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John's Letter to Spinal Cord Injuries Association

S.I.A (Spinal Cord Injuries Association)  https://www.spinal.co.uk/
76 St James,s Lane
London    N10 3DF

Letter From John D Mason (T9 and T10. )

Attention of Lyn Punchard, Editor of Forward And Vivienne Davies
Dear S.I.A.
In response to your recent letters to Mr Andrew Fletcher and to the article you included on page 18 of the July-August addition of Forward, my  own improvements while which included an account  of participating in his trial and research.

The Article

I had a conversation with Lyn Punchard and discussed in detail how this simple therapy has helped to stimulate sensation of touch well below the damaged area of my spine, which is at T9 and T10.

I made this quite clear at the time of the telephone interview and also know that Mr Fletcher would not have told S.I.A that my injury was T11 and T12. The fact that sensitivity of touch has now reached my pubic area since I started sleeping with the head of my bed raised by 12 inches should be pointed out clearly in a future article in order to present an accurate account of the benefits gained from this therapy.
There have been many positive improvements in my physiology, some which could only be attributed to stimulation of the damaged nerves in my spine. Which were confirmed as a complete spinal cord injury by Dr Grundy of the Salisbury Spinal Cord unit.

Could you please call me at my home which I have found in this treatment to discuss the main benefits?

Your letters dated 24th September and October 6th are very negative considering that little or nothing is on offer for spinalcord injured people! I do not understand why you have adopted this attitude towards this exciting research. If I had adopted a negative attitude then the benefits which I now have, which enable me to live in a flat as a self sufficient adult would undoubtedly have remained a dream.

Julian Boustead whom I have known since we were at Odstock together following spinal cord injury is also concerned that the SIA attitude to this research is far to negative to say the least.
I do hope that you will adopt a more positive attitude as we the injured depend on organisations like yours to make sure that the very latest developments no matter how insignificant are made available to us immediately in order that we may judge for ourselves what is worth exploring.

Sincerely  John D Mason.

John Mason


Inclined Bed Journal - Colin M.
Atlanta, GA

05-06-2007, 11:48 PM

Hello, I'm a C-5 incomplete spinal cord injury who was injured on July 10, 2004. My recovery has been hopeful but has not significantly changed my quality-of-life. Trace movements continue to be awesome signs of hope but have yet to be strengthened. I have now begun a new journey of recovery and expect to make significant gains in the near future.

I discovered inclined bed therapy during my first visit to Center IMT in Atlanta, Georgia. I began implementing the theory on April 22, 2007. I also dedicate myself to many other types of therapies including brushing techniques, neuromuscular and threshold electrical stimulation, using a chi exercise machine, sacral wedge, and a vibrator beneath my feet. On June 1st 2007 I plan on moving to the Atlanta area for an indefinite amount of time to participate in Center IMT's "first step" program along with Shepherd Center's "beyond therapy" program. In this journal I'm going to try and focus on the various effects I believe inclined bed therapy has on my body but because of the variety of techniques I'm using to enhance recovery, it is difficult to prove what is doing what.

Week One
-I raised the head of my bed 4 to 5 inches.
-The first night I began getting hot flashes.
-My legs, feet, and hands felt very warm during the night and when I woke up in the morning.
-Within a couple days my complexion was improving, my energy had gone up, and people began commenting on how healthy I looked.
- I also felt mentally sharper. I felt more communicative and my vision seemed more clear.
-Several days into the therapy , I began to feel very achey and sore in my shoulders and neck area.
-I thought I was sick but then read about a period of detox which occurs initially.
-A couple days later the soreness was gone.

Week Two
-Increased energy began to feel less noticeable.
-Complexion still improved and extremities still felt warm at night.
-No more hot flashes at night.
-Anxious to speed up the process I decided to raise my bed to the recommended height. I struggled to discover a way to do so without causing the bed to be unstable. I ended up having to buy more bed risers and doubled the height. I would have liked to ease into it more gradually but didn't think much of it.
-Three nights sleeping at the new incline, I have not slept well, and my energy has been low.
-spasms increased at night.
-I get frustrated at night as I slowly slide down the bed each time I turn.
-The weather has turned cold and my ability to keep warm has not seemed much improved.
-I've now discovered that the incline I am at is more than the recommended 5.5 to 6°.
-I plan on reducing the incline tonight to start off week three.
-My overall impression of this type of therapy is very optimistic so far. I can feel the weight of gravity taking it's effect as I sleep and my legs just feel different. Any change is a good thing in my opinion

Hi Colin

Your report follows the predicted pattern from tilting the bed. The increased spasm is generally a good sign that the nervous system is responding and has been reported many times by others as an initial symptom from sleeping inclined and may explain why you are sliding down the bed.

This is going to take several more weeks before you experience the full benefits from the bed.

Many thanks for helping me with this research.


Week Three

Week Three: 05-14-2007, 12:56 AM

-I lowered my bed down to about 5.7°.
-the new positioning made a ton of difference and I am much more comfortable.
-I'm not sliding down the been nearly as much at night.
-Early in the week I began to get headaches and soreness. Detoxing I figure.
-I noticed my toenails are looking healthy. Never had much of a problem but slight ingrown toenails have improved.
-I'm no longer bleeding during my bowel program from haemorrhoids.

-other improvements not directly related to the incline bed include:
-increased tricep strength mostly from electrical stimulation.
-more sensation in the lower legs while using my foot vibrator.

