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fibromyalgia , ,sleep problems ,depression improved

I have had  fibromyalgia for 7 years . I have always had sleep problems from my early teens . I struggled to get off to sleep ,often taking hours to finally get off , and , I never slept well , always waking up several times in the night etc .

My other half does an internet radio show and was told about Andrew and IBT .We were both intrigued and Andy decided to have Andrew on his show . I found I was hanging on his every word and found the whole subject facinating and couldn't wait to try IBT.

We put our bed up 3 inches to start with and found that we both had increased energy ,something wich was important to me as I never have much energy at all. The poor sleep I had left me feeling tired all day .Also one major symptom of fibromyalgia is extreme bouts of fatigue which left me struggling to just get out of bed.

After about a week at 3 inches we put the bed up the full 6 inches.We still had the increased energy but nothing more for about 3/4 weeks .

One of the worst symptoms of fibro that I have is constant arm pain and lack of mobility in them . For 7 years I haven't been able to raise my arms above waist high and also haven't been able to put my arms behind my back at all . Andy has had to help me get dressed ,put my hair in a ponytail for me ,put cardigans/coats on for me etc . Not being able to dress ,look after myself and do normal daily things has had a terrible effect on my mental state. I have had depression since the age of 13 and the fact that I couldn't do things for myself brought my depression to the worst it has ever been.My doctor said I'd get used to it but I never did .

3/4 weeks after raising the bed 6 inches we went away for the weekend . We were meeting friends so I went back to the hotel to get some bits while Andy met them . I had an itch on the back of my neck .I suddenly realsed that I had put my arm up to scratch my neck .I looked at my raised elbow like it was a foreign object ! I hadn't seen it in that position for 7 years . I then raised my arms up to my ponytail and realised I could reach it myself .Next I put my arms around my back and reached my bra strap , something that I could not do . It upset me greatly that I couldn't even do up my own bra . I sat on the bed and cried my eyes out AND started laughing like a loon ! I could not believe what I had done . I then got changed , did my hair ( and bra, yay ) and reached the top shelf in the wordrobe ( top shelves were a no no for me too ). I was just stunned at what I could do after just a month of IBT .

As a result of my increased mobility my depression has improved as I can now look after myself and manage to do things around the house . Andy had always been amazing in helping me with anything I needed but I hated asking for help .I felt so useless

My sleep problems have also improved .I now get off to sleep much easier and quicker and manage to stay asleep for most of the night .

I have been on very strong anti -depressants for years .I took 4 tablets a day . Since using IBT and getting such good results with mobility and sleep I have managed to drop the dose down to 1 tablet a day which has lifted the " fog " in my head that was there daily .

IBT has seriously changed my life .I am so grateful to Andrew for bringing his wonderful discovery to the world . I tell others about it and they look at me like I'm crazy .

I always say these 3 things to people about why I decided to try IBT

1 - Andrew is not selling his idea to anyone and is not looking to make money out of it , he's only telling people to help them .

2 - It is so cheap /free to raise your bed . Most people have something they could use in their home ,wood ,books etc . There is no expensive outlay to try it .

3- The MAIN thing that made me want to try IBT was the fact that you are not taking any more drugs . For years now my doctors only offer of help has been to increase or put me on more medication , something I did not want .

If you are reading this and thinking of raising your bed , please try it . It's not hard or costly and you have nothing to lose . If it doesn't work for you , stop , but you might be surprised at the benefits you gain . Also be prepared to give it time , don't expect an overnight or complete cure . I still have some health problems which may go in time with IBT or they may not . Right now I am so happy that a couple of major problems in my life have got better. If nothing else improves I will still be forever grateful to Andrew because the things that have got better have improved my whole outlook on life . A win is a win . And, in a world where health problems plague a large amount of people , that is enough for me .

Thank you Andrew for all that you do xx










United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 14-10-2015

Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Get Worse Before Getting Better

Inclined Bed Therapy: Worse before better?
There may be some pain before gains. Not all the time with ms but usually shooting pains down legs and arms moving around rather than a persistant pain in one area, as nerve pathways open up. This is often the pattern, although some fortunately bypass the pain.

Many people reported sudden pain from cavities below the gum line from teeth that had been decayed and should have ben reporting decay back to the brain, but not just in ms, age also numbs the gums and a number of elderly people also reported a trip to the dentist to sort out nerve pains.

This was also the case with spinal cord injury, pain before recover in sci was viewed positively, as it meant that there was communication developing with the brain from below the injury site.


Good News! 14-Jun-1999

I'm Finally Getting Good Results.

  I've been doing the inclined bed since January. I've had M.S. for over 20 years -diagnosed in 1986 as relapsing-remitting M.S. Two years ago, I had a serious attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks paralyzed from the waist down-no feeling and no motion. After a couple of months of steroids and other drugs, I became able to walk first with a walker and then with a cane very short distances.I was still left with lots of fatique, weak legs, balance problems, painful pins and needles in the legs and feet, abdominal muscle spasms, incontinance, and sleepless nights. My diagnosis became secondary progressive M.S.I decided to get off all drugs(much to my neurolist's dismay).I then found Betty Iams on the computer and began her regimen of strict diet, exercise, supplements, meditation, and I've added acupuncture. It feels great to be in control. This is a lifetime regimen for me. I'd been coasting along not getting better, but not getting worse when I read about the inclined bed. I decided to try it-what could I lose? Right away, the painful abdominal muscle spasms started to subside and sleep became somewhat better. Then nothing happened. Then I started getting worse. I decided to give up the inclined bed -this after 3 months. One problem, however-I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore! Andrew wrote for me to hang in there that it was expected that I get worse before I get better. Everyday I waited.

