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Borderline Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Report on using Inclined Bed Therapy over 4 years

Borderline Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Report on using Inclined Bed Therapy over 4 years

Male diagnosed late 30's with Multiple sclerosis, although ms was suspected earlier as he had been exhibiting symptoms since late teens. His MS was progressing rapidly when he was finally diagnosed as "borderline Secondary Progressive" his future looked grim as he quickly became too disabled to work. Four years ago, after reading your theory about Inclined Bed Therapy, we raised the head of his bed 5 degrees. He had very little trouble adjusting to sleeping on this gentle slope. Within 48 hours he was able to sleep for longer periods of time because he was no longer being woken by the fruitless urge to urinate. Both his ability to urinate when necessary and control his bowels had become a major issue before his bed was inclined. After sleeping on an incline for a week, both urination and bowel issues had backed off considerably and currently, four years later, it's only an occasional problem.

His first MRI after sleeping on an incline for 7 months showed no new lesions, no increase in existing lesion size and a small increase in the loss of grey matter. The increase of his MS symptoms had begun to slow down. He has had 2 subsequent MRI's in the past three plus years all with the same results, no new lesions or increase in existing lesion's size and further small loss of grey matter. His MS is slowly progressing though and unfortunately he is slowly losing sexual function and is displaying more foot drop and stiffness in gate.

He'd been using Rebif until 10 months ago when his liver enzyme level rose. His last MRI was done six months after stopping Rebif. However we saw no discernible slow down in the progression of the disease until we inclined the head end of his bed by 7 inches. 

His neuropathic pain is less severe now than since he first started displaying MS symptoms. He only uses ibuprofen sparingly now. If his medications played a role in his erectile dysfunction, their side effects are now diminishing - so along with his increasingly healthy vascular system giving better blood flow, hopefully he may still re-gain that function. 

In answer to your question about neuropathic pain lessening on an Inclined Bed; although his pain is currently less there are other factors such as the drug and diet which could influence his pain levels. His pain was a symptom before he began Rebif, increased while taking Rebif and while he was using an IB. It didn't decrease until after Rebif was stopped.

 Since stopping the Interferon, detoxing his liver, eating a vascular healthy diet as well as continuing to sleep on the 5 degree incline, he uses minimal pain control, feels considerably better, his bad days are fewer and of less severity.  Two months ago he began taking a Curcumin supplement and now has a warm left hand with some sensation of feeling in his finger tips and visible veins in his chest, arms, and hands.

 Thank you so much for giving us the first concrete help in our battle with MS. We will forever be grateful for your theory and tenacity in getting out the message to the MS community.

Update 26th June 2015:

Our son is doing much the same as before although his latest MRI showed a small increase in a frontal lobe lesion. We expected some activity because his routine and life was turned upside down last summer when we moved to a small city.   Our son still sleeps at a 5% incline and is still free from the bladder and bowel problems that were such a daily struggle. He’s’ still able to walk albeit with a cane and for only 1/2 a block but he’s really happy to have mobility especially since they expected him to be in a chair long before now. Another surprise has been the visual emergence of veins in his left hand accompanied by a slight lessening of iciness; although his dexterity is about the same.
Thanks again for your campaign to promote the inclined bed theory. We believe our focus on vascular health beginning with an inclined bed, diet, exercise and stress reduction has slowed this runaway MS train down to a crawl. 

 Anonymous report.


Posted Date : 26-06-2015

IBT helps brain drainage in multiple sclerosis

 After 33 years of relapsing remitting MS, my wife was close to needing a wheel chair. She had nearly all the horrendous MS symptoms and they were getting worse quickly. Her Neuro felt she was becoming Progressive. Her world continually spun with no balance, falling frequently. Her hands and feet were numb. She had multiple attacks on her eyes with torn retinas and double vision. Super sensitive to temperature, we had to get air conditioning to maintain a steady temperature in the house. She had skin pain that no drugs would relieve. she had Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog) which was only made worse with many drugs. continual leg spasms were not controlled completely with Baclofen. she could not get enough sleep and was falling asleep while eating. Her mouth would not work and she forgot what she was saying half way through a sentence. By this time, I took early retirement to be her care giver. 

