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Amazing results

Since I have raised my bed 6 inches I have seen the following improvements: 

1) After 4 weeks of sleeping in the inclimed bed I started to wake up very early  - at 5 a.m. - rested and energized. I have to wake up that early but before it  was continuous struggle , taking always 5 more minutes to sleep... I was dizzy and irritated that I have to wake up. Now it all is gone, which greatly improved my start of every day.

2) I also noticed increase of energy during the day since then.

3) After 4 months my celulitis I had since 30 years decreased very significanly.  

4) I had periods of loosing sharpness of my sight and I was affraid I will have to visit an ofthalmologyst but it all stopped and I see perfectly.

5) I had one, bumpy varicose vain which dissapeard ( I am not sure after what time since I was not checking it), although spider vains did not dissapeared they improved in aparience and do not hurt anymore. I hope they will also vanish.

6) After three moths I noticed my knees got stable, my back stopped to bother me in sacro area and my cervical bones stability improved greatly. I felt all these diferences and in general I felt more stability in my skelet. I wanted to see what my ostiopat would say after checking me and he congratulated me since it was the first time in years where he said there is a great improvement in all my body.

I must say that I inclined my bed because I heard this recomendation from a person I follow in youtube. I did it without any expectation more as preventive step. I did not even imagined all the benefits I would get after such short time. I considered myself as fairy healthy person and I raised my bed rather as preventive thing. I had now idea I will get all the wonderful benefits I got.

Thank you very much Mr. Andrew Fletcher for sharing these blessings. God bless you !

Jola Jalmuzna

Posted Date : 11-11-2018

Sinuses Draining Magnificently

I want to thank Andrew K. Fletcher for IBT and getting the word out on this. I am getting multiple benefits noticed after only 2 weeks now of putting the bed up about 3 inches so far!! (I could choose many Category items in the drop-down list since it's helping on many fronts already, I can tell.)

But I figured I'd start with the top -- around my head I mean -- (for now as far as commenting) and work down, over time. My entire life (and I'm currently 63 and can vividly remember having these symptoms for 53 years since age 10 for sure) I've been beset by nasal woes, constant colds, allergies, upper respiratory issues, swallowing problems, congestion, sinus headaches, etc. ad infinitum. Eventually I realized all this was not helped by eating gluten and stopped it entirely in 2008 at age 53 (I'd realized age 12, tried to eat Gluten Free age 40 or so, found it difficult to find anything to eat, US society was not into it, etc., went to rice mostly and so on but anyhow not entirely GF until 2008).

In the voyage of discovery i started going through healthwise, eventually I got diagnosed officially as having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (by insurance doctors so it was pretty bad by the time they admitted I actually had hypothyroidism and it was antibodies testing of >1000 on the TPOAB test, and TSH of 12 on lab work by then, at age 52.)

The insurance doctors just said to take some T4 (synthetic thyroid hormone pill, AKA Levothyroxine and brand names like "Synthroid" -- which is not even the active form that someone in my situation badly needed, "T3") and to just go away, it was a non-issue and not a problem. Well, anyhow I went GF on my own decision (doctors on 'insurance' never advise such a thing of course, for any reason, other than fully diagnosed Chrohn's Disease) and immediately lost 30 pounds and felt a lot better. The nonstop cold symptoms ceased. It was great.

BUT, the T4 was not a good thing for me to take, particularly as a many-years long prescription. It may be cheap but the costs are huge, trust me.

By 2016 I was in bad shape again and had to find some more natural way of dealing with hypothyroidism than just being GF.  I managed to find out about Tom Brimeyer and the Forefront Health website he has for dealing with hypothyroid clients. By only purchasing his booklets and diet plan (so far not using the consulting part) I began to work on my metabolism and 2 and a half years in, it's revolutionizing my health like nothing else before!

In the process of TB and FH I had found out about Raymond Peat. More improvements followed as I began to read the Peat forum which is a website of "Peatarians" as some call themselves (Peat has his own website which is separate, and does not directly participate in the Peat forum website as far as I have been able to make out). I am very happy that Andrew Fletcher has recently joined the Peat forum (I also have done it after lurking, just reading it for 2 and a half years). In fact AKF joining inspired me to join!