Then like Andrew said, I started getting better and better. This past month has been amazing! I even walked up and down a flight of stairs with my cane unaided. Fatigue has gone, the abdominal muscle spasms have gone, the painful pins and needles are subsiding, leg strength is getting better so that I can walk greater distances, and balance is much better. I still have incontinance and sleep problems, but given time, I know those problems will be gone, too. One very interesting thing happened with my eyes recently. I'm very nearsighted and had my prescription for my contacts checked 3 months ago. Last week, I went back to the eye doctor's complaining that I just couldn't see. He checked my eyes again and much to his amazement, he found that they had improved greatly since my check-up 3 months ago!I wrote Andrew about this happening and he feels that sleeping on an inclined bed can help the optic nerve to regenerate and repair the damage of long term M.S.Let me encourage anyone who is trying the inclined bed to stick with it and don't think it won't work. I'm proof it can. My whole family and I are so grateful to Andrew Fletcher. Liz

Posted Date : 02-10-2015

Sleep apnoea gone, psoriasis, energy, tiredness improved

After using this technique for the last month i have notice a dramatic recovery of my psoriasis skin condition. It hasnt completely recovered yet but ive noticed a remarkable difference from my psoriasis being on my lower arms and all over my legs it has reduced to a spot on the upper part of the legs which disapears over the weekend while im off work.

Ive also notice that my sleep apnea has gone completely. Before Inclined Bed Therapy I could sleep for 17 hours a day and still I wuld wake up tired.  Not no more I have 6 to 8 hours sleep and when I wake up i have the energy to go to the gym, somethng I have never done for several years. I fully agree that this technique works, wether mind over matter, or having real scientific benefits, I dont care it works! and I feel great. thank you so much I never thought such a small difference in my life would have this much positive impact.  

chris haswell
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 02-10-2015

Psoriasis improvements and chest/back problems disappearing.

I think IBT is actually starting to eradicate my Psoriasis and debilitating chest problems (which I think are spine related), but I only recently thought this may be the case, because I had forgot completely that I was even doing IBT at all, and in fact for the last month I have been racking my brains to see what else I have been doing over the last few months that could explain the Psoriasis fading, and the chest problems becoming less frequent. 


The penny finally dropped only when I recently stumbled upon one of your interviews by Clive de Carle, and I heard you mention it helps Psoriasis.  I have been doing IBT correctly since the end of April this year, but only really noticed improvements in my general well being over the last 2 months, so it has taken a while to have a profound effect on me.


From here on down this will be a long post as I am going to try to explain where I am coming from in terms of health, and how I think IBT is the real reason my health is showing such great improvements, and not all the other things I started last year.


In January 2014 my health took a dive for the worst.  My main problem was seriously debilitating Psoriasis.  I decided against the medications (steroids) being offered despite the pain and terrible itching, and instead completely changed my terrible lifestyle from eating junk foods, to eating good wholesome organic foods along with many vitamins and mineral supplements.   

I listen to the Patrick Timpone shows on a regular basis so anyone familiar with that great show and others like it, will understand the many different things I have tried.


Over the course of 12 months I must have spent a few thousand pounds of my savings on implementing new lifestyle changes, doing all sorts of things including drinking distilled water, fasting, juicing, urine therapy (yes you read that right), organic sulphur, iodine, tons of supplements, various natural creams, salt baths galore, drinking aloe vera juice, high vitamin C and vitamin D intake, and many more things.  I even tried a few spiritual things like Reiki healing.


Many of my Psoriasis problems became a lot better by doing all these things, and in fact I pretty much solved the itching problem to a large degree.  However, it was still relentless in spreading to all parts of my body, and while not as severe as it was initially, it just kept on spreading.  


My lower torso was pretty much covered in angry scab-like eruptions.  It spread to my scalp in a big way too, and my face was terribly affected that I simply could no longer socialize with anyone - I was even uneasy with my own family despite how supportive they were.  Depression would hit me constantly and everyone who has Psoriasis will know everything I am talking about.

A year later in January 2015 I was still having problems with my psoriasis, in that it was still relentlessly spreading to new areas.  Then my debilitating chest "attack" problems started to get really bad, in that when an attack comes on I experience terrible crushing pain in the chest that radiates into the back, my breathing becomes labored and I find myself having to breathe very shallowly, and this usually lasts 3-4 hours when it starts.


My chest problem became so bad it actually made me forget my Psoriasis problems completely, while I was forced to focus on what was causing these chest attacks.  I had entertained IBT in December 2014 but never took it seriously enough, and only used a 3-foot long board to raise myself barely few inches from the floor.  It probably would have done my lower back worse than good thinking back now.


Anyway, by around April this year my savings were gone and since then I have not be able buy anything in the way of supplements, or creams.  All I really do besides take the odd dose of my dwindling Iodine and Vitamin D supplies, is eat mostly vegetables and eggs - things which I already had been doing since last year.


On 27th April 2015 I listened to another interview with Andres about IBT, and I promptly raised my bed properly by a full 6 inches and achieved an angle of 4.57 degrees.  This time I used one of my bedroom doors as a board to rest my mattress on, and using thick books I managed to raise my double bed mattress very stably, and it covers the entire length too - something I never did before.  

I still had no idea at that time it would do anything for my Psoriasis, and I only did IBT to help with my circulation and lymph waste elimination - something I now think is a vital reason IBT works.