  Somewhere I read about inclining the bed to help with dizziness. Evelyn would get panic attacks the minute she laid down, and her world spun even more. She couldn't fall asleep because of this and the leg spasms. I lifted the bed 5.5 inches and she had an immediate improvement. The panic and dizziness didn't happen. She was able to sleep better, but her bad scoliosis back and hip pain kept her from getting good quality sleep. Having her head elevated certainly helped, but we needed to address the MS.

   We saw the W5 show in late 2010 in which Dr Zamboni described CCSVI (blocked veins in the neck and the azygos vein behind the heart). I was intrigued and followed the Internet as more and more clinics began doing angioplasty to open those veins and allow good blood flow and drainage of the brain. We had scans done and discovered Evelyn had those blockages. We went to Cabo, Mexico to get the angioplasty treatment. She had 4 blockages opened up. They provided mini videos of before and after each expansion of the veins. You could see the improved flow Instantly. Her cold legs and feet warmed up immediately. The dizziness left, her balance returned,  numbness left, the cog fog was reduced, her energy improved. She could stand without her cane. As we left the clinic, she began to sweat ... Something she had not dome for eleven years! All this within days of treatment. A few months later some numbness returned to her fingers. She had re stenosis a bit, so we returned to repeat the angioplasty. It worked again. Over the following 3 months we slowly weaned Ev from the many drugs she was on. Only after that could we be sure the symptoms were gone. As part of an MS study at UBC in Vancouver for 33 years, Ev saw her Neurologist annually for MRI's and testing the progression. Her Nero had been pessimistic, but was amazed at the changes. it's been 5 years now and all those symptoms have not returned. Her worst problem is an extreme scoliosis that causes back, hip, and leg pains. But we have our lives back and are so grateful! Ev is now back to her alert, smart, and charming self again. 

   We continue to have our bed inclined as Ev still gets light-headed when changing position from lying down or getting up. it happens less with our bed inclined. She takes BP drugs and I believe her flow is still a bit reduced through those veins, causing that light headed feeling.

   We hope our story helps others. We appreciate the efforts of those maintaining sites like this one. Sharing our experiences is educational and may change the lives of many. 



British Columbia

Posted Date : 19-06-2015

Always on an Incline Oedema (fluid retention) Hemorrhoids

A couple of years ago I started having some Fluid issues, Swelling in my Foot. I Was Desperate for relief. I was Drinking Tumeric and Doing liver cleanses to relive the problem, however that was not working. I started searching for more healing possibilities. I literately Stumbled upon Inclined Bed Therapy By Accident. I immediately Inclined my bed. I have never slept flat again. I have had other side effects from the inclined bed therapy That I did not expect. I Had suffered from hemorrhoids for years and No longer have that problem any more. I used to Live with terrible hemorrhoid pain. Since I Started Inclined therapy I have had perhaps 2 or 3 Flare ups. in over 2 years! My Swelling Went down in my Foot, Hemorrhoids are not a problem any more. Personally, I will never Sleep flat again, And I always Suggest IBT To All people, Both Healthy and Not.

Tara Woodruff
Tara Woodruff
Florida Posted Date : 15-06-2015

Multiple sclerosis 19 years IBT

I was one of the first volunteers to try IBT 19 years ago! Andrew was interested to see if sleeping at an angle could improve my MS symptoms. I was pleased to find that walking became easier, my blood circulation improved so that my feet were not too hot at nig ht time, the dexterity in my hands improved too.  I also found that my  bladder control was better, I only had to go to the bathroom once in the night. When I suffered from optic neuritis in my right eye my optician was surprised at how quickly my eyesight recovered. He contacted Andrew to discuss IBT.

Recently we have raised our bed to 8 inches to help my husband to control his acid reflux condition.  I have to admit I do slide down the bed more now.

I have noticed that my friends with MS tend to have swollen ankles and legs which is something that I have never suffered from.  I think I have IBT to thank for that.  After having had MS for 38 years I am still mobile, although I do need to push a walking aid for balance.  So I don't think I will go back to sleeping flat.