I believe everything I am doing is playing a role and the inclined bed will most likely serve as a basis for much of my improvement soon to come.

Week Four 05-21-2007, 02:02 AM

Week Four:
-I feel like I'm slowly getting adjusted to sleeping inclined.
-I feel as if I have a lot of energy and I am tired at the same time. Kind of weird.
-The extension spasms in my right quad has kicked in. In the past it has only been the left and now both legs are doing it.
-I noticed in my toe nails that there are two definite colors. Towards the edge of my toe nail is a dark color while towards the base of the toenail is a light pink as if a new healthier nail is pushing the older nail out. I will know for sure as time passes on.

Not much else to report at the moment. Andrew, I was wondering what the most effective way of sleeping is? Right now I sleep on my side in a curled position. It is the most comfortable.

Hi Colin and thanks for updating your diary.

The toenail improvements have been reported by lots of people trying the inclined bed, and clearly indicate a very positive change in circulation to the nail bed. Also, the emergence of half moons on both finger and toe nails has been observed by many people. Improved nail growth has also been duly noted, all of which indicate improved circulation.

The recent changes in spasm you have noted follow exactly the same pattern as other people with spinal injury who have inclined the bed. But yours appear to be kicking in sooner than most, again indicating some changes to your physiology may follow sooner than expected.

To get the optimum benefit from the inclined bed, if possible stretch out rather than curling up as this according to the theory may prove to accelerate your progress. Sleeping on your side may prove marginally more beneficial as it increases the angle of the spine, although people sleeping on their front or backs have experienced significant positive changes.

Have you noticed a change in your urine output? change in colour or odour or clarity?


I unfortunately cannot say for sure whether there has been a change in my urine. I feel as if there has, but nothing has jumped out at me enough to point it out. My urine outputs have always been very erratic so it's hard to tell when there has been a definite change. There is a chance that my urine has gotten darker and smellier, but once again I cannot be sure.

I will try and stretch my legs out more. I don't think I can sleep well on my back and definitely not my stomach.

Week Five: 05-27-2007, 08:11 PM

-I was getting headaches at the beginning of the week especially after being in the sun.
-I feel as if I cannot take as much of the suns heat as I used to. I seem to get overheated easily.
-by the middle of the week the headaches disappeared.
-I'm no longer getting sore aching muscles for no reason other than the incline.
-I have been getting some faint dizzy spells, as if my blood sugar level is low.
-The past few days my legs feel as if they are constantly vibrating. Tingling sensations are also occurring. It is not a sudden occurrence of sensation because I have had similar sensations for awhile now, but they have significantly increased. The sensation has also increased in the genital region.
-Along with the increased sensation I get the antsy desire to get up out of my chair and move around. Once again I have felt this way for awhile now but the feelings of increased.

I expect more to come in the near future so stay tuned.

Week 9 06-24-2007, 10:46 PM
So it's been four weeks since my last entry. That would put me at week nine. I'm to the point now where it's going to be harder and harder to tell what exactly the sleeping inclined is doing for me. My progress is going to be a collaboration of many forces. At week six, I do remember noticing an increase in the tingling in feelings of vibration in my legs. Weeks seven and eight were spent taking part in two programs for spinal cord recovery. Center IMT in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond therapy which is also in Atlanta. I spent week nine visiting a spiritual energy healer who did healing on me once a day for five days.

Overall, I feel myself recovering and I do believe sleeping inclined is playing a role. I cannot stand sleeping flat anymore and was always desperate to find a way to incline the beds at the hotels that we stayed in. I had to sleep flat one night and didn't care for it at all. When I sleep inclined I can feel sensations pouring into my legs and it feels like healing is taking place. I just feel stagnant when sleeping flat.

I have no miraculous reporting to tell but the overall awareness of my body is magnifying and I feel connections being made. More and more so I feel as if I'm going to jump out of my seat. In a couple weeks I will permanently be in Atlanta to speed up my recovery process.

Week 13 07-20-2007, 06:57 PM

At this point I believe sleeping inclined is actually helping to increase the bulk and size of my muscles. A couple weeks ago my parents began to tell me that my legs looked bigger. Following, a couple of people outside of my home also said the same thing. I had thought my legs seemed bigger but I did not know for sure until others began to notice it as well.

My upper body is also getting a lot bigger especially in the chest, shoulders, and back. I believe this is also due to electrical stimulation and muscle recovery.

My dad told me that a couple months ago he was actually worried about me because of my health and the apparent degeneration of my body. He said he saw me getting thin, struggling with my energy and such and was not happy about it. He now tells me that he is no longer worried and sees a much healthier individual when looking at me. I too agree and feel much healthier. It is most certain that inclined bed therapy along with my other methods is changing my entire physiology. This will allow healing to be directed towards the nervous system where it is needed most.

10-05-2007, 01:06 AM
I have now been sleeping inclined for about 5 1/2 months. I continue to believe that it is having a major impact on my recovery, however, it is becoming difficult for me to exactly pinpoint what the effects are. Starting in June I began a dedicated plan of recovery, going to two different rehab programs and visiting a spiritual energy healer every two to three months. I have another thread which follows some of these experiences...


My improvements as of recently have been the most dramatic since my injury back in 2004. I've had some major stabilization occurring in my scapular muscles and I can actually see the muscles begin to fill in around the shoulder blades. My chest muscles and triceps are also firing more consistently and increasing in size. My truck muscles and pelvis muscles have also increased in strength and I can actually keep my hips tucked in while doing assisted standing. I am also feeling increased sensation and awareness throughout my body. Energy and health also seems to be constantly improving.