SO after GF had helped my sinuses, and TB-FH diet changes and Peat concepts-practices (including light therapy) had also improved the condition, and I was immensely satisfied on all of these results, I thought I was done with sinus remediation!

BUT NO!!!   IBT has grabbed the process, accelerated it and I am vastly improving EVEN MORE now! (I dread thinking how much effect IBT would be having if I had not done all the improvements in the preceding paragraph first!  Which took several years as it happens!)

That is why I tell people to be patient in health self-improvements, and prepare for some bumpy rides resulting therein, at times, because the true healing item of worth to the person (supplement, food, process, removal of wrong one(s), whatever) starts to REVERSE the current situation and the symptoms and signs of it originally manifesting start to appear again as all of those peel back, layer by layer, chunk by chunk (that is how I think of those, hopefully last, layers of mucus in my sinus case)


Janice Willingham
United States 

Posted Date : 28-10-2018




Linda Weir - FacileForms
Posted Date : 04-10-2018

Blooe Pressure Using IBT

Five years ago, my doctor's office wanted to prescribe high blood pressure medication. I started sleeping inclined that night and have been sleeping inclined ever since. I never took any high blood pressure medication. Today my blood pressure measured 120/68.

Donald Flumerfelt
United States 

Posted Date : 30-09-2018

Multiple benfits Pain relief, stiffness, recuperation, bladder control, immune function

I am a 77 year old naturopathic pharmacist.
I have been sleeping on a six inch inclined bed for six months.
These are my observations:
Sleeping better, on waking clear headed with more energy. Good clear dream recall.
Better bladder control
Sleep warmer
Less noisy breathing
Neck stiffness and pain eliminated
Lumbar pain reduced
Better recuperation after hard physical activity
Better restorative mechanisms all round
Immune function continuing to improve


Many thanks to you Andrew for diligently bringing this to our attention. 

Euan Edwards
Kingston Beach

Posted Date : 18-09-2018

Back Pain and Varicose Vein Improvements

About 5-6 weeks into IBT and a 6" raise, I woke up not feeling sore and bruised in the muscles around my hips and back for the first time.  I injured my back over 30 years ago and have had problems ever since.  Since starting IBT, and after the initial adjustment period I was warned about, I haven't had to see my NUCCA chiropractor in quite a while!  I was going 2-5 times a month.  The doctor said when I came in everything would lean left, my hip, shoulder and head.  Sometime there was also a twist in my pelvis.   I woke up one day not long after I started IBT to a strange pulsing in my left hip/groin area... It didn't hurt but it felt like something had been restored that had long been dormant.  I felt instinctively that some healing was happening.  I'm hopeful overtime IBT will continue to improve my spine and overall health. The change already has been amazing!  

I found IBT when searching for varicose vein help.  I have a big, ugly one on my right calf.  I think it looks better now, but I know it takes time and may not go away.  I do feel IBT will prevent more, at the very least.  

I plan to take bed risers on my next and all future vacations.... space well used in the suitcase to get the best nights' sleep!   

Sheena McKinney
United States 

Posted Date : 17-09-2018

Best decision ever

Tilting the bed was one of the best decisions I've made in my (long) life.  At the age of 70 I have aches and pains, athritis and a few other physical issues.  Pain has been an every day companion but since I tilted the bed a couple of weeks ago the aches and pain has lessened a great deal and I sleep better than ever.  I expect it to get better when time passes.  If in two weeks I've made such progress what will happen after a few months!  Thank you so much Andrew - you ought to be recognized far wider than what has been happening until now!!!

Please Select
Santa Gertrudis

Posted Date : 11-09-2018

oedema edema sleep quality

Comment from Youtube interview:

Wow!! -- Thank you so, SO much, Andrew Fletcher! -- You should get the Nobel Peace Prize out of all this!! --- You're obviously a true "Think-outside-the-Box" Genius!!! -- Just know that your incredible message didn't 'fall on deaf ears' with me!  - Oh no! - I raced off down into the basement and found several big hearty, wide and thick blocks off thick sawn planks,! (And hey, even a woman living on her own can soon find such stuff, and scrabble around, lifting each block, one by one evenly, under one Head-of-Bed Leg - and then the other!!  - Then, I thought....hmmmm... what if the bed starts slipping-away from the wall at the Top-end?? -- Well I soon fixed that 'possibility by slipping each of my clean,.. but old, and ''more-holey-than-righteous'' Garden Boots, with their thick-tread, under each of the legs of the foot-end of my bed! - Then I adjusted//increased height at the Head-end with an extra block under each, to compensate for the added-thickness at foot-end. - So, measured,.... I feel sure I now have at least 6.inches height ok. --- Well, looking at it I guess I wondered, like so many others before me.... as to whether I might 'uncomfortably' sliiiiiiiiiiiide-off the bed!-?? -- Well....Most certainly NOT-so!!!  And even right from the first time I used it, -- it felt GREAT!! -- and I found, as you have said (and I have already been excitedly explaining to others!) -- that 'just'-ONLY the normal weight and mildest 'friction'?? ('if' that's the right word??) proves to be absolutely perfect for a wonderful, peaceful, and refreshingly calm night's sleep -- EVERY NIGHT!!  So again! Thank you so, SO much!!! - - - - Oh, but that's not all! - Because previously, I had been diligently sleeping "like-a-Banana" every single night! -With both legs up high and resting, full-length, on a smallish, doubled-up mattress - to defate my puffy feet every night! - Well, as you say... it 'sorta' works, but then throughout each day they simply 'puff-up' again! ..... Well, since sleeping each night on my delightful "Inclined-Bed"..(and tho' it 'seems' to defy 'logic'!)...even with my legs &feet on that 'downward-slope'...they still go totally-FLAT each night!! --- BUT even better than that, they also appear to be gradually far-LESS inclined to 'puff-up' again through the day!! --- Brilliant -- Thank you! -and a fabulous 'BONUS' to all this, of course.... is that I am now able to turn-over! -at any time through each night, instead of being 'stuck'-with always having to sleep on my back!! -- I'm watching my Varicose Veins too, though these may take quite some time, I'd say.....but you have obviously 'Tapped-into' an array of the most simple, yet awesomely-effective 'Laws'-concerning exactly "How-BEST" our bodies should be treated and used, -directly in-tune with HOW God Designed and Created our Bodies to function, and to best-maintain truly GOOD Health!! --- Now, I'm striving hard to try to help someone very special to overcome their LONG-standing 'Body-Imbalance, (with Toxic-waste dump!)--and to finally get rid of their 'plague' of Seizures!!!! -- Through your wonderful "Raised-Bed Therapy'!!!  -- I Truly cannot THANK-You enough!!!!   -- Keep-up the Good-Work!! --
And I hope, mightily, to be able to get-back to you on results of the Special-person with Seizures!!!  :)

Posted Date : 28-08-2018

Varicose Veins, Type 2 Diabetes Energy and sleep

Since raising my bed 6 inches I've rid myself of varicose veins, sleep better, and have more energy. I'm also experimenting with earthing and that seems to be a good addition, although I've made my own earthing mats, and the comfort aspect needs attention! Altogether, Hard to tell as I've recently added a new Type 2 Diabetes med, but my sugar levels are now around 5,6,7 instead of 10, 12. 15. Having BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) means I have to get up hourly and sometimes half hourly. Getting back to sleep is no longer a problem. Thank goodness for Andrew and anecdotal versus scientific justification. Try it and see if it works for yourself, but don't rely on Big Pharma who try to block this site with BIG RED danger warnings from Norton Security. Norton downloaded themselves on my computer and tried to dissuade me from visiting Inclined Bed Therapy!


At my regular monthly massage my therapist said "Did you photograph your varicose veins prior to your new IBT treatment?
Unfortunately, no. Didn't think of it.

You see, I had very bad varicose veins in my right leg, and reading the IBT site, I decided to give it a go, as it's free and very easy. Varicose vein stripping/ removal costs between $1000 and up to $4000 PER treatment, and several may be needed. I'm always experimenting, not doing much, but like to discover things for myself. Even in painting, I don't paint pictures any more, rather experiment and play with colour. Well, this 'dude'-Andrew K Fletcher, engineer- studied trees, and the mechanism by which sap rises and falls and applied it to the recumbent human body by experiment. In his experiment you can see how blood flows in a vein, and it all makes very good sense.