Pauline Phelps

Posted Date : 18-05-2015

So simple yet so effetive, Congestion, Vivid dreaming, Waking refreshed,

Incline Bed Therapy has been such a positive influence on my health. I have been incline for nearly a year now.  Some of the benefits that I have observed are as follows…

• Deeper sleep and vivid dreams (I dream almost every night now)
• I now wake up feeling well rested instead of groggy.
• I no longer wake up feeling congested (I use to have a chronic blocked nose in the morning)
• I am slightly taller! By about half a cm. This could be from the spine stretching out during the night…. I’m nearly 30 and stopped growing a long time ago.
• Improved posture (Kundalini yoga and switching to a standing desk has also helped with this)

Some other things that have also contributed to a better sleep have been changing from a springed mattress to a futon mattress and also not eating after 8pm. It is my understanding that the body can either do one of two things while sleeping… heal or digest food. So if you eat late you’re inhibiting the healing process at night.

I will never… ever go back to sleeping flat. I actually now avoid any occasion where I can’t sleep in my own bed because I love it so much! If I go camping, I’ll also make sure that I find a slight incline to lay my sway down. It has been such a beautifully simple change but with so many health benefits.

South Australia

Posted Date : 14-05-2015

Sharon Austin (Severely Fractured Spine)

“It was a lovely sunny blessed morning on the barge , until I had a freak accident and broke my back while travelling under a low bridge. 3 fire engines, 1 ambulance & a couple of army folk later and I'm tucked up drugged up & awaiting an opp in the morning. I totally believe in the power of prayer and intention so pls send love & healing to me & my family . Thank you Kit Kath, Cheryl & Jaz for looking after me today and to the lady that called the ambulance and everyone iv seen since , iv been made a right fuss of !

looking for prayers.”

 sharon fractured spine xray ibt 1

Just short of 7 months ago I wrote this message on Facebook roughly 7 hrs after my accident, here I am today sitting at my desk reading through the digital version of my journey (Facebook posts and messages). Earlier today I had an appointment with the Personal Trainer who has been overseeing my 13 week exercise program that I was referred to by my physio, both my physio and the personal trainer are happy to let me go and get on with the rest of my recovery unsupervised – quite an achievement after just short of 7 months.
sharon fractured spine xray ibt

So, I was at the gym 13 weeks ago , thats just 31/2 months after the accident! Granted I couldn't do a lot and I have had to build myself up very slowly but I was fit and well enough, and determined enough to get my fitness and mobility back. Since that time I have been attending the gym once a week to do a small amount or cardio and weight work, I have also been doing hydrotherapy and an exercise program in the water and over the past few weeks I have been to yoga, pilates and aqua aerobics, as well as some swimming ( no more than 4 lengths) and my favourite achievement from the past week is jogging!!! Iv actually jogged – only about 20 steps but until now I havent been able to do the action needed to jog plus there i

s a lot of discomfort in my lower back as it now has 2 metal rods in there.

sharon dances after serious spinal injury ibt

Why am I sharing this with you? Because along with healing and prayers that I know have helped me recover – and walk again- I didnt mention that my surgeon told me they dont usually see people with my injuries that can walk again ( he told me this a few months ago, not at the time of the operation) As a result of the accident and the injury to my spine a friend connected me with Andrew Fletcher and Inclined Bed Therapy, I watched this interview “Science of Healing Sleep” and Inclined the bed ASAP to aid my recovery, 11 days after leaving hospital I was sleeping on an incline and will continue to do so. I havent broken my back before or experienced anything similar so I have no personal comparisons as to how my recovery could have been but I know IBT has helped and sped up my rehabilitation, Doctors, Surgeons, Physios and personal trainers are all well pleased with my recovery, some more openly amazed than others, I was informed by one professional it wouldnt be unusual for me to be using aids to walk, or even to be still afraid to get up and walk. So it is for this reason I share my experience, IBT can help with many many ailments series and irritating including snoring or the inconvenience of having to get up in the night to use the toilet- IBT could save a marriage, please look at the info Andrew has put together for us and share with your family, friends and neighbours. This has cost me the time to research – which Andrew has collated and the cost of a couple of breeze blocks to raise the bed, can you afford not to help your body help you?!



Posted Date : 07-05-2015

Better Sleep, Better Bladder Control

I've inclined my bed by 6 inches (150mm) and can't believe what a difference its made to my sleeping. I used to awake a minimum of 3 times a night to visit the loo, but no more. Until I started this 5 days ago I couldn't remember the last time I slept for more than 2 hours, but now I sleep for 6 hours straight! Thank you!

