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A MIRACLE Chronic Back Pain

Following a schoolboy prank 50 years ago i have endured chronic back pain which has fluctuated between painful and unbearable pain. this has impacted so adversely on my life in many many areas. i have visited osteopaths and chiropractors on numerous occasions (sometimes once a week for extended periods) but have found this only to be a tempoary fix. for 50 years i thought that this was the best i would feel.

then in february 2016 i read about andrew's inclined bed therapy and agreed with the website 'what have i got to lose?' within days i was totally pain free - a miracle had happened!! i cannot emphasise just how beneficial this has been to my life - the only downside being that i have become a pest, extoling the virtues of IBT to those who will listen and to those who dont want to listen - they all get the same miraculous story!

to date i have several friends/family who have tried IBT and they all report improvements. all praise to Andrew, i cannot thank him enough.

Richard Heffernan

Posted Date : 07-07-2016

Better recovery after just 1 week

I have been doing I B T for just over a week now and already I have noticed a difference in having a better nights sleep . 

I also play a lot of sport mainly tennis and as people who play tennis will be aware that the injuries you can get through playing the beautiful game can be really disheartening! Shoulder/elbow/wrist/back/knee to name just A few ! So the next day after a hard match can sometimes be painful but since doing the I B T after just one week I have noticed that I am not as sore as I once was getting out of bed . 

I think when you do the research on I B T it makes complete sense so for anyone sceptical on it just give it a try as not only will you get a better night sleep but if you're a keen sportsperson your recovery time will be a lot quicker . 


Once again big thanks to Andrew K fletcher and Tony Moran for putting me wise to this . 


Gary Williams 


Gary Williams
Posted Date : 24-06-2016

IBT also good for short term Inversion therapy

I have JUST discovered that I can lie the wrong way on my bed and get the EXACT same benefits I get using my inversion table! Holy moly!!

I've been sleeping on an incline for many years and probably couldn't sleep flat even if I wanted to BUT I got an inversion table when I heard that a woman had "cured" her carpal tunnel with one and it worked! But it's so big that it really needs its own room so when you take it down and put it up and take it down it gets to be a chore so I put it off.

I've always known that you don't have to hang completely upside down to get the traction/yoga-type benefits of an inversion table but it only recently ocurred to me that I might be able to get by with laying the wrong way on my bed and it WORKED!! I haven't been this excited since my carpal tunnel went away!! Holy moly!!

My bed is just over 6 inches at the head - here's what I do after being hunched over a computer keyboard all day: I lie on my back with my head at the FOOT of the bed. Then I do a couple of partial situps to over come the softness of the mattress. Then I put my arms straight over my head and stretch. Then twist my upper body one way and stretch, the other way and stretch, then pull my knees up to my chest for just a few seconds and BOOM! I feel like a new woman!!

I'm SO excited to have discovered this!! I had to share!!

Posted Date : 22-06-2016

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis M.S

Date: Sun, Feb 26 2006 7:56 am From: "Andrew K Fletcher"


Good News! I'm Finally Getting Good Results.,Monday 14-Jun-1999


I've been doing the inclined bed since January.I've had M.S.for over 20 years -diagnosed in 1986 as relapsing-remitting M.S. Two years ago I had a serious attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks paralysed from the waist down-no feeling and no motion.


After a couple of months of steroids and other drugs I became able to walk first with a walker and then with a cane very short distances. I was still left with lots of fatigue weak legs balance problems painful pins and needles in the legs and feet abdominal muscle spasms, incontinence and sleepless nights.


My diagnosis became secondary progressive M.S. I decided to get off all drugs (much to my neurolist's dismay). I then found Betty Iams on the computer and began her regimen of strict diet exercise supplements meditation and I've added acupuncture. It feels great to be in control. This is a lifetime regimen for me. I'd been coasting along not getting better but not getting worse when I read about the inclined bed.


I decided to try it-what could I lose? Right away the painful abdominal muscle spasms started to subside and sleep became somewhat better. Then nothing happened. Then I started getting worse. I decided to give up the inclined bed -this after 3 months. One problem however-I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore!


