40 dollar inclined bed frame ibt 1Inclined Bed Therapy:  Sleeping Inclined To Restore and Support Your Health For Free.  Fascinating Science, Discovery, History and Medical Research In Circulation And Posture, by Andrew K Fletcher.  Read the Success Stories.  Check the Forum.

Severe Inflammation #Fibromyalgia, #ChronicFatigue,

I have to say how impressed I am with Andrew K Fletcher for all the work he does to promote this amazing technique as a free health recalibrator. Thank you Andrew with all my heart.

A friend on Facebook shared Andrews website and I diligently began researching all the information. I have suffered with severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and #ElectroHypersensitivity. It took me four years to work out that wireless frequencies from mobile phones/Wi-Fi and towers were triggering the Fibromyalgia and leaving me almost completely incapacitated for months on end. The whole upper half of my body was consistently inflamed throughout all the Lymph nodes, arms, neck and shoulder blades for years. After isolating myself from the public, I managed to control my condition and manage the occasional exposure but the chronic inflammation remained. I have been an avid researcher, convinced I was going to find a cure for my problems so when I came across Andrews message, and that he was giving this information away for free, I jumped straight in. I raised my bed 3 inches for a few days at my place and at my partners place. Then a few days later, I raised my bed at home by another 3 inches.

I went to my partners and slept on the bed that was only raised 3 inches and the next morning I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. I then raised the bed to 6 inches and have maintained that diligently for approx 7 weeks now. My energy went up, I starting sleeping through the night, and I never needed to get up for the toilet anymore. Something amazing happened then. Almost all the inflammation in the upper half of my body went down, or more to the point, it moved down. I got a flare up of Fibro in my stomach, lower back, and legs and it took me 2 weeks to recognize what it was as I wasn't used to getting it there.

It took 3 weeks to recover from it and I added a Chinese Medication that reduces inflammation too. The inflammation has now gone down right through my body and I am convinced that this has happened due to the Thunder God Vine and Inclined Bed Therapy.

My physical reaction to electromagnetic frequencies has changed too. Before if i was out anywhere and someone started using a phone near me, I would have to move about 50 metres away to stop feeling it. Now I move 7 metres and I can't feel it. Before, when the phones got me, the inflammation was there for months and would take hours of painful massages while I screamed into a pillow to recover. Now it takes hours to get the inflammation down without the painful massages. I can't tell you how much of an improvement this is.

I was also diagnosed recently with a severe H.Pylori infection. It was evident the infection had been there for approx 50 years. After treating it, I suffered from severe Gastritis. I obviously have developed stomach ulcers. The H.Pylori had managed to shut most of my Liver detox pathways down and my Thyroid. Although I'd managed to reverse the #Hashimotos naturally, my #Thyroid was so inflamed on the left side, I was going to get it ultrasounded again as it felt as though there were nodules on it. This was when I raised my bed and all the inflammation went down in my upper body. This included the left side of my Thyroid and I now have no swelling at all. In fact, I think raising my bed has helped with restoring both my Thyroid and my Liver detox pathways as both appear to be working better than they have in years.

I can't recommend Inclined Bed Therapy enough to people and I just nominated Andrew for the Ted talks award. I believe if Andrew could win the money, he could get this message out to so many more people worldwide. I'll be praying he does.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Debra Martin

#fibromyalgia ,  #sleepproblems #depression improved

 I have had  fibromyalgia for 7 years . I have always had sleep problems from my early teens . I struggled to get off to sleep ,often taking hours to finally get off , and , I never slept well , always waking up several times in the night etc .

My other half does an internet radio show and was told about Andrew and IBT .We were both intrigued and Andy decided to have Andrew on his show . I found I was hanging on his every word and found the whole subject fascinating and couldn't wait to try IBT.

We put our bed up 3 inches to start with and found that we both had increased energy ,something wich was important to me as I never have much energy at all. The poor sleep I had left me feeling tired all day .Also one major symptom of fibromyalgia is extreme bouts of fatigue which left me struggling to just get out of bed.