Posted Date : 01-05-2015

Multiple Sclerosis, fatigue, eyesight, parasthesias, aches and pains

Dear Andrew I first tried IBT last December after listening to you on a Youtube interview with Clive de Carle. Over the last five months my fatigue, , heat tolerance, eyesight, parasthesias and general aches and pains have improved noticeably. I no longer need an afternoon sleep to get me through the day. After 25 years of MS symptoms I'm still working, jogging and going to the gym. My regime is natural incorporating a vegan diet and supplements. I believe IBT has added further improvements. Many thanks for all your advice, explanation and giving me the opportunity to meet you. Regards, Steve Williams.

Steve Williams

Posted Date : 29-04-2015

Slipped Disk, Arthritis, Sciatica, Oedema, Tinnitus, Varicose Veins.

Having left the offshore Oil / Gas industry in 1992 after 34 years as an Instrument Design Engineer, my medical problems at age 52 years were so disabling that I had to use a walking stick most times for four years due to the absolute weakness on the left side of my body - it felt as if there was nothing there. Consequently without my friendly stick I became very unbalanced -falling from my ankle which did not feel there at that moment. Conversely the right side of my body began to take the weight off my left side. This had a big muscular reaction. I developed large varicose veins down my right lower leg, I lost mobility in my right shoulder, thigh and hip. My right arm I could not lift above my shoulder it was so painful.

When the above was occurring around 1992 I was attending my doctor's surgery every week and was diagnosed with the following...

1.   Slipped Lumbar disc

2.   Keratitus (eye infection - medical - unknown cure)

3.   Tinnitus (ringing in both ears)

4.   Sciatica - left leg. severe paralysing pains throughout my body. Most times I walked or stumbled doubled up.

5.   Arthritis of the spine and fingers (afraid of touching anything)

6.   Varicose veins in right lower leg.

7.   Right leg thick fluid swelling below the knee, left leg was similar but not as pronounced.

During these months and years I was daily absorbing a very large amount of medical prescribed tablets from my doctor. Side effects were insomnia and stomach and leg cramps during the night.

Whilst studying in Devon in 1994 I met Andrew Fletcher and his wife and explained my health problems. I studied Andrews literature on sleeping on a slope, which I was very dubious about at first. They then brought my 6 inch sloping bed (designed by Andrew) up to Teesside the following year. This distance from Devon to Teesside was; as his wife said "almost like driving to Scotland" (in those days there were very few motorways)

On delivery,Andrew said the only thing I suggest is to persevere sleeping on the new bed for at least 2 months. NINETEEN years later every night I enjoy my beautiful sleeps on my 6 inch sloping bed - never ever to return to a flat bed.

So what has changed in 19 years?

1.   Slipped disc - I do not have any pains except for stiffness early morning, but that disappears through the day.

2.   Keratitus - disappeared within weeks never to return.

3.   Tinnitus - disappeared also within weeks never to return.

4.   Sciatica - disappeared over a period of one year - never to return. Walking stick used for firewood.

5.   Arthritis - disappeared within one year. I could play my piano again without pain!

6.   Varicose veins - drastically reduced, still visible.

7.   Right leg thick fluid swelling - slight fluid to low leg however the more I exercise during the day the less it becomes. Left leg also.

Side effects - gone completely.

After six months of starting to sleep on my sloping bed I weaned myself off ALL drugs. Then from 1996 I occasionally took my own soft drugs from over the counter. However since 2001 I have NEVER taken any form of drugs; either prescribed or otherwise. All residue "Harsh"pain has vanished. What I can say; in all honesty is that now I can MANAGE my day to day pain, and that body management becomes the main purpose of my life. I have taken complete responsibility of my health. Something I would of never of thought possible.

I am extremely grateful towards Andrew Fletcher for having discovered this simple raised bed principle and persistently evolving it under extreme adverse media and medical pressure.

Thank you again Andrew.


David A Baines.

David A Baines.

Posted Date : 15-04-2015

Back pain, celulite, diarrhea and sickness, varicose veins,

15/04/2009 00:03:56 »

Hi Andrew

It's been awhile since I added a post but to be honest the last few months have been full of ups and downs. Mainly due to the life changing effect the IBT has had on Alun. I am truly amazed at the difference that has occurred in his leg health. His varicose veins as you had predicted have receded so that they are barely visible. I cannot understand why more money is not being allocated to this study which would save the NHS literally millions of pounds, where is the logic in that!