So what is inclined bed therapy doing for me? I believe it is serving as a basis for my health and in so my recovery. I'm addicted to sleeping inclined now and when I lay down to sleep at night I have a confidence that the incline is encouraging recovery and neural growth. I do not think that sleeping inclined alone is enough. But the combination along with integrative manual therapy, exercise, and energy healing will lead me to walking again.

Colin M


Some of the notes were unfortunately lost
Case 5

Hi Andrew

I am very sorry that I haven't replied to you sooner. My computer blew up on me and I was without one for almost one month also I haven't been feeling well I've had an ongoing battle with bladder infections etc. However I'm going to see a specialist on May 13th regarding bladder and kidneys hopefully something might be done about these infection

As I explained in my first email to you I am a male sixty year old C-4 quadriplegic 17 years post injury. I also have Sleep Apnea which requires me to be on a Bi-Pap machine at night to assist with my inhalation and exhalation. I'm on a maintenance dose of antibiotics for my ongoing bladder infections. Septa tablets times 2 daily. I have had continual problems with my bowels ever since my accident and bowel routines take up to four hours every third day.

I take a daily dose of stool softeners 2 tablespoons of Lactulose 2 Colace capsules daily and two teaspoons of Prodium. I have high blood pressure and I'm on Cozaar 50mg daily. I have tried many natural remedies over the years trying to find some relief from these symptoms some have seemed to help some didn't. I take vitamins and colloidal minerals daily which seem to help some. I also take garlic capsules and ceyenne capsules which also seem to help.

I have Care Givers on a 24/7 basis and I no longer use suppositories for my bowel routines instead I use a water flushing system I started sleeping in the inclined position on March 1st 1999. My bed has a trend and reverse trend mode on it and I just have my Care Giver set it at six degrees which is approximately six in off the floor. To date I have noticed very little difference.

The first week I had sore shoulders and neck but after that they quit bothering me. I have noticed that I seem to have a little more sensation in my lower extremities Also I definitely have a little more feeling on the inside of my arms from the arm pits down to the inside of my elbows.

In the second month I thought my blood pressure had gone down but if it did it was only temporary as it is now back up to where it was when I started.

I do believe that I have noticed a slow but progressively better and faster result in my bowel routines and I do think that my body thermostat seems to be closer to normal than it has ever been since my accident I apologize for not contacting you sooner and not using the form you sent me for reporting (I lost it when my computer crashed) so if you send me a new one I will use it from now on and also I will try to report on a more regular basis health permitting I fully intend to keep on sleeping with my bed in the inclined position even if I think it isn't helping as I'm finding it a more comfortable way to sleep. Yours truly Gale.



Sent: 08 August 1999 18:04
To: Andrew
Subject: Diary entries


hello! how are you today? i hope all is well and you're having a great
summer! i apologize for not sending my diary entries on a regular
basis. i had to reformat my computer and lost a lot of information
about my email addresses and the like. below are my entries up to
date. i did save that at least! things are going very well for me and
i am feeling a little better each day. i have actually been in touch
with Dr. Wise Young from Rutgars University concerning my injury. he
does a lot of research regarding regeneration of the spinal cord. he
was surprised to find out my spinal cord was completely severed. he
doesn't run across to many people who have has a complete separation.
that actually may work in my favor as his research has shown that axons
will grow across the gap and find the proper targets to control. of
course this was in mice in the lab! i hope his research proves to be
accurate in my case! it seems when a spinal cord is crushed, bruised or
partially torn regeneration or repair almost never occurs. well, i
guess i'll find out one way or another. but i know i will walk again,
i've never doubted it! let me know if you would like any more
information or if my diary entries are incomplete. thanks for your


FULL NAME: Michael (sir name removed)
Start of therapy: Date__April 16___________1999__
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 150 lbs

AGE: 39


am paralyzed from the waist down

after long periods in the wheelchair my feet become swollen

the main problem is having to wear a plastic body cast when i am out
of bed
and slight pain in my lower back where the injury is

i broke my back at t-10 to t-12 and was operated on january 28th,
harrington rods were inserted in my back-the spinal cord was

On April 18th I had the bed elevated 6 degrees from the horizontal.
Below are the
First diary entries.

1st week notes diary entry dates:_April 19
to April 25

the temperature in my legs is higher now and i sweat a lot while
sleeping. the
spasms in my legs have also increased by about 30%. i have no
discomfort and
did not have any problem adapting to the new sleep angle. i actually
believe I am sleeping more soundly.

2nd week notes diary entry dates: April 25 to May 2

the temperature in my legs has remained the same and the spasm levels in
my legs is also the same. Now I am experiencing spasms in my lower torso that
cause me to almost double over. The pain level has not increased. I still sleep
very soundly.

fortnightly reviews (2 WEEKS) diary entry dates:_May 3 to May

my legs stay warm all the time now. I also have more feeling
internally, I can feel the movement in my hip joints when I move my
legs. I also have a tingling feeling in my legs that wasn't there
before. I am able to urinate more often without using a catheter. I am
also able to contract my lower back muscles.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates: May
18 to June 1