I tend to do things by averages. Bought a door and made a triangular frame and put that onto the bed base. The base has wheels and propping one end just made it roll, it was a bit too soft anyway! Just measured it and it actually works out at 6". 

Now, to digress, varicose vein surgery is a multi-million dollar industry and they don't like their fee-base being eroded, they need sick people, healthy ones are no profit and useless to them. And as a result, a free cure for circulatory ills is diabolical and iniquitous to the industry. Call it conspiracy theory if you like, but when Norton Security download surreptitiously on to my -personal and private- computer and start censoring my searches, I feel it has gone too far. If you want free medical treatment for many circulatory problems, try raising the head of your bed a few inches! Herewith follows an excerpt from a medical site ...."Varicose veins aren't just a cosmetic problem. They can also cause a fair amount of pain and discomfort on a daily basis, with some of the more persistent symptoms including swelling, throbbing and leg cramps. Serious complications can develop over time too, such as phlebitis (vein inflammation), blood clots, dermatitis and painful vein ulcers that, in extreme cases, can lead to amputation."

Comment from Andrew
Norton has since removed my site from their so called Safe Search Warning and accepted they had false flagged it. Mcaffe are still trying to block my site and not responded to my reports. It does make me suspicious that Pharma is using these programmes to dissuade people from viewing them.

Edward Houghton-Ward
New South Wales

Posted Date : 24-08-2018

Six Months on a lifetime journey

Andrew’s website and information made an immediate impact on myself.  I have a background in physiology and his ideas on gravity are novel, important and as is obvious, a rediscovery of how we should all be sleeping.  In recent times the Egyptians got there first, but no doubt they were helped by others, as knowledge and experience are cyclical, not linear as we in the West tend to fixate on.

Sadly Andrew’s ideas have not been accepted with open arms as we are living through an age of corporate pharmacy, but in our house they were very welcome.

So Saturday 17th February 2018 was our first night of sleeping inclined, but being impulsive I had raised our bed by 6 inches and by 3.30am my wife had stormed out of our bedroom, declaring she couldn’t sleep like this.  Duly chastened, I persuaded her to try again, if I lowered it to 3 inches.  We both loved this new sleeping position and over time have increased the height and angle back to nearly 5 degrees, 6 inches.  We also sleep inclined when away from home and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m currently 58, and my wife is 51.  I have been a sufferer of mild plaque psoriasis, mainly on my legs for about 8 years.  Looking at others, my own case was very mild, but nonetheless I prefered to keep my legs covered.  Now after being taught by my wife to close my eyes and gently feel the skin on my legs with my hands, I am 95% improved and virtually clear of any lesions.  This is very pleasing and a testimony to the truth of Andrew’s ideas.  Further I always feel well rested and have attracted some positive comments on my posture.  

I feel healthy and will now stay inclined for the rest of my life and look forward to an active older age without any undue worry.

Additionally I love telling others about these ideas and pointing people to the IBT site, but with mixed response.  I have a lovely story developing from an 89 year old family friend and his wife, but will expand on this in due course.  My wife and I personally inclined their bed, a two part divan about 6 weeks ago, to an initial 4 inches.  

My wife is interesting as well.  After settling into this way of sleeping she is enjoying things but has a few observations along the way.  She used to experience a headache maybe 2 or 3 times a week and would wake up and take a paracetamol to help her sleep.  These headaches rapidly disappeared never to return.  She is also starting her menopause and was experiencing hot flushes, but these are now very mild and generally she seems very well and not mentioning any severe symptoms.  She is also becoming a night owl and has added an hour onto the end of her day, and now comes to bed around midnight, previously she would need to sleep by eleven o’clock.  So seven and a half hours is enough if she can have longer on a weekend.

Thank you Andrew for all your time and effort over the years, love from us both.