Andrew wrote for me to hang in there that it was expected that I get worse before I get better. Everyday I waited. Then like Andrew said I started getting better and better. This past month has been amazing!I even walked up and down a flight of stairs with my cane unaided.


Fatigue has gone the abdominal muscle spasms have gone the painful pins and needles are subsiding leg strength is getting better so that I can walk greater distances and balance is much better. I still have incontinence and sleep problems but given time I know those problems will be gone too. One very interesting thing happened with my eyes recently. I'm very near-sighted and had my prescription for my contacts checked 3 months ago. Last week I went back to the eye doctor's complaining that I just couldn't see. He checked my eyes again and much to his amazement he found that they had improved greatly since my check-up 3 months ago! I wrote Andrew about this happening and he feels that sleeping on an inclined bed can help the optic nerve to regenerate and repair the damage of long term M.S.


Let me encourage anyone who is trying the inclined bed to stick with it and don't think it won't work. I'm proof it can. My whole family and I are so grateful to Andrew Fletcher. Liz Steinbrueck

Posted Date : 20-05-2016

GERD Acid reflux + Angle Calculation


I noticed that a mistake is often made in this and other websites about IBT. Advice is often given about using the length of the bed to calculate the correct magical 5 degree angle.  That advice is quite misleading.  The distance that must be used is the distance between the legs near the head of the bed and the legs near the foot of the bed -- not the length of the bed.  For example, my bed is 200 cm long, but the distance between legs is only 141 cm.

I used a CAD program to precisely calculated the required length of the legs at the foot of my bed, while retaining the original legs near the head of the bed, in order to achieve a 5 degree angle.  I have uploaded that drawing as an image titled 'Bed Angle Calculation', in case it is of any interest to anyone else.  

The bed is a Wenatex bed, in case anyone is wanting to modify that brand of bed.

I consttucted tdhe legs from 90 mm downpipe PVC, and the materials cosst about $ 20 AUS or about $ 15 US.

I have also (hopefully, successfully) uploaded photos entitled 'Installed Bed Leg', 'Bed Leg Assembly', and 'Bolt Through Slide-on Cap' to give more details.  

If anyone wants any more details about fabricating the legs, feel free to send an email to

While I am here, I might also mention a clear-cut benefit of IBT.  I haven't seen it mentioned eleswhere, although I have not read all posts, so I might have missed it.  IBT helps reduce or eliminate gastric reflux.  This is not hard to understand. Gravity moves the contents of the stomach down away from the inlet valve at the top of the stomach when a person lays down with their head higher that than their stomach.







Posted Date : 16-05-2016

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Constipation

Jo has had years of trouble with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) we've tried everything natural, but she doesn't have a bowel movement for 3 days at a time, and her record is 9 days.

The very morning after I inclined the bed she had a bowel movement as soon as she got up and again later on in the afternoon and she has been regular every day since, apart from the night we slept on the flat hotel bed in Glasgow.

But the morning after we slept back in our own inclined bed and she started being regular again. So from sharing your knowledge you have cured her of bloat, constipation and pain. Obviously she feels better for this as she was always fatigued and uncomfortable. So we both thank you for this and maybe you could pass that info on to Andrew K fletcher.

United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 28-04-2016

Gout, Inflamation, Uric acid

I've been on IBT for sixteen months to the writing of this testimonial. At first I was definitely skeptical of any sort of therapy, but I figured the best way to know was to try it. I mostly wanted to try this because people have sworn that it alleviates inflammatory attacks in their body. It makes sense that with improved circulation and the sorts of bodily filtration that's aided by gravity occurring with this, can improve blood composition as well as functions.

                            I've yet to actually test any longer term effects on my body, but the more noticeable ones are just overall feeling of wellness when you wake up even after a bad night of sleep or say when you've had much to drink. I rarely get those bad hangovers, instead I feel more effectively hydrated than I did sleeping on a flat surface.