The last chest attack I experienced was 2 months ago in July, which up until then was almost a weekly occurrence.  Its been getting easier to sleep too, especially over the last month.  Before this whenever I went to bed I was in constant discomfort lying on my sides, with pains that if I was not careful would bring about a full-blown chest attack.  


I only noticed in the last month that my Psoriasis lesions are almost all faded away, and my body is close to 80% clear.  Earlier in the year there were terrible scabs on my lower torso and one in particular never healed, always seeping a clear liquid really angry - it is now completely gone with only a white patch of skin to show the space it once occupied.


It has taken me easily a month to realize that it might indeed be the IBT that is making the difference, because its the only thing that I have been doing differently that I did not do last year.  Its probably taken 3 months to produce any noticable effects but now its 5 months in and I am finally sleeping like a baby, and the Psoriasis on my scalp (the worst place on my body) is finally starting to show good improvement too.  In the past I would spend most of my days picking the white crusts from my scalp, but thankfully this is now something that I no longer need to do, as they are almost gone.


I discovered last week that my chest/rib attacks may be caused by "referred pain" coming from my back, and so I actually have a back problem and not really a chest problem at all.  From what I only recently learned of IBT, it aids back problems very well indeed and makes perfect sense why it would do so.  Dr John Bergman is a popular Chiropractor on youtube and he states that the discs need to be lubricated to regenerate, and I think IBT would do this easily be gently stretching the spine during sleep.  If I do indeed have a spine issue causing my severe chest pains, then IBT is the only reason I can think of why I have not had an attack in two months, and in my case its simply taken a little over 3 months for IBT to work for me.


This then is the long-winded account of my health and how I have dealt with it over the last year.  IBT is the only thing that can be improving my chest/back problem, and eradicating my Psoriasis, simply because its the only thing I didn't do properly until the end of April this year.  I simply forgot that I was doing IBT at all for the past 5 months, not only because sleeping on a raised bed became so normal, but also because I didn't even regard it as a therapy at all at that time.  I now see that its most likely the only true factor in my recuperation that is making a difference at all, simply because its the only thing I am doing that I didn't do before.


In fact its very possible that many changes were happening from week 1 but it took me months to notice simply because I had forgotten I was doing IBT.  I only noticed changes 3 months into it but didn't attribute this to IBT, and in all likelyhood the changes may well have happened much earlier than this.  I have kept a health diary since March 2014 and will consult that to see if I had noticed changes in my Psoriasis soon after April 2015 when I started IBT.




Posted Date : 29-09-2015

Pain and Energy Level improvements from radio presenters

Conversation between Andy Young and Sean McGuire 15/09/2015

When I do catch up with on of your podcasts,  sake guys you are doing great work. I am so chuffed you on our station. Thank you very much Sean, it's kind of you to say so.  I am just overwhelmed by the response. I don't know if you caught the Inclined Bed Therapy Interview on we did with Andrew K Fletcher the other week?

Shut up,  look I'm ill and of course I have moved my bed up ha ha ha. It's amazing. Yes it was brilliant. I am getting people contacting me every day saying it's cured this, it's improved that. Myself and my partner we are both not terribly well but since we did that we have both got a reduction in pain. Yes. And we also wake up in the morning with a lot more energy which is a massive help.

Look you know I am walking around in constant pain. That's how I live my life, it is how I ended up on the radio I suppose, because I couldn't really do anything physical.


Exactly, look anything that improves and let me tell you, I went away for a weekend to a festival and I actually put my tent—well it wasn't my tent so I can thank the person that gave me the tent, I made it so that I was also on an incline when I was laying down and yes the pain was less and I don't know thinking back on it because it must have given me more energy because I did loads, it was amazing.


Andy Young and Sean McGuire
United Kingdom Posted Date : 20-09-2015

No more waking up to pee (nocturia)

A healthy 70 year old friend of mine began inclined bed therapy around July of 2015.


Prior to raising his bed he was waking up every 2 hours during the night to pee.


Within the first two weeks of raising his bed he noted that he either slept straight through the night or woke up to pee one time. 


Today is September 18, 2015 and he still has great bladder control during sleep thanks to the inclined bed


Thank you Andrew Fletcher.



Posted Date : 18-09-2015

Primary Progressive muliple sclerosis ms using IBT

Hi everyone, i was diagnosed with Primary progressive MS in 2001 and gradually started the downhill journey. I never used any kind of conventional therapies since there are none. I started the IBT in May 2015, so its been 4 months now. I follow a 85% plant diet with no suger, dairy, gluten, red meat. I can say from first week i no longer needed afternoon naps, initially, i had more bladder urgency and more spasticity but after almost over a week it went away. My balance is much better and strength in both legs have increased. I get up once at night to use the bathroom and that is because i go to bed at 7pm. I can say that this is for life since its comfortable and is producing results, most important is the energy. Thanks Andrew for your devotion to this therapy and spreading it. I will keep you posted of new improvments which i have no doubt will be coming.

New Zealand 

Posted Date : 13-09-2015

Broken Ankle 28 Years Unable To Move It. 4 days of Inclined Bed Therapy IBT Movement is Restored

4 days ago, we were shown an ankle that for 28 years had not moved, it was fixed in the same position, following a severe break, resulting in surgery and metal plates, which were removed after 6 months because they were protruding through the skin. During the 28 years the patient slept on a flat bed.
After 4 days of sleeping on an inclined bed raised 6 inches / 15cm at the head end, this morning of 08 September 2015 full movement and rotation has been restored, which the patient claims is a miracle. It is of course sound repeatable science.
An xray confirmed arthritis had set in a year earlier and more recently she was told that she would never move the ankle again.