Jim and Latha x 

Jim Crawford
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 09-08-2018

Amazing! Cramp, cellulite, spider veins,

I am so grateful I found your interview on youtube one Saturday morning in June 2018. I have been mesmerised listening to something that made so much sense to me! Straight after the interview I adjusted my bed. Today,exactly 7 weeks to the day, I am incredibly happy to say that I have slept through every single night WITHOUT HORRENDOUS LEG MUSCLE CRAMPS,that woke me at night for years...Thank you!!!! I have tried minerals before, changed my diet, tried all I could, but from the very first night I slept right through! I must admit I thought it was a fluke so expected the cramps to return,especially as the spasms would sometimes start already in my toes in the evenings, but to my surprise they never came ! Only on a couple of ocassions,as I woke up in the morning to go to the bathroom,always around 5am, I would feel a little remnant for a moment or two.But only on a couple of ocassions:7 weeks of freedom! Thank you!!! And it seems that my cellulite is less visible and my spider veins too...thank you again, I have been recommending you to my friends! 

Posted Date : 29-07-2018

Amazing! Cramp, cellulite

I am so grateful I found your interview on youtube one Saturday morning in June 2018. I have been mesmerised listening to something that made so much sense to me! Straight after the interview I adjusted my bed. Today,exactly 7 weeks to the day, I am incredibly happy to say that I have slept through every single night WITHOUT HORRENDOUS LEG MUSCLE CRAMPS,that woke me at night for years...Thank you!!!! I have tried minerals before, changed my diet, tried all I could, but from the very first night I slept right through! I must admit I thought it was a fluke so expected the cramps to return,especially as the spasms would sometimes start already in my toes in the evenings, but to my surprise they never came ! Only on a couple of ocassions,as I woke up in the morning to go to the bathroom,always around 5am, I would feel a little remnant for a moment or two.But only on a couple of ocassions:7 weeks of freedom! Thank you!!! And it seems that my cellulite is less visible and my spider veins too...thank you again, I have been recommending you to my friends! 

Posted Date : 29-07-2018

Varicose veins, chronic pain

IBT Review:

I had been sleeping with my bed inclined 4" for about a year.
I noticed a few improvements:
-More energetic/ clear headed upon waking
-Varicose vein lump in my leg reduced heaps
-Sleeping through the night instead of waking up 2 or 3 times
-Less flare up days. (I am a chronic pain patient)

Then I had to move and was sleeping on a mattress on the ground flat for a few months. I started waking up feeling like a zombie, cloudy head, extremely lethargic and dead legs. The lump from the varicose vein came back and I was waking up multiple times a night again.

Happy to report I am now back to sleeping inclined and sleep is enjoyable once more! Only inclined 3" atm and I am already noticing the improvements again.

Jon Nicholls
Posted Date : 01-07-2018

Memory loss, Amnesia, Partial Amnesia

Hi, I want to mention what " Inclined Bed Therapy " has done for me. I have had partial amnesia for may years and IBT has helped me regain all of my memories, so now other healing will come about as well. 
I like to share my experience regarding the Inclined Bed Therapy, I have had partial amnesia for about 60 years due to an injury to my back that effected my nerves system, I had retained the memories but they where not connecting so I could not excess them. I saw many doctors and health experts but non of them where able to help. I had tests done and even had a single cortisone injection, which helped for a while, but stopped when I found out about the side effects of that. One of the doctors who had x- rayed my spine way back when told that I would walk bent over by the time I got to my 40th. I looked at him and said never.

Since then I started looking at all kinds of ways to help my body to heal with out much success and then I ran into the information on Inclined Bed Therapy, so I tried it, unfortunately for the first 2 years I did not have a bed that I could properly incline so it might have actually done the reverse of what I expected, then last year in July I got a new bed ( wooden poster bed ) so now I could incline the whole bed properly, I did experiment with the amount of incline ( up,then down again and so on ) so that I felt comfortable with it and would not get too overwhelmed by the memories coming back.  Sometimes I did and then down went the bed...and now I have got all of my memories back and in the right order connected in the right way.... Thank you Inclined Bed Therapy ....and Thank you Andrew K. Fletcher  for making IBT's information available to people who want real healing.

Eva Sprung
29th of June 2018

Eva Sprung

Posted Date : 01-07-2018

fat legs

thanks andrew i watched one of your videos and to me it made sense

i am a driver and i had fat legs and puffy feet

both have gone down considerably and this is after only 3 weeks

i have my bed raised 8 and a half inches and may raise it even higher

i also am sure that i am sleeping more deeply a awake feeling fully 

rested and rarin to go terrific idea well done and many thanks to you

tony hodgkinson
camden, london
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 24-06-2018