresistible urge to move the legs.) #gerd #acidreflux

I'd just like to share my very positive experience with IBT so that others may benefit from it too. I was a bit sceptical at first, but thought I'd give it a try, raising the bed with books (!) just to see. I slept so much better, my restless leg syndrome and the sciatica in my left leg which used to wake me up several times in the night just seemed to disappear, and I woke up happy and refreshed. I was hooked. To cut a long story short, I had a couple of bed raisers made by a local carpenter (you can't buy them here in Egypt) with a groove to fit the bed legs into. Perhaps the best outcome of all - and I don't know if anyone else has experienced the same thing - is that I seem to be in a constant good mood whereas I used to suffer from occasional bouts of severe depression. I don't know whether it's just sleeping better, or whether it's the IBT itself, perhaps Andrew could give us an answer on that one, but whichever it is, I'm truly grateful.

Interestingly, when I told my sister about it (expecting her to scoff at the idea), it turned out that her family doctor had advised her to use IBT years ago for her husband's acid reflux and it worked wonders. I'd never noticed her bed was raised!

 Cairo, Egypt
Camelia Hamdy
Cellulite, Fatty Lumps / Bumps
Cellulite gone in two weeks after commensing Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)
#celulite #fattylumps #respiration #varicoseveins
Just writing in to say thank you, you are a genius, and have really helped my health as well as many of my friends' health, here in California.

I have been sleeping inclined for a few weeks now, and its been amazing. Most of my "fatty" thigh lumps have disappeared (many after just one week on the inclined bed), my sleep became deeply restorative, my silent GERD vanished. I do not cough and clear my throat any more, I do not snore any more. I do not get up to go to the bathroom twice a night any more. I am not foggy headed in the am from poor sleep, breathing, digestion etc. I could swear my skin tone has improved.

The nature of my urine has definitely changed as well. I collect my am urine to compost (we have a drought, and I read in a book written pre WWII that urine makes great nitrogenous composting material). Well it used to be much more dilute before. In the last two weeks, minerals have precipitated out and stuck to the sides and bottom. So you are correct. In this position, you do secrete more concentrated urine, with a lot more mineral density. I wish we could do more detailed research on this.

My 75 year old friends' varicose veins have greatly improved. She is sleeping better. I am measuring her leg edema as well, and will keep you posted on the changes. I am attaching a picture of my mightily smoothened thigh as well. As a reference, it used to look like a moon crater previously. Wish I had taken a before picture as well, so you could've seen the big bumps. But I did not know this was going to occur, else I would have. 

Bless you, for what you are doing.



Posted Date : 03-09-2015

#improvedsleep #nocturia #bladdercontrol

Better Sleep, Better Bladder Control

I've inclined my bed by 6 inches (150mm) and can't believe what a difference its made to my sleeping. I used to awake a minimum of 3 times a night to visit the loo, but no more. Until I started this 5 days ago I couldn't remember the last time I slept for more than 2 hours, but now I sleep for 6 hours straight! Thank you!

Posted Date : 01-05-2015


 No more waking up to pee (nocturia)

A healthy 70 year old friend of mine began inclined bed therapy around July of 2015.

 Prior to raising his bed he was waking up every 2 hours during the night to pee.

 Within the first two weeks of raising his bed he noted that he either slept straight through the night or woke up to pee one time.

 Today is September 18, 2015 and he still has great bladder control during sleep thanks to the inclined bed

 Thank you Andrew Fletcher.

Posted Date : 18-09-2015


#Prolapse and Bladder leaks, #incontinence

Dear Andrew,, We read about Inclined Bed Therapy in an article, we tried it right away with 15 centimeters (6 inches) under our head. That was 7 days ago.

After 3 nights sleep my wife had urine leaks the 4th day while walking downhill and again on the 7th day walking on the flat. She has slight pain in the lower abdomen region.

She’s 58 years old, 32 years ago, at the birth of her last daughter she had a prolapse, she had recovery therapy and has been fine since.

Could this be a natural re-adaptation phenomena and should we persist and continue or

Should we put the head at 8 centimeters (4 inches) and work up progressively.

Yesterday we put the bed on a 8 cm incline to try, today again my wife had urine leaks while walking.