                                                  When it comes to inflammatory attacks, it's been a great response. I had usually suffered chronic bouts of gout flares. I've dealt and maintained it with antiinflammatories and allopurinol. Without having much done physical exercise and with an unimproved diet, I haven't experienced an inflammatory attack for a while even after being off of allopurinol for months. Can I definitively say that IBT helped me get rid of gout? No, but I'm saying better circulation certainly did a part in preventing attacks, by making sure my circulation is kept at a constant flow and balancing any excess acids that may contribute. My blood panel as well as lipid panels have been improved according to my doctor since my last visit before I've started this. I've yet to determine if in the longer term, this applies, but I definitely encourage sufferers of gout to try this and see if they feel the same experiences. I'm looking forward to making another testimony in a bout a year or two after adding another inch to my inclination. 

United States 

Posted Date : 27-03-2016

IBT Improvements: Pain, Oedema, capillaratis, Sleep Apnoea, Injury, Fractures, fungal conditions, Head injury,

I found this site after watching a video by Andrew on distilling essential oils.

My husband suffered serious multiple trauma (12 fractures + shattering of pelvis and facial bones, as well as head injury and left side weakness+) 9 years ago.

After raising our bed:

*My husband stopped snoring.

*He doesn't get sleep apnoea any more.

*I sleep better.

*We both wake feeling more refreshed.

*I don't have to go to the toilet so often during the night; not at all in winter.

*My hands and feet don't swell in the summer heat now.

*My left foot would often swell since I received trauma to my shin, the swelling would cause the scaring to hurt.  I don't have this any more.

*We both haven't had back pain of any note since our bed was raised.

*My husband has had very little capillaratis (broken capillaries under the skin) on his legs since the bed was raised.

*My husband was told he would need a knee replacement within 5 years of the accident. He had a broken knee cap and ligament torn off shin + broken femur which he had to have surgery for. He still has one unattached ligament. He has coped with painkillers for 8 years but in the past 10 months (bed raised) has not had to have any pain relief for it.

*His left leg (mobility impaired from head injury) has lost the cold dead feeling and is nearly as warm as his right leg.

*The swelling in his feet has reduced a lot.

*He has had no fungal conditions in his feet/toe nails since the bed was raised (I was constantly treating them for 8 years since the accident).

*His left foot bothers him with pains every night since we raised the bed.  While this may seem contradictory, this only used to happen when he had improvements in his brain injury and he would gain new movement or feeling.  Based on this we are convinced something good is happening.

I am interested to see what else has changed without us realising.  Some of these things have been so unexpected and we never picked them up immediately but realised later that the improvements coincided with the bed raising.

IBT is so simple and so effective that I recommend it to everyone now.

Deborah Walker

Posted Date : 23-03-2016

Migraine Headaches Greatly improved

I used to suffer with migraines to such an effect that they were totally debilitating. The pain was terrible with nauseau and other effects which would confine me to bed for days on end. After hearing about IBT we raised the bed in the hope it would help with my migraines and overall wellbeing.  We were amazed at how it affected us. We slept so soundly and generally felt so well. It just makes perfect sense to be in that position. Since sleeping on a raised fed I have most definitely noticed an improvement to my migraines, they are much less frequent and intense.  It really has made an all round tremendous difference to myself and my husband. 

Suzanne Evans
Posted Date : 20-03-2016




After a month of practicing this method, I am incredibly surprised by the significantly positive benefit to my health that I have never experienced on a flat bed!

Mr. Andrew I wish you only the best and really thank you very much.

without pharmaceuticals!


po měsíci praktikování této metody, jsem neuvěřitelně překvapen výrazně pozitivním přínosem pro mé zdraví. Už nikdy na rovné posteli!! panu Andrwovi přeji jen to nejlepší a opravdu moc DĚKUJI.

Kdo nezkusí ať nehartusí !!! Pryč s farmaceutiky !!!