The patient experience sever pain in her affected foot this morning 08-09-2015 which awakened her abruptly.  On standing up she realised that she had regained her ability to move the damaged ankle.
The implications of this for sports injuries and many other broken bones and torn ligaments are immense but will undoubtedly be ignored as has been the case for 20 years of research.

In addition the patient has reported improvements in sight within the same period and we have noticed her skin is less yellow which was a cause for concern.
She is sleeping much better since sleeping inclined and reports her bedding is neat and tidy in the mornings instead of her being "tied up with the bedding"
She also reports improvements in restless legs syndrome ( Willis-Ekbom disease)

She says; " I am very satisfied that I can now move my ankle, and have proved them wrong when they said it would never move again.

The same return of sensation and movement happened to my mother back in early 1995 after 4 weeks of Inclined Bed Therapy. Her movement was restored after 11 years of being unable to move her ankle.Psoriasis on elbows healed after 7 days of Inclined Bed Therapy7 days of inclined bed therapy, noticing skin on arms and legs is soft and supple, quite different to before her bed was raised.
We also noticed her skin was yellow, indicating jaundice and this has also greatly improved. Her medications include Metformin for diabetes, which is suspect in causing jaundice.


United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 08-09-2015

Powerful information, compelling results

I'm a newcomer to IBT, but wanted to relate what a difference it has made so far.


I raised the head of my bed about 4 weeks ago after hearing Andrew's original visit on the One Radio Network Archives. The story and research were so compelling, I wasted no time. These are the things I've noticed already:


1. I no longer have to get up 2-3 times per night to use the bathroom.  Now maybe once, but usually none.


2. My ankles and legs are slimmer now because circulation is moving edema out.  Also, my face and chin line don't have that early morning "bloat".


3. My varicose veins appear to be less prominent in my legs.


4. My post nasal drip (all my life) has virtually disappeared.


5.  My low back and joints aren't stiff for 2 hours in the morning.  I feel limber and good the very moment I get out of bed.  Before the IBT, I always had trouble sleeping because no matter which side I slept on, my hips would ache.  By the end of the first week, my hips no longer ached at night.


6.  I've had a persistent case of psoriasis on my lower leg for over 2 years.  Nothing worked in healing the itch or removing the ugly red patch of dry skin.  In just 3 or 4 weeks, it has healed 95%.  It is hardly visible and the itch and ugly skin is gone.  Also, the skin on my legs has been severely dry for over a decade, and now the intense dryness has subsided.


7. When I wake up in the morning I feel rested and happy and alert. Before IBT, I sometimes resisted going to bed.  Now, I look forward to it.  I'll never sleep in a flat bed again.


I never use pharmaceutical drugs or medications, so I know there are no other factors present to evoke these amazing improvements.


I am eager to see what other results I'll get after more time passes.  I do tell everyone I know to look up Andrew's information and try it for's the best couple dollars (bricks or bed risers) they'll ever spend for their health.


Much gratitude to Andrew Fletcher for putting all of this information together and telling the world about it.  As our voices join with yours, more and more will know.



Maureen Conrad
Las Vegas
United States 

Posted Date : 08-09-2015

GERD (acid reflux) / Fatty Thigh Lumps / Snoring / Improved Sleep / Coughing / Nocturia

Cellulite gone in two weeks after commensing Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)Just writing in to say thank you, you are a genius, and have really helped my health as well as many of my friends' health, here in California.

I have been sleeping inclined for a few weeks now, and its been amazing. Most of my "fatty" thigh lumps have disappeared (many after just one week on the inclined bed), my sleep became deeply restorative, my silent GERD vanished. I do not cough and clear my throat any more, I do not snore any more. I do not get up to go to the bathroom twice a night any more. I am not foggy headed in the am from poor sleep, breathing, digestion etc. I could swear my skin tone has improved.

The nature of my urine has definitely changed as well. I collect my am urine to compost (we have a drought, and I read in a book written pre WWII that urine makes great nitrogenous composting material). Well it used to be much more dilute before. In the last two weeks, minerals have precipitated out and stuck to the sides and bottom. So you are correct. In this position, you do secrete more concentrated urine, with a lot more mineral density. I wish we could do more detailed research on this.


My 75 year old friends' varicose veins have greatly improved. She is sleeping better. I am measuring her leg edema as well, and will keep you posted on the changes. I am attaching a picture of my mightily smoothened thigh as well. As a reference, it used to look like a moon crater previously. Wish I had taken a before picture as well, so you could've seen the big bumps. But I did not know this was going to occur, else I would have. 


Bless you, for what you are doing.




Posted Date : 03-09-2015

Avalina on Awake Radio U.S. Shares her IBT experience Acid Reflux - Gerd and much more

Link to Avalina sharing her experience with Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)
Avalina also discusses the changes in people she has advised to sleep with the head of the bed raised 6 inches. Varicose veins, spine problems, snoring and more.

Below is the transcript including the timeframe on the video relating to Avalina's video testimony.

I had terrible stomach problems for a number

of years and I went to the Doctor but unfortunately
the tablets I was given had many side effects.

Course they do
Yes of course so one of them unfortunately

was breast enlargement and being a small lady
That can't be a bad thing he he he he

I didn't want to have a sort of over toppling
problem you know

Anyway so I came off those and well didn't
know what to do really and found Andrew's

inclined bed therapy and thought I would give
it a try.