The leg pains my husband has had over the years have at times reduced him to tears and after endless examinations and procedures nothing has ever been diagnosed, we literally could not go shopping together as it was guaranteed that his legs would ache not with the varicose veins but around the knee. We could not enjoy any alcoholic beverages as the same thing would occur. I am very happy to report that both of these have almost been eradicated. I am a happy woman!
I have to stress that these changes have not occurred overnight but over a matter of months but the results can only speak for themselves we have nothing to gain by glorifying this.

As for myself I recently reported changes to my menstrual cycle which to be honest is still a little irregular.

An observation i did make though was that whilst having the dreaded 'diarrhea and sickness' bug last year alun slept on the incline whilst myself and the children who were unable to bear the atrocious noise from upstairs slept downstairs. Whilst aluns bug lasted a matter of around 3 - 4 hours, my bug dragged on for almost 36 hours. I had not noticed particularly before this some subtle changes that had happened either. Whilst stopping down at my mothers for a night or two i had to sleep on a flat bed and i have to tell you i could not have predicted missing that incline so much. I was literally chilled to the bone! It didn't matter what i did i could not warm myself up and I woke up in agony. When i got back home and back into that bed it was like being wrapped up i a blanket and cuddled! It did take a few days for the effect on my back to wear off. This is a change i would not have acknowledged before this.

In general my back has improved one heck of a lot. I occasionally wake up with it aching but honestly this is far far less than before and doesn't last for days as before, more like hours. My hip honestly rarely hurts now. I have been able to walk longer distances and this is absolutely brilliant for me and this was something that worried me.

Another thing I did experience was for about a month after Christmas, so having been on the incline for about 4 months, i experienced quite a lot of knee pain. The knee pain occurred in my left knee and strangely enough this is the side that my hip always gave me the pain. I am happy to say that this is something that has subsided.

I do wake up some mornings with pain on the outside edge of my left foot although this does subside after awhile as well.

Oh and good news for the ladies, i can definitely see a huge difference in the cellulite to my legs and bottom and there aren't many cures for that! Whether this is helped by the amount of fluid i now drink or the fact that the muscle tone is improved i am not too sure but it has happened. No complaints here.

When in a flat bed i always slept on my left side or on my stomach and interestingly i can sleep on neither now. I can now only sleep on my right side or my back.

All in all, i would say that although i had doubts and reservations about the simplicity of IBT and the effects that it could have, I can only give positive comments as I can only comment on what I see and feel.

With the varicose veins, i cant understand why anyone would actually resort to surgery or invasive chemicals to reduce them when the 9 months alun has spent on IBT have proved that this works. Full Stop.

Alun and I have two children, our eldest son suffers from asthma, eczema and hayfever and this does cause him a few problems. The youngest has a very mild form of cerebral palsy, which affects him physically in that he does struggle with P.E and gross motor movements although this is far improved from when he was a small child, mainly due to his determination.

Our eldest sons asthma has been worse lately and at times unpredictable. On a recent trip to High Force which is a massive waterfall, our son was fine whilst walking down to the waterfall but when at the foot of this his asthma came on quite severely which was worrying to us proving the effect of humidity on asthma and the body. It literally drained him. On another occasion we went to Hamsterly forrest we were again confronted with this sudden onset of his asthma just as it started to rain.

The next plan for us is to put the children on an incline and note what happens there and not only are we looking forward to that but so are the children.

I honestly don't think that we could go back to a flat bed now.

I will keep noting any changes as regular as I can.

I cant really thank you enough and really hope that things change and people can just sit up and realise what you are doing here.

I think in the near future you will be repeating those little words 'I told you so!' quite a lot Andrew....


Posted Date : 13-04-2015

Lower back pain Pain in left hip on walking distance Disturbed sleep patterns

01/10/2008 21:50:03 »

Hi Andrew,

I am Alun's wife (I must have sinned in a previous life!)
I have recently started on IBT and just wanted to post a few of the observations I have made over the past three weeks.
Firstly I have to say that if anyone was a cynic to this process it would have been me, like a lot of people we are all programmed like robots to believe that whatever a medical professional tells us must be right, so the idea that you should sleep inclined in the opposite direction to that which is conventional was a mystery to me. Alun began this process about 3 months ago and I have closely watched his progress. I have to say that the bed looked very uncomfortable but he stuck with it and has gained so much from this process. I have seen him gain confidence, a definite improvement in his varicose veins but above all he no longer has constant pains in his legs and this is something that has bothered him for some 30 years.
It was this that persuaded me to give it a go.