Czech republic
Czech Republic 

Posted Date : 19-03-2016

Arthritis and age related health

You may remember meeting us last September in Brixham. You commented on the discolouration of her ankles. At the same time I was suffering badly with my right hip and had great difficulty getting in and out of my car/bed/ walking due to pain.
We raised our bed as recommended and since then I have found a massive improvement in walking etc. I still get some pain at times but I am much more mobile. My wife's ankles are improved but still a bit blotchy.
We will continue to keep the bed raised and hope for continued improvement.I feel reasonably fit but expect some discomfort at nearly 80 years old.
Thank you for your advice.
Anne and Peter

Anne and Peter
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 28-02-2016

IBT: relapse and symptom-free

Diagnosed in 2002 with RRMS, I began Copaxone immediately.


I learned about IBT on in 2010.  At that time, I was considering seeking the liberation procedure, but decided to try IBT first.  I stopped the Copaxone the day I lifted the head of my bed in 2010.

Since then, I have had zero relapses, and all my symptoms are gone.  (Even the l'Hermitte's Sign.)  No meds, no surgeries, no special diet... just IBT.

I don't tell my story to anyone who doesn't ask about it, and I have no interest in telling anyone else what to do for his/her own health. I can only share that this has worked for me, for six years, at whatever stage of RRMS I was/am in.  I will never lower the head of my bed again.

Lisa Gleaton


Testimonial to 2 years of inclined bed therapy

Haven't been here for a long while, but never forgot about this site or its importance!

It's been more than two years of IBT for me with no other forms of 'treatment'. I have had zero relapses and am much steadier on my feet, have normal heat tolerance, and no longer worry about becoming 'overheated' when exercising.

In fact, I have figured out that as long as I am doing some form of exercise that is fairly vertical, I'm ok. This has been heartbreaking for me as a wannabe masters swimmer, who swam in high school and college, but if I want to feel that "OMG, my head is going to explode from the pressure of too much blood flow to it with no escape" feeling, all I have to do is swim four or five laps without stopping. It's amazing that no other form of exercise gives me that terrifying sensation. I attribute it to being flat while swimming. I tried once again about four months ago, and never again. I'm terrified of having a stroke. I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed this?

So walking and biking, it is.

I'm sorry I never did all the measurements and regular check-ins that would have been really helpful here, but I just never made the time. I am thrilled with my results from IBT! I wish I could figure out how to get the letters MS out of my medical records as I now know that vascular issues have been my problem and my immune system works fine. I had seriously considered having the angioplasty surgery, but no longer feel a rush to do so. It would be great to sleep flat again, but having surgery in order to be able to do so? I think not.

I am very grateful I learned of this therapy. I feel it has really worked for me and prevented further problems of progression. When I speak to others who have MS, I am always surprised at how resistant some can be to the idea of this simple, non-invasive therapy... Why NOT try it?

Anyway, husband's complaints not withstanding, I loved my raised bed!





Lisa Gleaton
San Mateo
United States 

Posted Date : 11-02-2016

Years of personal experiments:varicose veins and varicocele

Years of personal experiments:varicose veins and varicocele


Mr Andrew Fletcher. First of all I want to thank you because you already helped me a lot. Your unsurpassed discovery is indeed a great improvement to all circulation suffers. But i have some extra difficulties and maybe you can be of more help again. Sorry for the bad English.

My story begins when I was a 19 and diagnosed with a enlarged varicocele (varicose veins in the testicles). I received surgery. It was a sort of extraction of the enlarged vein and a ligature of the remaining in the principal gonadal veins. After this surgery, during the recovery, i felt a lot of pain in all the veins of my body down the trunk (including feet and legs). After the total recovery, these pains were gone. I became healthy and stayed that way about three years.

After these, I have passed though some difficult times in my personal life that made me become an insomniac, and I felt my body to become weakened after a month of very bad sleeping, and my circulation started to be weakened as well. I started to feel my varicocele starting over again.

Unhappily, at those times, I was counselled to sleep with the legs up inclined, to allegedly "rest" the circulation system during the night. For my despair, the problem was progressively worsening, the pains more intense and more and more veins of my body becoming affected by pains.