We are a concerned and would like to have an idea, Have you ever heard about this kind of thing? What do you suggest?

Thank you

B & B


My son's partners mum had a prolapse which she was told required corrective surgery. The good news is, it went back all by itself and has never presented a problem since. It takes quite a while for muscles to tone back up, which in turn hold the bladder in it's correct position.

It may be beneficial as you say, to raise the bed by 8cm and increase once the problem has subsided. What may be happening, and I suspect this is the case, is that oedema is being drawn back into the circulation and this is causing increased urination. If this is the case than it should resolve once oedema has been eliminated. Oedema can be stored all around the body and can be moved to the ankles initially while the pressure changes in the veins catch up with it. Hope this makes sense. kind regards Andrew

                                                                                                         31 August 2016

Posted Date : 19-10-2016


bed inclined for 1 week

I adopted the inclined bed for 1 week, especially for nocturnal shoulder aches, installed for 3 months, for varicose veins and bladder prolapse without urinary leaks;

the shoulder pain is gone

I am waiting to see the results for prolapse and varicose veins;

Mr Fletcher, how long will it take for a positive result for bladder prolapse to appear?

Thank you Best regards,



lit incliné depuis 1 semaine


j'ai adopté le lit incliné depuis 1 semaine,pour des maux d'épaules nocturnes surtout,installées depuis 3 mois,pour varices et prolapsus de vessie sans fuites urinaires;

lesdouleurs d'épaules ont disparu

j'attends de voir les résultats pour prolapsus et varices;

Mr Fletcher,dans combien de temps ,le résultat positif pour le prolapsus vessie peut apparaitre ?

merci ,cordialement,



lesconil 29740

Posted Date : 02-05-2017

Chalky Urine

The very first night I tried IBT, I got up the next day and urinated the weirdest urine I've ever seen! It was like someone had crushed some chalk into a glass of Irn Bru! It had never been like that before. It was like a whole buncha stuff just got up and left that night! Probably something to do with 10 tablets a day for ten years.

No more #puffyeyes in the morning either.

It almost feels as if IBT has opened up my skeleton more and broadened my chest and shoulders!?!

I tried 7 inches and I felt like I was sliding down the bed so I had to lower it to 6 inches. I had some convex Ikea slats underneath. I turned the IKEA slats upside down so that the mattress was more concave. This allowed me to raise the head by 8 inches without the "sliding" feeling. Unfortunately, the upside down slats kept falling through the bed! So I got some wood from the lumberyard and used that instead. Now I use some 1/2 inch thick by 6 inch foam along the 2 sides to help make the mattress more concave. Well, I suppose this only works if you have a single bed!

Posted Date : 15-10-2017


I learned of IBT through the combination of words in a sales presentation of a bed salesperson.  I had never heard of inclined bed therapy, so when I heard the presentation I searched online for the meaning.  I was shocked to find that there was little to no information available through the medical community in the US.  As I continued my search I found you on YouTube and finally your website.

My wife had been treated for allergies at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA.  I immediately went to their website in hopes to find testing at their hospitals.  As you know, I found nothing.  They offer a tilted table test to try and diagnosis someone having fainting spells https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/tilt-table-test/about/pac-20395124 but that is where it stops.  

My wife is not easily convinced to try new things, but after a little discussion and her arriving home from work to find our bed tilted, she agreed to try.  

On 6/22/2019, we started sleeping inclined.  After a few weeks she found that symptoms of her rheumatoid arthritis had improved dramatically.  She woke with little or no pain and was able to start her day without the aches and pains.  

We are close to 2 months into our test of sleeping inclined and we will never sleep flat again.  I wake clear-minded and free of the need to rush to the bathroom when waking.  I have audio recorded my entire night’s sleep to find that my #snoring is now almost nonexistent.  My wife rarely uses the bathroom at night, where before she would need to go in the middle of most nights.  

Sadly, I feel I’m in the smallest group of believers.  I have 2 guest bedrooms in my home, one elevated and one flat.  When we have guests, I gently present how we sleep, discuss some of the first night improvements, share your website and offer the choice.  Do you want to try inclined sleep?  I’m 2 for 2 on visitors and have made believers of both.  

Jon Sampson
United States 

Posted Date : 19-08-2019
Jon Sampson