My husband made the bed and I can safely say
within 2 or 3 days I had no more stomach problems.

Yeah so I am a great advocate of
not only that I find I am more refreshed in

the morning I sleep better and I get over
things quicker, you know illnesses and I am

less thirsty in the mornings and it's a great
mood lifter.

Brilliant yes.
Did you say your husband is trying it?

Is that David?
Yes it is

Hello David
Well yes we are getting around to it we sleep

in separate beds, Yeah I like to sleep separately,
I like to get a good nights sleep.

But yeah we are working on that David at some
point we are going to order the wood when

we have got some money order some wood at
the end of the year and my husband will make

an inclined bed for himself

Thank you for chipping in, very interesting.
What were your stomach problems, acid reflux?

Yes that's right, I mean it is so debilitating
all day finding whatever you eat you just

feel you have got this terrible heart burn
and acid reflux and all related problems etc,

it didn't matter what I did, let's just say
that other things have helped too since then,

but the first thing that helped was the inclined
bed therapy

Yeah from there I was able to take things

further, you know change diet eventually etc
but to start off not to have to take the tablet

and have a natural replacement for that you
know was really important to me. I don't like

taking tablets.
Was that zantac, I just hate having to take

Oh yes exactly, I am not a person for taking

tablets so I really did resent taking anything
that could give me side effects so it was

lovely, really great to have that feeling
of ahh I have got some relief with the inclined

bed therapy and then from then on I could
make changes. So I have stayed inclined and

what I suppose I aught to say to people is
to try it and stay on it, don't come off it

when your symptoms have ceased. When you feel
that things have changed, I know a lot of

people have said oh I tried it and it was
really great, but then went back of course

to sleeping flat. Well I think that is a disaster.
Why would they do that

Well people I suppose sleeping in bed with
partners, perhaps there have been problems

there and.
I said there was a couch

Yeah well that's right but I can understand
but you know I suppose that's what I want

to say really is stay with it if you are going
to do inclined bed therapy don't give up after

a couple of months stay with it.

Interesting that you were talking about people
who were on it that got away because I can't

get away, when I went away to my sisters place
in Vermont and I had to sleep flat I thought

that I was going to die in my sleep
Yeah, absolutely, you feel suffocated don't

Yes yes

I also want to tell you something great that
happened because I live on a small island

and there is only 57 of us and 3 people here
also sleep inclined. One particular man they

are all elderly but one of them had a very
bad varicose vein in his leg and for years

he has had this varicose vein.
I would say it was in 3 or four days his varicose

vein disappeared after sleeping inclined.
Which is fantastic isn't it

It is fantastic
That's beautiful

Yeah and he stayed inclined. I say to him
are you still inclined? He says Oh yes. he

he he he
And another guy also had a very bad neck problem

and there has been no therapist that managed
to sort it out.

He was suffering with his neck problem so
I thought I would mention it to him and he

said Oh I will give it a try and again that
was within literally within a week. He said

I don't believe it, what Doctors couldn't
fix, sleeping so simply it's fixed. He said

I am telling everyone I'm telling everyone,
i'm driving people mad, I'm telling them ha

ha ha ha
He has become an inclined bed bore like the

rest of us.
Yeah absolutely that's right

It is amazing some of the immediate benefits
a lot of them take a lot longer but my girlfriend

remarked immediately that my snoring had almost
been eliminated.

Oh Yeah Yeah The snoring is great
I told my cousin about that and suddenly her

and her husband were sleeping in the same
bed again now. Because it eliminated his snoring.

And then I called Andrew and told him about
this and he said oh yeah inclined bed therapy

has saved many marriages.

ha ha ha ha
Fantastic isn't it



United Kingdom Posted Date : 20-08-2015

Donald Fumerfelt's Inclined Bed Therapy experience, discussiong atherosclerosis, heart disease, back ache and more on Video

Donald Flumerfelt; 

Jason, I am touched by your devotion to your father's selfless work. I myself am as guilty as anyone for not sharing my own IBT experiences in the form of a written post. I cannot even figure out why.

Yet take a poll of my co workers, customers, family, relatives, friends, enemies, neighbours, and ask them if they have ever heard me promoting inclined bed therapy and crediting a guy in the UK named Andrew Fletcher. After they finish venting about how my enthusiasm borders on lunacy, they will say "yes" and then immediately tell you they are in a hurry and haven't the time to hear how water REALLY gets to the tops trees taller than a hand pumped well without benefit of a foot valve.

They may however chuckle while relaying my wish that the parking lot where I work was located at the edge of a cliff so I demonstrate for Yale Researchers the concept behind my 80 year old mothers ability to sit and move her left foot onto her right knee without using her hands for the first time in five years.

They may also confide in you that they seriously considered blocking my number and email address for sending a link to a news-clip about a man who regained his ability to walk after ten years of paralysis.

But God forbid you accidentally start this conversation with my friend with MS who some days can barely walk at all. She only recently started speaking to me again after having stopped speaking to me for a year because I would not back off trying to persuade her to let me put blocks under the head end of her bed.

When she told me she did not want to sleep like a bat, I finally realized she had not read any of the links I sent, nor listened to a word I'd said. I am texting this message from my futon sofa which is tilted at 5 degrees.

Amazing I can hold phone above me this long without my fingers going numb like they would have just a year ago. I seriously believe I would have had a heart attack or stroke this past year had it not been for your fathers discovery of the real reasons sheep in a pasture or people on a beach all lay down with their heads pointing in the same direction.