After about a week at 3 inches we put the bed up the full 6 inches.We still had the increased energy but nothing more for about 3/4 weeks .

One of the worst symptoms of fibro that I have is constant arm pain and lack of mobility in them . For 7 years I haven't been able to raise my arms above waist high and also haven't been able to put my arms behind my back at all . Andy has had to help me get dressed ,put my hair in a ponytail for me ,put cardigans/coats on for me etc . Not being able to dress ,look after myself and do normal daily things has had a terrible effect on my mental state. I have had depression since the age of 13 and the fact that I couldn't do things for myself brought my depression to the worst it has ever been.My doctor said I'd get used to it but I never did .

3/4 weeks after raising the bed 6 inches we went away for the weekend . We were meeting friends so I went back to the hotel to get some bits while Andy met them . I had an itch on the back of my neck .I suddenly realysed that I had put my arm up to scratch my neck .I looked at my raised elbow like it was a foreign object ! I hadn't seen it in that position for 7 years . I then raised my arms up to my ponytail and realised I could reach it myself .Next I put my arms around my back and reached my bra strap , something that I could not do . It upset me greatly that I couldn't even do up my own bra . I sat on the bed and cried my eyes out AND started laughing like a loon ! I could not believe what I had done . I then got changed , did my hair ( and bra, yay ) and reached the top shelf in the wardrobe ( top shelves were a no no for me too ). I was just stunned at what I could do after just a month of IBT .

As a result of my increased mobility my depression has improved as I can now look after myself and manage to do things around the house . Andy had always been amazing in helping me with anything I needed but I hated asking for help .I felt so useless

My sleep problems have also improved .I now get off to sleep much easier and quicker and manage to stay asleep for most of the night .

I have been on very strong anti -depressants for years .I took 4 tablets a day . Since using IBT and getting such good results with mobility and sleep I have managed to drop the dose down to 1 tablet a day which has lifted the " fog " in my head that was there daily .

IBT has seriously changed my life .I am so grateful to Andrew for bringing his wonderful discovery to the world . I tell others about it and they look at me like I'm crazy .

I always say these 3 things to people about why I decided to try IBT

1 - Andrew is not selling his idea to anyone and is not looking to make money out of it , he's only telling people to help them .

2 - It is so cheap /free to raise your bed . Most people have something they could use in their home ,wood ,books etc . There is no expensive outlay to try it .

3- The MAIN thing that made me want to try IBT was the fact that you are not taking any more drugs . For years now my doctors only offer of help has been to increase or put me on more medication , something I did not want .

If you are reading this and thinking of raising your bed , please try it . It's not hard or costly and you have nothing to lose . If it doesn't work for you , stop , but you might be surprised at the benefits you gain . Also be prepared to give it time , don't expect an overnight or complete cure . I still have some health problems which may go in time with IBT or they may not . Right now I am so happy that a couple of major problems in my life have got better. If nothing else improves I will still be forever grateful to Andrew because the things that have got better have improved my whole outlook on life . A win is a win . And, in a world where health problems plague a large amount of people , that is enough for me .

Thank you Andrew for all that you do xx

2015-10-14   UK



Retinal Detachment with "Macula Off"

Nearly eight weeks ago my younger brother Graham, early fifties, phoned me with some distressing news that he had been diagnosed with a seriously detached retina and that his macula had also detached. He was facing an uncertain future and was looking for advice and reassurance. Being a glass half full personality he was struggling to contain all the questions arising from this situation. Was his future as a lecturer in doubt now? What about his ability to drive? You get the sense of worry he was going through. Huge uncertainty had entered his life and therefore that of his family's

future security.


With hindsight a bizarre incident while on holiday 5 weeks earlier, sliding down a water slide into a large swimming pool had led to the water pushing into his eye in such a way as to produce a seconds long trauma that had probably started this process. The water had held his right eyelids open while water pushed into his eye as he moved into and through the water of the pool. He was disoriented for a full ten minutes before he could leave the pool. Yet as is the nature of these events, you recover and move on not realising that adverse events are in motion.