I used hammocks to sleep all night for about one year,  were the legs become lifted up.
Well, I just have aggravated my symptoms sleeping that way. The doctors that i visited were of no help at all. My second varicocele was too much enlarged at this stage, and Doppler indicated that my principal gonadal vein was refluxing with a bloodstream of 9.00 mlm (the maximum normal is 1.5). I could barely walk, because every time a made a step with the left leg (the side of the reflux) a felt a great pain inside the left side of my body (beginning in the region of the gonadal vein, a little below the left kidney region).

After one year sleeping in this  way, I returned to normal bed, but i adopted a triangle cushion to rest my leg in it....well the result is that one night I waked up in pain, feeling in both feet was totally numbed and after it, the pain was completely spread to all my body, from the kidney regions to the fingers and my feet. I stayed in this miserable condition, worsening every day, and walking or doing any exercise worsened the situation, because my circulation could not sustain the impacts of the movements. The only physical activity i can do is swimming in cold water.

After dozens of doctors, I found one that proposed to do a coil embolization of my left gonadal vein...he inserted 6 coils in it. After this, the very intense pain in these vein lessened, (but I'm still with 4.0 mlm...tree times bigger than normal). The rest of the veins in my body (down the kidneys) continued to worsen and varicosity increased day by day.
The sleep was very bad, needing to take sleeping pills, i cannot move and sleeping in the side in a normal bed.

After total despair, i finally found the IBT theory doing research in the net. In the very first day I tried, and the result was instantaneous. The blood feel warm in my feet, and the pain was mediately relieved and I slept much better during that night.

My circulation started improving every day,and It gave me happiness and hope again.

After some time I realized that the way I tilted the bed was wrong, because i only have inserted some books below the head of my mattress, so, the inclination stopped in the middle of the bed. It was ok to me, because i was improving everyday so i stayed in that way.

Unfortunately,after some months I started to feel my neck becoming awkward, and realized it was for the way that I tilted the bed.

The problem is, I refused to do the right technique (inclining all bed) because the stretching that it gives to the body apparently stretches the veins of my trunk (gonadal veins) looked like it was a chance to cause harm where I have the embolization..the right veins (free of surgery) seems to be stretching too. The legs feel very good sleeping this way, but i am afraid of the stretching effect in the low kidneys region (the gonadal veins)...

Observation: this pain caused by the tilting of the entire bed disappeared after two months of faithful perseverance (apparently was Just the tendons  stretching, as guessed by Mister Fletcher).

 One year after the experiment:

Well people, one year after tilting the entire bed, as prescribed by Mister Fletcher, my body is marvellous cured. I started improving Day by Day. .months passed and those  things that in the past represented a challenging or impossible task..became easy and smooth. After a year my feet and legs don't get sore any more, I no longer need the varicose socks..and remain all day, working and doing exercises with great comfort. Now I can exercise hard mountain trekking without pain  at all. I don't feel pain in the varicocele any-more. Some enlarged veins in my feet now are more normal in size too.

Maybe is a coincidence, but rosacea disappeared too (apparently it can be caused by enlarged micro veins in the face).

I had many experiences with these circulation issues, tested personally by my self over the last 5 years many methods and theories. I can assure for you all, raising the legs is the worst thing you can do for circulation problems. Indeed, tilting the bed, as prescribed by Mister patient and over time you will be improving your circulation Day by Day. Its incredible....thanks Mister Fletcher ! This great discovery rescued my health and I am strong once again after years of suffering.