Meanwhile a guy I know who underwent 3 back surgeries this past year, enjoyed mocking my insistence that 5.5" was the minimum elevation required to realize therapeutic benefit. Three years ago I could not stand up straight without help after planting 200 flowers in squatting position.

Last year I planted 1100 flowers without a single episode of back pain. I wonder why? Life is good today. Thank you Andrew K Fletcher. I have no plans of going on medication for cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease or a stronger set of corrective lenses anytime soon.

Click here for direct linkt to Video testimonial to Inclined Bed Therapy by Donald Fumerfelt

Transcript from Donald's Radio Testimony to IBT

So Donald how has inclined bed therapy done
for you?

Oh it's done really well Andrew and I am actually
lying on my inclined sofa watching my computer.

I won't give this incline up for anything.
So Steve you would ask people how they have

gotten on to this thing? Yeah I was trying
to do the exact opposite of what Andrew suggested,

I had been to the doctor a couple of years
ago and she told me that I was, or she thought

I was getting heart disease or atherosclerosis
and wanted to put me on the medications that

are going around for that. I didn't want any
part of that.

So I had remembered I had rented a home one
time where the bed was actually inclined at

the foot end by a couple of inches and I thought
I was getting some relief from that, so I

went on the internet to see if something like
that would help me. The unfortunate thing

about doing research on the internet is that
I can find anything to corroborate any theory

I can come up with
That's true

So I tried to discipline myself to find anything
that corroborates the opposite, so I bumped

into some of the stuff Andrew had written
up talking about how we are supposed to sleep

the exact opposite way and I thought oh what
is this and I started to read into it and

I was like oh my goodness this guy has really
gone into a lot of detail so I had read the

recommendations to raise the head end of my
bed starting out with a few inches, well I

couldn't wait, I think I inclined about 4
inches and before bed time I already had it

up to six or 7"
Ha ha ha

That's where you belong

ha ha ha Thanks
Well the Doctor had actually told me earlier

that day that she wasn't getting any pulse
in my right foot and I had an eye stoke about

six months earlier and she said oh my god,
your arteries are hardening and this is why

she wanted to put me on the statins as well.
That night I could feel the blood flow tunnelling

through whatever blockages i was experiencing
in my right foot.

Then my eyesight started to get better during
the time I had actually managed to quit smoking

for a little bit
I haven't managed to conquer that one yet.

But boy I just felt so much better, probably
the thing that most people could identify

with in my story are the unexpected benefits
as so many of us have had other benefits I

had a garden where I worked that had about
700 petunia plants and I would squat every

year to plant these in and I wouldn't get
done with the planting before I was having

terrible lower back pains and sometimes I
would have to take a full minute just to stand

up straight.
That winter, I started sleeping inclined with

the bed head end up six inches and the feet
down. The following spring I planted 1300

petunia plants not one episode of back pain
at all. Ha ha

Its incredible
My mother who is now 81 this was a couple

of years ago that I started this and I was
talking to her about it and oh I think anybody

who has tried to become an inclined bed therapy
evangelist has run into this I mean, people

think I am a cook it's almost like I got a

Like you know so anyway that's ok because

the couple of people that have tried it and
benefited makes it all worth while and hearing

from people on this show also is really great
and I told my mother about this and so she

tried it and then as always all the benefits
are always preceded by a a little a little

discomfort like going to the gym and working
out. And then all of a sudden there's a benefit.

My mother was all set to put it back down
she was having pain in her back from this.

After about 6 days and on the 7th day she
came out of the shower in the morning sat

down to clip her toe nails and said oh my
goodness I was able to lift my left foot up

onto my right knee without having to use my

Ha ha ha

I haven't been able to do that in five years.
he he he

Now she is telling me that her balance is
increasing tremendously so now I am starting

to do my own offshoot quasi enthusiast research
which I am looking up, you know how blood

circulation affects the vestibular and there
is so many directions we can go in. Anyway,

I tend to be long winded and that's my story.,
Brilliant, thank you very much Donald

We didn't hear where does Donald live?

Oh I'm in New Haven Connecticut Terri.
Yeah another Yankee here

I'm in Ohio
Your in among friends, we have
a lot of American listeners and American hosts

and some are especially first nations people
so yeah way we look at Awake is that all races

cultures and religions we have all got to
come together and share this kinda knowledge

because certainly the powers that be we call
them certainly don't want us to be healthy

it would appear.
The government doesn't want us healthy.

Yeah, what it is, is a sickness industry,
if we are all well, they are out of business.

That's right
Did you say how long you had been doing the

therapy Donald?
Let's see I, when did I first contact you

Andrew about 2 years ago?
Yeah it's been about 2 years.

As a matter of fact yeah I only discovered
it recently Terri I couldn't believe that

when I discovered it about two and a half
years ago and Andrew had been working on it

since like the 1990's It's like oh my god
where have I been?

Yeah so anyway it's been about 2 and a half

I have been doing this since 1998 Don
Well it certainly seems that there is an initial

effects that can be quite a positive, obviously
over the long term you know you have got to

be patient with it I think.

The first two weeks can be problematic for
some people as Donald said it feels like you

have been working out in the gymnasium, your
muscles are aching, you can get a stiff neck,

I remember getting a stiff neck =, but I also
remember one of the days we took the lads

down to the beach and the lads had skate boards
and I had a bull terrier pulling them up and

down the beach and I was running in front
shouting the dog and the dog was a big powerful

dog pulling the lads at tremendous speed and
the dog was falling on the floor completely

done in and when I got back I said oh the
poor dog.