I am beginning to have some feeling on my buttocks and my legs sweat a
lot when I am sleeping. I also am experiencing some tingling in my feet
when I go to bed. My bowel movements have become much easier and more
regular. I also have a lot more pain in my lower back than I used to.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
June 2 to June 16

i'm sleeping much better than ever and the spasms in my legs have become
stronger and more intense but shorter in length. the pain in my lower
back has leveled off. the area of sensation is about an inch lower than
it was a month ago.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
June 17 to July 1

i have much more feeling internally as far as my bladder and hip
joints. the pain in my lower back has decreased somewhat and i'm not
taking as many pain killers as in the past. i have much more of an
appetite now.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
July 2 to July 16

i have fewer spasms in my legs now but they're more intense than ever
with my legs straightening out all the way and my toes spreading. the
pain in my back is still decreasing. the area of sensation is now at my
belly button. at the time of the accident is was about 2 inches above

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
July 17 to July 31

the pain in my lower back is hardly there at all and i only use pain
killers at night to help me sleep. i can now feel my bladder when it's
full and have much more consistent levels of urine when i use the
bathroom. bowel movements have become much easier and i am getting more
sensation internally. the area of sensation has moved to about 1/2 inch


Spinal cord injury using IBT

Julian Boustead

Thank you Andrew K Fletcher for phoning up this day to make arrangements . YES to your question I have NEVER stopped from that day and everyone should be sleeping on an inclined bed . I can guarantee everyone would benefit from using one of Andrews inclined beds or just blocks of wood . AT least you should give him a call as you would be meeting one of the most interesting person and genuine

Thanks Andrew


Julian suffered a complete spinal cord injury at C6&C7 Julian broke his neck in a diving accident, and like John made little progress in the two years after his accident. When I met Julian his hands were locked in a fist and his legs were so rigid that I could not cross either leg over the other to test his reflexes. Julian suffered a constant urine infection and was unable to maintain his own body temperature. He had pneumonia three times since his accident.

Before joining the bed trial in August 1996 Julian had no feeling below his armpits but has, since starting this therapy made unprecedented progress, and has regained his ability to feel when touched on any part of his body.

His hands have become open and relaxed and he is able to grip and feel a pen in either hand, now that he has started to write again.

His muscle spasms have improved and are no longer a problem while resting on the bed. Urine infections are extremely rare and he is able to maintain his own body temperature.

Upper body strength has improved immensely and his toes have started to move on occasions. He used to pass out when standing in a frame, but no longer suffers from this problem and is able to stand vertically for up to seven hours. His upper body strength is so strong now that he is able to do sit-ups. There is well-documented evidence of other improvements and Julian like John continues to grow stronger as each day passes.

Andrew Fletcher November 1997


Julian: Complete Spinal cord injury at C6 and C7.

Pre intervention

He has no feeling in his legs and suffers from a constant urine infection, which appears to flare up once a week and does not respond well to antibiotics. This urinary problem causes influenza-like symptoms and makes him feel very cold. He has had pneumonia 3 times since his accident. He is unable to use of feel his hands, which are locked up in very tight fists.

He has no normal reflex action in his legs. Curiously, his leg appeared to go back when his knee was struck. When I tried to cross his legs over to test his reflexes, they were extremely tight. So tight that I was worried about breaking his leg and decided to support his legs under the knee joint. His legs are devoid of sensation and voluntary movement. Each time he uses his standing frame he blacks out. At one point Julian was told that he should have an operation on the tendons in his wrists in order to release them. Julian refused to have the operation at Salisbury, (Odstock), Spinal Unit. He also refused to have his bladder sphincter surgically cut. He is devoid of sensation below the armpit level and has little control over his upper or lower body.

While in bed Julian suffers from feeling very cold. He lacks the ability to control or maintain his body temperature during the day or night. "I also suffer with headaches regularly. Throughout the night, Julian requires turning several times, in order to avoid pressure sores. He is unable to fight his children off when they play fight with him, while he rests in bed.

Two years prior to his spinal cord injury he broke and dislocated his right shoulder. Tjis caused him considerable pain and he was told that he would always have problems with it. One year later he broke and dislocated his left shoulder and the prognosis for ongoing problems was the same as the previous one. Following Julian’s Spinal Cord Injury he still has problems (as predicted) from the damage he sustained to his shoulders. Two years from the time of his spinal cord injury and four years since his first shoulder injury, Julian has made little progress in this area. He still suffers from the pain.

Pilot Study Notes:

21-8-96 Body temperature has gone up, feet are warm now, muscle spasms have improved, legs feel less tight, hands feel warm, hands feel a if they want to move. Abdominal muscles more supple and bowels working better.

25-8 Upper body strength has noticeably increased. When using calliper, I noticed my legs were swollen as they normally would have been, however after one nights rest they returned to normal. No lethargy. Aches and pains feel different now. Am able to do more physiotherapy.

31-8 Had my first tummy ache since the accident. Urine is clear now. Standing in the standing frame longer. Feet have been moving? Hands softer, urine leaking during the night. Feeling tired.

7-9 Change of sensation in toes. I feel well in myself. Have now developed tingling sensation in my knees, I feel like they want to move. When trying to raise my toes they go down? This is a very interesting observation, because when I tested his reflexes at the start his legs went backwards slightly? Upper body strength still improving.

9-9 Spent two nights lying flat to determine whether it was the bed which was improving my condition. I felt irritable and my muscle spasms increased. I also noticed a sweat odour.

14-9 Noticed twinges in my legs and now able to cross my legs with a little help. Which means that my muscles are more relaxed. Developed pins and needles feeling in my legs and I now have backache.