Rafael Pimenta Machado
Espirito Santo

Posted Date : 01-02-2016

Central Nervous System Disorder CCSVI MS

Anne FlahertyAnne Flaherty to Inclined Bed Therapy
3 March 2013 ·

IBT completely changed my life :) I had been struggling w central nervous system disorder severely for about 7 years when I came across the IBT advice. One Saturday night I decided to try simply a first run of raised torso - and on Sunday morn I could think more clearly, see more clearly, walk more easily, than I had in several years. That was Springtime 2009. Within in 6 months my doc wrote me an urgent letter to stop the thyroid meds and come in as so much had already changed. Within a year I was diagnosed with functional circulation issues that had not come to light until I was sleeping properly ( head higher than feet, on a slope, not just with pillows). By 2011 had vascular surgery to fix those functional issues (still doing IBT to this day) and received clarity of mind for first time in years. In 2012 it was discovered that the etiology of my central nervous system disorder (a major one with no cure) had been misdiagnosed for over ten years, (thanks to IBT helping me in 2009) and finally got on the proper medical protocol in 2012, and now it is 2013 and I am alive again, and continue my IBT - telling everyone! :)Andrew you are amazing!!

yes I am talking of CCSVI surgery - in fact, it was IBT that proved to me that CCSVI was legit and got me to pursue it!
Inclined Bed Therapy I'm not sure that CCSVI is a cause of ms, but I am certain that ms is a circulation problem and nothing to do with immune system attacking the myelin sheath. If it was this, then there would be no reason for people with ms to find their functions are restored at high altitude and return when back to lower elevation. There has to be a reason for supposedly damaged myelin to begin functioning and I still feel that the answer lies in the liquid crystal properties of myelin. This happened instantly so how can damaged myelin be repaired all be it temporarily within minutes of arriving at the top of a mountain?


Anne Flaherty yes! thank you so much. you speak what i have learned internally - it is amazing the politics surrounding the neurologists versus cardiologists (or rather, vascular surgeons). Here I have offered my body to science but received almost no relief, but for further destruction of my body. Then I used my own learning (and your IBT is so simple it is hard to "hear" I think!) and immediate relief, and within a couple years return to proper muscular functioning (nerve functioning) in my legs and my brain, no more impediment to opening my hands all the way, your theories (yes and I am aware that most have been scientifically proven) around how liquid moves and forms and settles or acts are all world changing, like the explorers who finally proved that the Earth is round, and ships would not fall off the edge..... (that was relatively recent too!) Peace to you, I pray for your success to reach others~~~~~

I am so crazy well I cannot even tell you! and
Andrew K Fletcher there is present talk in the MS comunity right now, that your sese about circulation is even more true: a few have found tremendous relief fm MS via chiropracty that focuses on the hemo
dynamics of circulation around the neck area, I will send a link asap. It seems it is exactly about circulation as you have stated! and the chiros involved agree and respect the ccsvi stuff but also point out the matter of bones compressing veins and causing the stenosis that is being found in all people w MS...!!!! I will connect you ll asap

6 May 2013 at 11:42 ·    From Facebook Group

MS CCSVI Spinal Cord
United States 

Posted Date : 20-12-2015

Osteoporosis Ruby Tate

2nd.  April,   1998
Over two years ago I  sat  in the  armchair reading a small advert which asked people to raise their bed 6" at the head and to reply and tell what benefits had been noted. At the time I could not move my neck to left or right and it ached continuesly. I was unable to sleep at night as I could not get comfortable.  I was only able to turn by easing myself gently. It took three to four turns.  Getting out of bed was a major obstacle.  I needed help to dress and undress. I spent most of my nights in my chair with the result I was always tired and had no energy. My problem is Osteoporosis of the upper and lower spine.

I expected nothing but had nothing to lose, so Harry raised the bed 6".  we did not take it very seriously but were happy to try anything.
On the fourth night I had the first full nights sleep since I dont remember when. By the end of the week I was sleeping naturally and turning over .

My dressing was a problem no longer .  Each day it became easier.
T'here have been so many other benefits too.  I have worn glasses from the age of l?yea.'rs and I am now 68 years.  Last year was the first tine I was told there was a small improvement. My hair appears thicker, my hairbrush needs  cleaning less often. 

Harry's ear, which constantly gave him trouble with a discharge has now cleared up completely.

We both feel the clock has been put back, for us.  I give thanks for this invention and wish Andrew every success in the future for the benefits he has given us and will continue to do so.
Yours truly,

Ruby Tate


Ruby Tate
Dawlish Warren
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 08-12-2015