He had experienced a lifting black veil and flashing lights several days earlier, but not realising the seriousness of these symptoms had waited another day and a half before seeking help. The result of this delay had made things worse and the delay was enough for his macula to detach, worsening his prognosis.


He was also singing the praises of the NHS who had recognised his need for urgent treatment, and performed a vitrectomy, whereby a small hole is made in his eye wall through which the vitreous gel is removed and in his case replaced with a long lasting gas bubble to hold the detached retina and macula in place. This will be slowly absorbed by the eye over the next two months or so. The final outcome is most likely months in the future as your body needs to heal and regrow the attachments that have been damaged, reform new blood vessels and restore their function, all of this is dependent on a continuous circulation to deliver the oxygen necessary for energy metabolism.


Thankfully Graham was already a veteran of sleeping inclined, but it is interesting to note that both he and his wife immediately felt that they should revert back to horizontal sleeping because the patient needs to “posture” their head position, looking down and where possible sleeping face down in order that the gas bubble keeps holding the retina and macula in position. No this is wrong, your circulation is paramount and sleeping at 90 degrees or 85 degrees from the vertical won't compromise the gas bubble and it's ability to hold the retina and macula, but sleeping flat negates our circulation and forces it to tick over as gravity is effectively “switched off”.


As I tell people about Andrew's ideas I always emphasise that circulation is gravity first, our heart's action secondary to this. The heart is helical in nature and spinning the blood into a vortex. This is such an eloquent method of moving a fluid. Then taking into account the relative humidity, we have a neat yet thorough explanation of bodily circulation and our blood transport system in action.


So I advised Graham to focus on optimising his circulation, removing all or nearly all the added sugar from his diet in order to lower his levels of glycation (HbA1C). Additionally to replace some of the starchy carbohydrates in his diet with more fats, saturated fats wherever possible. Diabetes has shown us that our eyesight is reliant on a continuous supply of oxygen, which in turn requires the red blood cells to pass through the eye's blood vessels in single file and be flexible enough to fold upon themselves if required. Doctors are always wary when a patient is diabetic and worry about their eyesight.

 Glycation is defined as the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation. Try to imagine two red blood cells in the shape of a dumbbell held together by a glucose molecule. This is too big to pass through the eye's vessels and deliver the necessary oxygen. So in short improve his glycation rates, increase his antioxidant levels using lypospheric vitamin C supplement alongside good amounts of krill oil and a B complex vitamin capsule to support his healing. In addition I gave him an electrolyser with instructions to breath hydrogen for 25 minutes per day, most days as time allowed.

 His half glass empty anxiety came to a head yesterday, (November 2019) as he was back at Manchester Eye Hospital to see his consultant. His pupils had been dilated, as clear images had been taken of both his eyes and then analysed by the consultant's software taking measurements to try to create 3D information for the doctor. The consultant was amazed at the outcome, a delightful result, the eye test and the images confirmed a remarkable healing of Graham's macula and retina and that a minor cataract of his lens would soon be resolved leaving Graham with easily correctable eyesight through the wearing of spectacles. Macula off and yet this image after 52 days is remarkable. Just a few black dots on the edge of the macula and a perfect retina.

 It is really lovely and such a nice feeling to say to Andrew that his ideas and my trust in them, has helped my brother move on from this event.

Our circulation is paramount to everything and something as simple as sleeping inclined can be so profound.

 Love from

 Jim & Latha x

Manchester UK

Jim Crawford

#eyesight #vision #brushfield's

Brushfield's spots Speckle in Eye Vanished in 7 months of IBT

 Here is a little story about my wife Tracey, she had been diagnosed approximately a year ago by an optician with a speckle in the eye, here is a brief on what it is.