19-9 All sensation of pressing pressures now responding and I am able to feel pressure on any part of my body. Have not had any urine infections since raising my bed. Not drinking so much. Calf stretching exercises now cause me to ache normally. I spent 2 hours upright in my full body calliper and I was OK the next day. I am ok in the mornings now and I feel like I can get up and walk. I now feel an uncomfortable pinching sensation when I am in bed. I am always as warm as toast now and my hands do feel warm.

5-10-96 80 over 40 blood pressure and my heart rate is 40 beats per minute, which incidentally was the same as my fighting fitness rates. (former boxer). I haven’t had bronchitis since I raised my bed, this is impressive because I have suffered pneumonia 3 times in the past since I had my accident. Had a urine infection.

20-10-96 Received advice from Tromans at Odstock Spinal Unit, though did not have any use for it. Headaches now gone. Shins burning up and very sensitive to touch, sensitivity in my legs has now fully returned. Toes are now working correctly and like the rest of my body are more sensitive. I feel that I am able to do more sit-ups 3 lots of 40.

5-11-96 Hands now staying open, tingling has improved in hands and lower legs, sensitivity improving all the time. On Sunday I stood for seven hours and didn’t go giddy at all. My legs were swollen though. Feet still a little swollen now. Toe nails growing faster, I cut them every five weeks. My catheter is suffering every seven weeks now instead of every five weeks.

6-12-96 so much warmer now, both in and out of bed. Sat outside with just a T shirt on. Sat in my chair today, I am now able to take the weight of the brown board from under the bed.

3-1-1997 Hands more relaxed and warmer. I am able to stay warm despite the freezing weather. I am now able to throw the kids off me when they attack. Had no urine infections since October, I used to get problems once a week. Bowels working better and I did not get ill this Winter. I would normally become very ill. "Everyone else has been ill though".

19-2-97 Bladder infection, swelling is bad and have been sick for six days. 30-3-97 Everything OK. Had examination at Salisbury, (Odstock) All my internal organs are working fine/ Ankles aching, sensitivity OK all over, I can feel a creased sheet on any part of my body.

9-5-97 While out for the day in a T shirt, I suffered a severe bout of hypothermia and was determined not to end up in hospital, I felt very ill. I finally arrived home and within 3 hours of inclined bed-rest I was completely back to normal.

9-6-97 When asked to assess his improvements on a percentage basis, Julian insisted that he is a 100 % better than before he raised his bed. Julian travelled several miles the other day in his wheelchair and while going down hill he tipped it over. He waited twenty minutes for a passer by to help him back into his chair and then continued on his way.


Andrew K Fletcher holds the master tape.


The Conversation

Today’s date is Sunday August 17th 1997 and I am at the home of Julian Boustead, Sitting down, watching Julian writing with a felt tipped pen, on A4 sheets of paper. Julian appears to have control, he appears to have grip in his hands and he can feel the felt tipped pen, which is held in his fingertips. And Julian is forming letters and words in front of my eyes. Julian assures me that he couldn’t do this before raising his bed, which has been about 11 months ago.

I have left the tape on record now in order to monitor what is said during this exercise.


So, just trying to get my head around what’s happening. When we started, before we raised your bed, your hands were locked up solid? Julian: "Yes". You had no sensitivity in your fingers? "No, none at all, just numbness on the left,-well both sides really, exactly the same really and just cold on the arms.

How would you push yourself along in your wheelchair before? "With the palm of my hands". And the hands were in the shape of a fist? "Basically yes". They were forming a fist because they were too tight? "Yes, mainly spasm". So they were locked up! How are your hands different now? "Nice and soft, lovely and warm and more relaxed and better sensitivity and feeling in both hands".

So you can feel the pen that is in your hand now? "I can now, yes, well the only ones I can’t feel is my little fingers, that’s all really, you can tell" Julian points to skin damage to little finger.

I told Julian that this was similar to the way people with leprosy damage their fingers and toes, due to loss of sensitivity.

Could you just write your name and address and telephone number for me, I know that we have done it once before, but I’d like to see it once again? So Julian has started to write his name and address and the hand writing is readable. Julian has written his name. He is writing with his right hand. Interestingly his second attempt at writing appears to have improved by around 40%. Could you write the date down? "17th"? Yes, and its Sunday. "I know that". August 97. Could you sign your name? Excellent!

Taking a new sheet of paper could we try again now using the left hand? Julian added, "I have never been able to write with my left hand".

Julian is now holding the pen as he did with the right hand previously. Can you feel the pen in that hand? "Yes I can feel the same feeling in both hands really". How are you gripping the pen? "I thought it was balance. I don’t know, I am holding it between my thumb and forefinger, it feels like." You say it feels like, you can feel yourself gripping? "I can feel it but". There’s no strength? "No strength, well I suppose there must be a little bit to hold the pen". I see that from time to time the thumb is moving up and down. "Well to be honest with you, I suppose subconsciously your trying so therefore its trying, its sort of spasmodic

movement through. Well it does move up and down slightly don’t it"? It does move up and down! Now, move the thumb up and down. The thumb is moving up and down, would you agree with that? "I would really". Well we are not imagining what we are seeing here are we? "No, I suppose it is on the ends, definitely some improvement then, I’ll just carry on writing, I’ll never be able to write my name else. Its doing the letters back to front you see". I can read Newton Abbot and Julian is writing his telephone number and I am able to read it. That’s amazing and Julian has just signed his name. "It looks like John".
Amazing, Pretty damn excellent. "Well that’s the first writing I’ve done since I’ve been home!" Why couldn’t you have written before? "I couldn’t put enough pressure on the pen to make enough mark".