I am fortunate to have little medical problems but a brief description would be;

Lower back pain
Pain in left hip on walking distance
Disturbed sleep patterns
Some spider veins

Now out of these the lower back pain has got to be the worst. In 2005 we purchased a very good quality bed, our excuse was 'look after your back you spend a lot of time in bed'
Well the back pain began and has continued every-night since.

Since beginning the IBT I have to say, and this is an honest evaluation, I have slept like a baby, it is complete bliss and definitely not uncomfortable.
I wake up pain free almost every morning and this is a huge improvement. I used to hold back from drinking before bed because I knew I would definitely be up during the night, now this is not the case. I can drink as much as I like and not wake up.

I am drinking a lot more, sometimes 3 litres of liquid(not tea or coffee) in a day.
I still get the pain in hips on walking a distance but I genuinely don't suffer for 2-3 days afterwards as I used to.
I definitely feel more energetic.
I have not noticed a significant difference in my asthma yet but this is difficult as it is worse during summer months or when I have a cold.

In the first few days I had really bad heads and spots and I can only assume that these symptoms were caused by the amount of toxins that were being flushed from my body at that time. The odd morning I will wake up with a headache that is similar to that you would have after a real good night out. On these mornings I know that I must drink a lot more and this clears.
I have felt tingles/nerve flutters in my legs and sometimes hands, more in the first week, but still occasionally.
My period normally follows the same pattern, though not always regular. As well as the usual mood swings etc, I will have back ache for a couple of days before hand and restless sleep, stomach ache for the first day, then I will have a headache for a day or so after the end of my period. This last one though came without any warning, and this is something that has only ever happened on one other occasion. Don't know at the minute whether this is good or not.
I have not noticed any significant change with the spider veins but I know it is early days and to me this is not that important.

Overall, I can honestly say I feel a lot healthier, I have more energy, I sleep so much better and don't regret it at all. I would definitely recommend it and urge people to try it. I am amazed that simply adjusting the angle of your bed can make such a difference.

Thanks Andrew!


Posted Date : 13-04-2015

Varicose veins, Asthma, sinus problems, oedema, botox failure,


My Inclined Bed Therapy Experience.
5 years ago I inclined my bed to help with asthma and nasal problems – that worked wonderfully, I breathe quite easily now, however, over the past 28 years I have had several operations to remove and repair varicose veins, Which had recurred four times already and I was told by the surgeon that they would recur again. Both my mother and maternal grandmother suffered dreadfully with this complaint. I enjoy walking and the thought of eventually developing leg ulcers was quite terrifying to me as it would be to anyone, but my legs are fine now without even a hint of blue lines let alone lumps the size of walnuts, furthermore I have not suffered with any swelling in my legs or ankles since I began IBT.
It hadn’t occurred to me that I no longer had a varicose vein problem because that wasn’t why I’d inclined my bed in the first place, that was a brilliant unexpected bonus.
The downside of having the bed inclined is that I tried ‘Botox’ (as we ladies of a certain age might) and it only worked for about a week. The cosmetic surgeon was amazed that the paralyzed muscles in my face repaired themselves so quickly. She said I should console myself with the fact that if I should ever have a stroke my facial muscles would be back to normal in double quick time!
When I go away on holiday where I don't have an inclined bed I have noticed that my nasal passages are usually blocked for part of the morning, and I feel quite sluggish and apparently my snoring is deafening. My partner suggests that we pack a few bricks into the cases so that he can get a decent night's sleep.

Andrew: Reply 30/07/2008

Hi Squirrel Thank you for posting these valuable observations with repeated varicose vein surgery and your experience with using Botox. Both are fascinating, when first mentioned this was a revelation for me as I have been involved with neurological conditions as you know for many years and this proves what I have been stating about nerves recovering from impact or degenerative disease using Inclined Bed Therapy.

It’s a pity there are not more people using IBT that have tried botox to confirm this, but it would provide a great method of testing and compiling a protocol for a study to confirm the efficacy of IBT for spinal injury and other neurological conditions. If memory serves me well, you had this procedure repeated and the outcome was the same with a rapid recovery more than once? I have learned of several professional therapists in the USA who specialise in Spinal Cord Rehabilitation are already advising their patients to use IBT.