I remember Jude saying how come you are not
out of breath? Why have you done all of this

and you are not out of breath?
And another thing that we noticed as that

if we walked up the hill we would normally
ache and with bags filled with shopping we

would pull over and stop, but now we were
able to carry on without stopping so you know

that the benefits are quite remarkable.


Donald Flumerfelt
United States 

Posted Date : 29-07-2015

David Baines 18 Years Inclined Bed Therapy with Arthritis of the spine and Keratitis (eye inflamation)

Video Testimonial:

David Baines reporting he no longer suffers with arthritis of the spine and hands after inclining his bed 18 years ago. He also reports improvement in keratitis, which is an inflamation of the eye.

Click here to start the video where David shares his experience with IBT

Transcript with David's video timings for ease of navigation:

I met Andrew around 1993 I think
I think it was a bout 1995 96

95 96 right Time flies
It does

So I am assuming that you have tried the inclined
bed therapy David?

Yes well when I first met Andrew he mentioned
about the inclined bed and all of his research

with trees and things like that and the circulation
of nature and I decided to must have been

95 96 to buy an inclined bed off him and within
a few months he was so generous him and his

wife drove 350 miles north up to where I lived
and delivered the bed.

I was very grateful at the time.
I still am because I have slept on that bed

ever since and it took a while of perseverance
to adjust myself to it and it certainly paid

Could I ask what benefits you have attained

from it?
Well prior to meeting Andrew I had been an

instrument engineer working off shore almost
24 hours 7 days a week

In fact it was the disaster of Piper Alpha
in 1989 that decided me to chuck my construction

boots in, but at the time I was suffering
of all the following medical conditions.

Keratitis, which is an irritation of the eye
which doctors did not know how to cure it.

Tinnitus which they couldn't treat at the
time. Deafness because I had been working

off shore in a very noisy environment and
I also had a prolapsed disc for about maybe

20 years before I met Andrew.
That produced sciatica and by the time I met

Andrew I had arthritis of the spine and also
my fingers I couldn't bear to pick anything

up. In fact I used to play the piano and I
couldn't bear to touch the notes with my fingers.

Since then, having persevered with the inclined
bed six inches which Andrew made, all of those

conditions have virtually gone.
To be quite truthful, I have never needed

to see any doctors or medical physicians since
2001 and since that day I have never taken

any medical prescriptions or anything like
that whatsoever. It has been a gradual process

within my body. You can't have an agenda when
you start laying on an inclined bed, you are

just wasting your own time having an agenda,
thinking that yes I am going to get better

tomorrow or the next week or cure all ills
and things like that.

You have got to maintain a good life and sleep
on this inclined bed. And if you can persevere

it's going to be well worth it.
Sure sure

And what do you think that healed David Andrew?
What would be your assumption of it?

Well, David is one case of many and over 20
years I have heard many many cases like David's.

It seems to identify that the flat bed was
actually the cause of many of the problems,

possibly as he mentioned working on the rigs
being very damp as we discussed early a very

damp climate will have a double whammy affect,
in fact many of the people that work in the

fishing an the boats and trawlers you see
them walking around in the harbour areas and

they are crippled up with severe problems
with the skeletal frame, arthritis, doubled

over and not a great job like David's job.
So if we have identified that the flat bed

could have been the cause and if we take the
flat bed out of the equation we should all

get better.
I am not saying it is a cure all for everyone

but I have had success with spinal cord injury,
Parkinson's multiple sclerosis, even a problem

with human fertility believe it or not.
Influenza, chicken pox, so it boosts the immune

system as well. We tend not to get as ill
as we did when we slept on a flat bed, you

know if you get Man-flu the man usually lays
down flat and gets very ill

Ha ha ha
The wife doesn't get man-flu because she is

too busy running around looking after the
husband, so they are always upright and they

tend not to get as ill as the men and in fact
if we go back to the sweating sickness it

was probably the men that died more-so than
the women.

Ha ha ha
Talking about man flu and colds, I can't remember

how many years it has been since I had such
an event

Well David thank you very much for chipping

Thank you

You are more than welcome my friend
For me it tends to recycle your body energies

down to your feet more efficiently no matter
what salts, no matter what chemicals you have

got in your body everything has to be emitted
from your body and from your feet eventually

and your toes
It seems to do what I have just explained

Well I suppose that
your circulation is your healing energy and
that if it is able to get to everything then

it's obviously going to heal.
Well without circulation we are dead.

Yeah yeah yeah
Fascinating fascinating

I will play devils advocate just for one second
David. Is there anything that you reckon may

have helped your healing process other than
the inclined bed therapy?

Well I have never drunk alcohol for about
four or five years now and never smoked. Well

put it this way I smoked when I was about
30 for about 4 years and then I knocked it

That's erm 45 years ago ha ha

So effectively all you have done is pretty
much maintained a healthy diet and inclined

bed therapy and that has been it?
In fact when I stopped working offshore I

was over 15 stone in weight and because of
all the good food that they supply to you

in the meals off shore. That 15 stones is
now slimmed down to about 11 and a half stones

in the last 20 odd years.
And I have just maintained that weight and

I enjoy my eating so it must be the bed.