Could I just shake your hand? "Ain’t making no deals." No leverage and no trickery, how does that feel? "It feels normal." Does it feel like you would expect it to feel if someone was shaking your hand?

Can you try to move the other thumb and again don’t try to lever. I can see the thumb moving can you keep the hand still. "The thumb is moving." It is, It is, it appears to be trying to work doesn’t it, though there is only a small amount of movement, just a twitching of the thumb. "Yes but that’s controlled spasms, it’s just trying to get there."

So if I shake you’re other hand, again no trickery. How does that feel? "It feels normal again., apart from the little finger, that’s all." Now the thumb is definitely moving on this hand. There is a lot of effort going into that and I can actually see the thumb moving, its lifting up, are you trying to lift the thumb up? "Yes the thumb-I am, and that’s the hardest one to do, the left one is worse." Try to push down on the thumb. The thumb is going down. Now try to lift the thumb. The thumb is going up, can you see that? "Yes, its doing very well." That’s amazing! "Just something I just don’t take much notice of."

You usually help with drawings now and you couldn’t do drawings before? "No a few months ago I couldn’t even hold a pen." How long have you been able to hold a pen? "About 2 months. "You know that’s about the best I’ve done, normally the pen slips out of my fingers". That pen’s not going to slip out! "No". I saw you earlier grip a piece of paper, could you explain how you are able to achieve this? "Yeah you just put your hands around it –I don’t know really I just get my wrist and tend to flick it, and its there, it’s –I don’t know really." Looking at you holding the paper it looks normal. "No I just take it for granted really.

You mention that your hands would be cold normally prior to raising your bed? "Yes but they are lovely, lovely and warm all of the time now, like normal body temperature." You can determine this without touching your hands? "Yes, I know if they are warm or cold, they feel lovely!" That’s a definite link back to the brain! "Yes they do feel nice, whereas before they did feel cold and they were cold too! A sort of numbness feeling but all that’s gone, pins and needles, static, all that. The only thing that feels tight are my little fingers." You said at one time that they felt like a fat lip? "Yes they still feel like that, funny enough, but not all of the finger now actually. All of the hands felt like it before though."

"I have noticed that if I get pins and needles in my hands it usually affects the little finger more. Yes its like you have laid on it and it’s gone to sleep." Previously I used to get a feeling that my hands and forearms were dead. It’s not half as bad now and only evident on my little fingers.

How is the sensitivity around the rest of your body? "The only bad sensitivity I have got is from the shins down." When you say bad, do you mean that you can’t feel sensitivity below the shins? "I can feel all over, but it’s a bad tickling feeling and pins and needles from the shins down, whereas before it was from the armpits down." "The rest feels quite normal internally and externally, apart from sharpened things and hot and cold objects really. But internally I feel lovely and warm, I feel normal, which is frustrating isn’t it."

What about your upper body strength, are there any changes in that area? I know we have discussed this before. "I’m definitely stronger because we are talking about going on to heavier weights. "Upper body strength, well, I had a wrestle the other week, funny enough the week before last with the children, I was right as rain with them, so it’s a lot better for me because, before I could do nothing!"

I have seen you in your standing frame, you let your body go back and then pull yourself up. How do you achieve this, what are the mechanisms you are using? "If I can spasm the muscle, basically I can spasm it, -of I don’t know really, but I can feel it tensing, so I can make it work." You can feel the muscles contract, is that what you mean? "Yes, I can make myself free stand, obviously from the waste up for about thirty seconds, by controlling the spasm as such, which normally is done subconsciously, whereas I am more aware of it. Sitting on the bed is so much better as well, I can feel the tightness in my back, whereas before it was so loose. So it’s nice in that area, which is improving vastly and goes from strength to strength. But I do feel my body gets tired though, that’s the trouble." Would you attribute that to doing more? "Just doing more exercise, yes and for longer periods, although it is only ten or fifteen seconds longer on each exercise, my body just seems to find it a little more taxing really."

What kind of exercises do you do in your workout? "Just stretch ones using the body in itself. Then free sitting on the side. Whereas it was usually for about ten seconds, My father in-law Vince helps me to do it for about thirty seconds now and that’s four different exercises and over that period it’s a much longer time." What about sit-ups, you mentioned them, is that unaided? No Vince sits in front of me sort of aiding me, but I still have to pull up for myself. So I still try to spasm the stomach to help ease up as well, because if the muscles are tight there is additional friction.

What about your abdominal muscles, are they more supple or more tense? "Supple I’d say."

When we first met your legs were really tight. "They’re very tight now actually, I can feel that they are tight now." When I first met you they were like rigor-mortise had set in. "Yes, but they are quite natural now." I was worried about breaking your lags, when I tried to test your reflexes. "They go tight at the moment but they need a good stretch to make them go alright again.

Do you think they are affected by sitting in your chair? "I think they are actually, it depends on the chair I’m in. It acts up behind the knee, its that sit down posture, I think." "They just tend to tighten up during the daytime."

I advised Julian to raise the bottom of his chair. Julian said that he would put an extra cushion under his seat. He commented that his wheelchair was like a bucket, but added that this posture was useful outdoors.

"This does make me feel worse than sitting in the other one, in this position, which says something’s not right with it. "No it feels its not right too."

How does this alter when you get on your inclined bed? "Just a few strong spasms really, until I stretch out again and then I’m alright and quite happy, but this is uncomfortable all day long."