It is good to learn that you will not need further surgery on your veins in the foreseeable future and this can only mean that because the pressure inside the veins which was causing them to become swollen has now been reduced. Indicating that surgery success rates can be raised considerably and therefore substantially reducing the cost to the health service and the private patients.

It is great to learn about other implications for IBT and they are very important observations in their own right requiring further investigation and a controlled study to prove or disprove them.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply - yes I did have botox on more than one occasion as the cosmetic surgeon couldn't believe that it had not worked for longer than 1 week so she gave me a freebie as an apology, however this only lasted a week as well so when I returned to see her again she said she couldn't give me any more as she had already given me more than she felt comfortable with, in fact is was a dose suitable for a large man (she said) and as I am only 5'-2" tall she was worried about overdosing. Guess I shall just have to put up with the wrinkled forehead!


Posted Date : 13-04-2015

Sleep Apnoea, Seizures

Comment from IBT interview on Youtube: with Clive de Carle

I thought I would tell you my son had an EKG 2 years ago because he had a grand maul seizure and had to be induced in a coma for 24 hour in order for the seizure to stop, anyway his neurologist gave him an EKG and put him on seizure meds he also said the whole time he was having mini seizures. Last week he went in for a EKG and the doctor said his test came back better than the first one and he didn't have any mini ones while doing the EKG. That is very good news to me. Don't know if it is inclined bed or not but he doesn't suffer from sleep apnea anymore. I think the inclined bed is helping him.

Posted Date : 08-04-2015

Tony Moran Health Reports in from Radio Interview with Clive De Carle

IBT Health Reports in from Radio Interview with Clive De Carle


Tony Moran
My 2 year old son has had a bad chest and cough for a month, waking up every night vomiting due to the coughing. His mother was sleep deprived and tired. She wasn't convinced by my advice to try Inclined Bed Therapy, but she was in that posi
tion of seeing our child unwell and desperate for a nights sleep. I inclined his cot, he slept like a log the first night and has continued to do so, no more cough, well again and his cot is now staying in that position!.

Clive de Carle & Andrew K Fletcher's Inclined Bed Therapy UPDATE: As you will know if you have been following these posts, or better still, got involved, seemingly miraculous benefits can now be evidenced.

Myself, loved ones, friends and others, who have gotten past the life times conditioning we have received, to see natural health remedies as something harmful and sinister. Are all feeling so many similar benefits, that just this small group that have started out together, a mix of all ages, backgrounds etc, only linked by knowing me, can add weight to what i say.

Because i have been posting about Clive and Inclined Bed Therapy, i must make it clear, although both of massive benefit, are different ways of improving your health for nothing and next to nothing in financial outlay.

Inclined bed therapy costs nothing if you wish to incline your bed in the most basic of ways. Clive's way will cost you nothing, other than a total change in eating habits, or if that is a step too far, the simple addition of the vital minerals and vitamins, to your existing diet (approx £20 - £30 month) to be optimal.

Now here is where the evidence becomes vital. Because of all the people i have worked hard to influence, through no other thought than care and love, some have chosen to do one or the other and some both.

Inclined Bed Therapy:

Those who have only tried this, have each to a man, woman and child (well their parents) have all noticed:

Massive improvements in sleep. The quality of it, the feeling of being refreshed on waking, more alert, more balanced.
Back, neck and other muscular problems have gone, or greatly improved.
Swollen feet and legs, varicose veins reducing by the day.
Sinus and migraines reducing by the day.
More vitality, energy, and emotional well being. Arthritic pain reduction.

Clive de Carle:

Those who have ordered the essential minerals and vitamins from Ancient Purity after becoming convinced by this deeply knowledgeable man, have also benefited greatly in many ways:

Long term anxieties, depressions, OCD behaviours, and fluctuating mental health problems have all bee reported to have virtually disappeared overnight.
Energy levels firing on all cylinders.
Clarity of mind, ability to get more things done, no feelings of being overwhlemed by daily pressures.
Arthritic pain massively reduced and with some no longer a problem.
Joint problems, back problems.
Sleeping better, better moods, better relationships.

The lists go on and this is all evidence, just from the group of people i know and have manged to influence.