Iris, speckled: Due to little white (or lightly coloured) spots that are slightly elevated on the surface of the iris. These spots, arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil, occur normally, but more frequently, in Down syndrome (trisomy 21). They were described in 1924 by Thomas Brushfield, are called Brushfield's spots, and are due to aggregation of a normal iris element (connective tissue).

On Monday 24th July 2017 Tracey had an eye appointment, and guess what......the speckle in her eye had gone....her eye prescription had improved....and she did not need distance glasses anymore just reading glasses. This simple process of raising the bed amazes me all the time. I have a lot of work colleagues doing this now, and my friend Scott’s wife has said she will never go back to a flat bed now, as she sleeps so well.

Great Stuff!

my wife was diagnosed about June July last year, we raised the bed approx January, and she was retested July, so about 6 to 7 months, but it could have been sooner, told another 8 passengers tonight in work about IBT and you, so it is getting around. Keep Safe.




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Shocked. Glaucoma Gone Vision now 100%

Hi all, have inclined our bed and the results are as follows, we have had some good results, my wifes veins have sucked in a bit, we have no aches when getting up in the morning, we both dont snore as much, my wifes feet are looking a bit better {her feet are minging, dry skin and bad flakey nails} my cough that I have had since October has gone so helps with the lungs, and I had onset Glaucoma but it has gone too, the pressures in my eyes were 24 and 26, anything 22 and over is a red alert, they have now decreased to 14 and 16 and my field of vision test has gone from 62% to 100%. I was so pleased I burst out laughing and told my optician what I had done, and she stated that studies have shown that wearing tight collars and ties can contribute to Glaucoma causing head pressure so raising the bed was quite feasible.

Also my sister does not have to get up in the night to pee no more and gets a full nights sleep, she has never ever had a full nights sleep previously. Will get back to you all if any our things happen.

Cardiff Wales, UK


Lawrence Hooper

#Diabetes #retinopathy (Bleeding retinas)

i have type I diabetes. I’ve had it for 49 years. I have had many laser surgeries on my retinas due to diabetic retinopathy. About 4 years ago I started IBT and I have had no more bleeds in my retinas since then. Very brilliant idea!

San Rafael
United States

Posted Date : 14-02-2019

#COPD #diabetes #prostate #backpain #respiration
A fellow caregiver answered...

I have suffered Congestive heart failure and COPD and have diabetes type2. Recently I developed extreme back pains because of kidney stones. My doctors also discovered that I have a Gr.2 enlarged prostate.. After hearing from some of my friends the value of INCLINED BED THERAPY, I tried it and I was totally relieved of back pains, my blood sugar and prostate became normal, and have total restful nights of quality sleep free from any breathing difficulty. I find this technique discovered in 2006 so amazing and I want to share this blessing with everyone.




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Age 90 Diabetes Helped Without Drugs Ulcer healed, neuropathy gone

I am a caregiver for a 90 year old man who HAD Diabetes. It went like this: The bed goes up, his sugar readings would go down. When he'd protest and we'd have to put the bed down, his sugar readings would go up. After a year and a half of up and dow
n with the bed, he finally insisted on keeping the bed up/ inclined ... and so did his frustrated children. His sugar is normal. No meds. Happy Camper. ALL thanks to our hero, Andrew K Fletcher!!!

He and his family refused to listen to the data on IBT. Eventually they were convinced. He had a terrible Diabetic ulcer on his back side that healed quickly and nicely, as did his diabetic neuropathy. And his M.D., took him off his metformin, as well as all his other meds, as "he doesn't need them anymore."

In addition he followed a very strict NO OIL Vegan diet with lots of Freshly made green juice. Also drinks half his weight in ounces of water. daily.



Catherine Zuppero

#Emotion & #trauma

Hi All

 I just wanted to say I have only been doing this for a few days and already I feel an emotional feeling I have carried for many many years is leaving me.I feel so much lighter as a person.I had dreams of a healer helping me release an energy,although its not complete the awareness was given to me

Truly amazing, I speculate it must be shifting my energy and relieving past trauma

Any thoughts greatly appreciated