What about waking in the mornings, is that improving? "Waking, No just normal! I get up normal every day. Don’t get that horrible giddiness either. So you used to feel giddy in the mornings? "Terrible, funny enough I felt giddy on the way back from when I met you, (down by the horses and in his motorised chair.) "My tube was blocked because of the way I’m sitting you see. I had to go for a pit stop and have an alteration because the tube was kinked and it was not flowing the way is should be." But again it’s this bloody position!"


Would you like to repeat that? "I think the feelings in my feet have recently changed, they feel like a burning sensation whereas before it was like pins and needles." If you touch your feet are they hot? "I don’t know really, Vince could tell you that, he never complains that they are cold now, because before they used to be freezing." But now when the nurses come in the mornings they say my feet are like pieces of toast." "But that’s the way they feel, they feel they are on fire, they really do they feel red-hot."

Do you get spasms in your legs now? "I do get spasms in the legs. Funny, I had a bad night last night, well I say bad, it was just that I was really close to the edge of the bed. My leg spasm’d and just dropped down the side of the bed, whereas normally I would be able to control it and keep my legs straight. But normally with regard to spasms, I wouldn’t really have any problems at all. In fact I get my legs into position and they stay there all night and don’t move at all and I have a comfy night." How were they before we put the bed up? "They were quite tight before and if I moved they would spasm more. And they would be jumping around all night, whereas they don’t do that any more. "They do spasm at times but very rarely.

First time I called my Wife down stairs in may weeks, whereas before she was down all of the time, you know, repositioning me. But last night was the first time in weeks, so its minimum really, wouldn’t say I don’t get any because I would be telling a lie."

"But then again on no pills so its even better again isn’t it." You say you have reduced your medication? "Yes, I’ve dropped it down again now, especially the muscle relaxants, I just don’t feel no need for it, You know its doing the job on its own and that’s another bonus."

Your sitting I a chair now, do you actually feel like you are sitting down? "I feel like I’m sitting down and its as uncomfortable as hell, like I want to get up and move." Again relating this back to how you were? No then I was just glad to sit and didn’t mind what position I was in." Could you determine what position you were in then? Very vaguely and only visually because you knew you wasn’t square."

"But now you feel uncomfortable. If my hips are under too far, I know because its pinching, my internal muscles feel like they are pinching as well. You feel like you are sat on them. You just move the hip out and then you feel more comfortable. So there is obviously some sensory improvement there"

What about bladder control? "Well no my bladder control is really iffy. I think just paralysed as it is but no infection so again that’s another bonus. "The last infection was months ago, whereas normally it was once a week or once a fortnight on a good period."

One year before Julian’s accident, He broke and dislocated his left shoulder and was left in considerable pain. Julian has just realised that the pain has now gone and this is despite the fact that he was told that he would always suffer from this injury. Furthermore the year before that he broke his right shoulder and was given the same prognosis from his consultant.

Julian no longer experiences any pain from the two shoulder injuries, despite the fact that he still suffered from these injuries, up to the point we met and two years after his spinal cord injury.

I met Julian on the 13-3-1999 and found that although he has not made much more progress he has not deteriorated.

An interesting observation occurred around six weeks previously when he developed a pressure sore. This developed during one night’s stay in hospital while sleeping on a flat bed and not being rotated.

He was told that it would be around six months before he could expect to see some improvement. Despite this the sore had greatly improved in a couple of weeks, following his return to inclined bed-rest.

In order for Julian to progress further, he needs to alter his sitting posture, and to stand for longer periods. He also need to exercise more and informs me that he has become lazy over the winter months. He has also gained about 20 lbs. and needs to alter his diet accordingly.


Julian Boustead

 John Cann Who Has a Spinal Cord Injury Walks after 11 Years Of Paralysis on Carlton Television News

Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) has helped many more people with spinal cord injuries since this video was first shown on the local News. But it is not specific to Spinal cord injuries and has helped people with multiple sclerosis, ccsvi, parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, psoriasis,varicose veins, oedema,leg ulcer, poor circulation, and many more conditions during 17 years of research.

On the forum, you will find evidence to support this statement from people who have simply tilted their beds.John Cann Walks after 11 years of paralysis using a simple non-invasive free therapy, discovered by Andrew K Fletcher, who has shown beyond any shadow of doubt that gravity plays a vital roll in the circulation of fluids and that posture in relation to the constant direction of gravity is of paramount importance when restoring function to all neurological and non-neurological damage.

On Saturday April 15th 2000, John obtained the timber for parallel bars to be erected at his home in Cornwall, On Sunday I went to John's home and completed the job, for tomorrow was to be a momentous occasion indeed.

John was left paralysed, in 1990, when surgery to his spine went wrong. He was told that after two years any chance of further recovery would be highly unlikely and for the next six years he experienced little if any change in his condition. Monday morning I am on my way to John's home in Cornwall, to meet with Tim Iredale, who is a news reporter for Carlton Television Southwest. We intended to witness something truly magical. But could not have imagined what was in store for us.