David A Baines.
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 28-07-2015

Terri Harrison multiple sclerosis on Awake Radio


Use this link to start at Terri's Video Testimonial:


Transcript from Terri Harison's Testimonial 

Some subjects are not always the most interesting
but certainly for me this is an interesting

subject it is something that is very very
cheap and it's not going to cost you a great

deal of money and it's something as Andrew
said is repeatable and you know I think it's

well worth having a go to be honest.
So Andrew welcome back again and

Thank you Steven
And Terri as joined us from the good old US

of A which will please a lot of our listeners.
Hello everyone

So Terri would you like to give us a little
introduction to your inclined bed therapy?

I found the website talked about the inclined
bed therapy and I was new to multiple sclerosis

and I didn't take any medication yet for the
multiple sclerosis and I found this information

and I thought huh you want somebody to try
something new. I will be happy to try that.

Didn't involve any needles or pain or medication
and didn't cost me anything, yeah I was willing

to give it a try and I had pain in my left
thigh all of the time and I thought well Betty

Iams a nice woman though I have never met
her, she suggested this therapy and said it

worked for her so I would give it a try.
And I used some books underneath the frame

of my bed and I would just give it a try,
he said six inches higher than your feet,

Ok I can do maths, I can measure and so I
put the books under my bed and slept that

way one night and though huh the pain's gone
and my husband said I hate it so I said alight

I will take the books out again.
The pain came back.

I said the couch is out there I am sleeping
with the bed up and we have done it ever since.

And that was back in 1998
So I have been sleeping that way ever since

and my multiple sclerosis does not give me
any trouble, I have never taken any drugs

or anything injectable or anything cancer
causing. I never take any drugs just the inclined

bed has served me well since 1998.
That's a good record. I believe you had an

interesting conversation with your neurologist?
Yes, The neurologist recently told me that

you don't really need to come back to see
me again your better. I have never seen anyone

get better, it is not a disease that is supposed
to get better he said don't bother to come

back ha ha
ha ha ha ha Brilliant

I have never been happier to fire a doctor
in my life.

Brilliant brilliant
One thing I noticed with David and yourself

that has been sort of late 90's that you have
been doing inclined bed therapy so that's

quite some time
Hmm hmm

Did it take some time? How long did it take
for you to get a response or reaction with

it any idea?
I had mine immediately because I had the pain

and then it was gone and that is how multiple
sclerosis works it comes and goes but I had

instant relief from the pain in my leg and
I had no reason to think that this isn't working.

Brilliant Yeah
Since then I have had amalgams removed from

my teeth and my doctor not my neurologist
this is a different doctor who said I think

you have had mercury poisoning as well as
your multiple sclerosis so with the amalgams

removed from my teeth I think I have eliminated
mercury poisoning from my system. I still

have had no problems with multiple sclerosis
and I have tried sleeping flat on a vacation

when I couldn't sleep inclined and I hated
it, my husband said he hated it too and even

though he on one hand hates sliding down on
the bed on the other hand he can't sleep flat

now. ha ha
ha ha

He is a fireman so occasionally he has to
go to the fire-station to sleep and he don't

sleep good there, it's too much bother to
lift the bed up there.

Although we just use PVC pipe and put it under
the leg of the bed and that's how we raise

our bed, the book thing didn't really work
to well.

Yeah that's a great idea.

Depending on where we go my family have bricks
for me to use and that works for me if I at

their house I have bricks. Whatever, I have
gone on a mission trip to Trinidad and we

took pvc pipe on the trip to Trinidad and
I raised the bed there and had some rocks

to help put underneath it but the pvc pipe
seems to work really well.

Brilliant brilliant
It's easy to cut and you can make it whatever

length you want.
Yes that sounds a very simplistic way yeas

I am all about simple things and blood .
We have a question in the chat which refers

to the bed as well which clearly enjoyed you
mentioning about sliding down the bed and

said if the bed is tilted that much how does
one stay on it without sliding to the end?

My bed is tilted 4 inches and I have had constantly
to stop myself from going to the bottom of

the bed.
What you can do there is to wrap an old duvet

if you have a spare duvet or a blanket, wrap
it tightly around the mattress and then put

your top sheet on and that extra friction
that you get from the duvet or the blanket

prevents the slipping.
Very smart thinking that

Well these are some of the tips that many
people who have been helped have handed over.

Click to hear Terri talking about other people she has helped

My Granddaughter is three now, but since she
has been born she has had trouble with reflux,

acid reflux and the babies sleep is not fine
because all she was doing is crying.

And my Daughter is the one that did Andrew's
study and we tried to do the circulation thing

in the science fair thing and so my daughter
understands his theory and she was quick to

put a block or something under the crib to
make sure that she is inclined and that helped

her acid reflux tremendously.

And my husband also suffers from that acid
reflux disorder and we put our bed up, he

doesn't have that problem any more.
It is interesting, my great grandmother slept

with her bed inclined and I am guessing that
she had an acid problem and that it helped

her stomach. I was four years old I am 51
now. She was sleeping with her bed inclined

and we didn't know anything about Andrew's
study then so it must have been something

that people do.

Somewhere along the line, somebody had the
idea that we should sleep with the head of

our bed up so that out tummy's don't hurt.



Terri Harison
United States 

Posted Date : 28-07-2015

Week 1 Oedema, Fuzzy Head, pain, numbness in arms and vivid dreams.

THANK YOU!!!! I put risers under the head of my bed a few weeks ago and I've been SLEEPING LIKE A BABY!!!!!!! Swelling in my legs has gone down, head clear, no hip pain, arms not falling asleep etc....... amazing !!!!! Also, dreaming for me was non-existent - not only am I dreaming, my dreams are vivid and in color. THANKS AGAIN!!


Posted Date : 04-07-2015