Its taking me a lot of effort to break through, even the conditioning of those i care for and love most. The people i work with everyday, the people i see around me, suffering from so many ailments of the body and mind, needlessly.

This is no sales pitch, because i have nothing to gain from this. In fact i could do without the energy it takes, but i'm passionate about the most difficult things and this is just another worthwhile challenge.

Do your own research peeps or ask me and i'll guide you to it. Its wonderful!!! (Removed names for privacy reasons) and the many more benefiting. Share some or all of the benefits underneath in the comments please, its important to keep the momentum going. I understand privacy is required on some issues, but there is a way to speak of other benefits without revealing everything.



Tony Moran

Posted Date : 08-04-2015

Connie Fairman Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis


Inclined bed brings Immediate improvements,Thursday  1-Jul-1999 23:12:50, writes,I was dx 9 yrs ago with Chronic Progressive MS and using a cane. I just started sleeping on the incline bed 4 days ago. Immediately  I did not have to get up at night to use the bathroom which normally  I was getting up 2-4 times per night. I NOW sleep sound and ALL night  and get up in the a.m. refreshed and feeling
rested. Before  it took me a couple of hours to get my body functioning and seemed like it took movement to get the circulation moving. Therefore  I didn't even want to get up in the a.m. I was sleeping anywhere from ½ to 1 hr at a time trying to get my sleep  not ready to get up till 11:00 or 12:00 noon. Wasteing my days. After a just a few days  I was a different person  able to do many things and FEEL like
doing many things that I have not done in years. My legs quit aching that dull constant ache. I felt normal going to another room to retrieve an item or turn off a light or getting something I forgot. Normally  It was a really dreadful chore just limping to the other room to perform a task  no matter how small. I felt like I was worn out all the time. I now feel much more like my old self  and it's been a couple years since I felt that way. I forgot just how good it felt just to FEEL like WANTING to do something. My husband is sharing this experience on the inclined bed and I am noticing how his snoring has become  quieter and shorter. He also mentioned mine is too. He has lots of trouble falling to sleep and it has sometimes taken him 3-5 hrs. He works nights and sleeps days. Yesterday he was asleep in 1 ½ hrs.
I'm gonna keep my eye on this and see if it continues. He is getting use to the incline  but I am so excited about all the little things that I notice happening  that I can't wait for night knowing more good things will be happening. I would definately recommend this for all who wish to try it  I believe in it.   Some people do take longer to adjust or see any results  but we're all different and no matter how long it takes  it is helping your body. It was mentioned some people have a backache or soreness moving up the spine and a stiff neck. After which  they will then begin to see some good results. Will on my 3-4th days I had a sore throat and thought maybe I was coming down with a cold. Well  it felt like sore glands in my neck. Guess that was the stiff neck they were talking about. It left during the day and I felt good. Well  Time for bed and I gotta run. (Maybe I really will some day) Thanks Andrew! Good Luck to Everyone who joins this Survey  I don't think you'll ever regret it. I know I WON'T!!

Drop Foot Greatly improved and gave my cane time off.,Wednesday 7-Jul-1999 01:13:11, writes,Just had to tell you  that my drop foot is almost  non-existant  I cannot believe how well I can
walk. Of course  I still have to be careful about balance and going downstairs slowly. But  I can go down stairs and up stairs  without helping lift up my leg with my hands. 3 Trips up and downstairs in One
day  are about what I took All last year. I even did the laundry haven't done that in about 1 ½ yrs. I love the bed and sleep so well. I just feel Great! Please  Everyone  don't just say "Su-u-ure?"  Try it! You must prove to yourself that it works.  You have my thoughts & prayers.  ,Connie-Michigan

After 23 days  still enjoying improvements.,Monday 19-Jul-1999 22:25:16, writes,I posted 23 days ago  when I started sleeping on the incline bed. I've had improvements from the first night and just wanted you all to know that I am still enjoying all those improvements. (Read my 1st post above for all the particulars) I really enjoy sleeping on the bed and feel so refreshed and clear headed. I have Chronic Progressive MS. At least 8 people in my family are now sleeping on the incline bed  also  and are noticing improvements in their own sleeping habits. (No nighttime bathroom visits  and snoring has stopped)  They have only been doing this for 1 week  therefore  as time goes by  they will no doubt be reporting More "Good Health" news.   Connie

Connie Fairman
Posted Date : 08-04-2015