John was about walk in front of a television camera and crew for the first time in close to ten years. John had told me that he had regained the ability to move his legs, but I had grossly underestimated how much function John had regained. https://youtu.be/u3D7tBQfCxQ

During the interview, John was asked to show how he manages to get out of bed now and he transferred with ease both in and out of bed, leaning back and lifting his legs. He was then asked to raise his legs while lying on the bed and he obliged with ease. When asked if he could feel when touched on his legs, he replied my legs feel like normal legs instead of heavy weights. John then went on to explain how much of the swelling in his legs had gone-and that this flies in the face of the current act of elevating the legs above the heart. Advise from the medical profession, which John duly ignored in favour of sleeping with his legs down.
Fortunately for John this meant that he could now wear ankle braces and special shoes, which would, provided support for his substantially weakened and as yet unresponsive ankles.
John approached the parallel bars in his wheel chair and applied the brakes when he was in position. He grasped the two ends of the parallel bars and using his legs he pushed himself into a vertical position. Towering some six feet four inches, John moved one leg in front of the other, bending the knees as he lifted each leg to walk 12 feet to the end of the bars. I turned and looked at Tim and saw disbelief and astonishment flash across his face, I bet my face was a sight to behold too. John then turned his powerful 19 stone body around and walked, yes walked back to his chair. Struggling and somewhat weakened by the experience, he lowered his body into the chair and his face had the expression of a boxer who had just knocked down his opponent. He said casually: 'Was that alright'? John had indeed delivered a powerful blow to his opponent.
Fortunately heavy rain prevented us from doing a retake and the rest of the interview took place in John's bedroom.
When the story was finished and everyone was ready to leave, I turned and thanked the camera man and Tim Iredale, who turned and said that this is one of those days that you will always remember, one of those days when you know exactly what you were doing.
The cameraman said while shaking my hand that: ' it has been a privilege to work with me and witness the results from such a simple application'.
I drove home the richest man alive that day and will remember it for the rest of my days.

On Monday the 17th April 2000 I waited for the local news on Carlton TV and saw the opening news which pictured me looking down my Naturesway Sleep System, a simple bed designed for to take us into the new millennium. After the interlude the fun really started. John was walking for everyone in the South West of England to see, at least. The news stayed focused on the remarkable effects of two eight-inch blocks tucked under the head end of John's bed. No $billion research, no waiting for the next ten years to see if it works and no room for any refutation of the results, which were plain for everyone to see on Carlton Television, News, Language Science Park, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, UK. But John is not the only person with a spinal cord injury, who is benefiting from the effects of gravity, in fact there are two more people in the Torbay Area of Devon who are making steady progress.



John Cann

John Cann 69 Spinal Cord Injured Using IBT Featured in Sunday Independent

Miracle of medicine

JUST by raising their beds with a few blocks of wood, or some house bricks, scores of spinal injury sufferers say that they have noticed a dramatic improvement in their conditions. But how can such a simple method seem to succeed where conventional medicine has failed Chief reporter ANTHONY ABBOTT looks at the apparent phenomenon of the Naturesway Sleep System:

John Cann Spinal Cord Injured Using Inclined bed Therapy


DELIGHTED John Cann is standing on his own two feet again after eight years of paralysis in his legs and he is convinced its all down to a simple bed treatment.

John had no feeling in his legs for eight years after an operation went wrong, but following two years of treatment using a raised bed method pioneered in the West Country, he has got the feelings back in his legs and now is determined to walk.

The 69-year-old is amazed at the effect the simple treatment has had over the past two years and has urged other people to try it for themselves.I raised the bed and that night I had no pain at all, he said. I had been going until about three in the morning and then had to have an injection to get back to sleep. Now I make a point of standing up with my standing frame every day while I watch the news in the evenings to build up my strength. I never give up and now I have set myself the next aim to go for. I am going to walk unaided. I may need cr-utches and then sticks, but I am going to walk again.

Former engineer Andrew Fletcher, who invented the Naturesway Sleep System six years ago, said that he was astonished when he visited John at his home in Gunnislake to see him standing. He says that many people have benefitted from the simple treatment of raising the head of their beds a few inches, but in the case of John it had been very dramatic. It was just incredible, said Andrew. I was nearly in tears. Here was a man who was told there was nothing that could be done for him; had felt nothing for eight years and then in the last two years has got feeling back in his legs. John, a former commercial diver who served in the Army, was keen on rugby and canoeing until the operation left him paralysed. He was told that however much movement he had after two years, there would be no further improvement that was until he tried the bed-raising technique. But as the months went on, he noticed pains travelling through his legs and realised that it was the nerves regenerating. After all this pain, I noticed I was getting more and more feeling back and found I could flex muscles I had not been able to flex before, said John. The only things that do not hurt are my ankles, and my right knee is not very strong. I can stand, but only using my standing frame at the moment. Andrew has now arranged for John to use a parachute harness that will fully support his legs, and a rail is being fitted to a wall at his home so that he can move around on his feet more often. Andrew said that many people were sceptical about the effects of the raised bed method and it had not worked for everyone. But he added: If it can do that for John, what cant it do for the rest of us I say go out in the garden, grab a couple of house bricks and give it a go.

ON THE MEND: John Cann is standing again Pictures: Steve Porter







John Cann

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6 months of IBT


 I'll just do a small list of the big benefits I have experienced until now:

- I can better Fall asleep . Lying in bed being awake doesn't happen anymore
- No more ear noises (echo when speaking - especially with vowels)
- Less problems with my upper back


Very grateful :-D





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Better Sleep, improvements in oedema and sciatic nerve

I have been sleeping inclined for about 6 weeks now.Sleep improved the very first night,getting 3 or 4 hours un-interrupted, I used to wake up almost every hour.

Other improvements are harder to quantify. but...sciatic nerve seems better,less seasonal allergies,less swelling in lower leg.



Peter C