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IBT Improvements: Pain, Oedema, capillaratis, Sleep Apnoea, Injury, Fractures, fungal conditions, Head injury,

I found this site after watching a video by Andrew on distilling essential oils.

My husband suffered serious multiple trauma (12 fractures + shattering of pelvis and facial bones, as well as head injury and left side weakness+) 9 years ago.

After raising our bed:

*My husband stopped snoring.

*He doesn't get sleep apnoea any more.

*I sleep better.

*We both wake feeling more refreshed.

*I don't have to go to the toilet so often during the night; not at all in winter.

*My hands and feet don't swell in the summer heat now.

*My left foot would often swell since I received trauma to my shin, the swelling would cause the scaring to hurt.  I don't have this any more.

*We both haven't had back pain of any note since our bed was raised.

*My husband has had very little capillaratis (broken capillaries under the skin) on his legs since the bed was raised.

*My husband was told he would need a knee replacement within 5 years of the accident. He had a broken knee cap and ligament torn off shin + broken femur which he had to have surgery for. He still has one unattached ligament. He has coped with painkillers for 8 years but in the past 10 months (bed raised) has not had to have any pain relief for it.

*His left leg (mobility impaired from head injury) has lost the cold dead feeling and is nearly as warm as his right leg.

*The swelling in his feet has reduced a lot.

*He has had no fungal conditions in his feet/toe nails since the bed was raised (I was constantly treating them for 8 years since the accident).

*His left foot bothers him with pains every night since we raised the bed.  While this may seem contradictory, this only used to happen when he had improvements in his brain injury and he would gain new movement or feeling.  Based on this we are convinced something good is happening.

I am interested to see what else has changed without us realising.  Some of these things have been so unexpected and we never picked them up immediately but realised later that the improvements coincided with the bed raising.

IBT is so simple and so effective that I recommend it to everyone now.

Deborah Walker

Posted Date : 23-03-2016

Migraine Headaches Greatly improved

I used to suffer with migraines to such an effect that they were totally debilitating. The pain was terrible with nauseau and other effects which would confine me to bed for days on end. After hearing about IBT we raised the bed in the hope it would help with my migraines and overall wellbeing.  We were amazed at how it affected us. We slept so soundly and generally felt so well. It just makes perfect sense to be in that position. Since sleeping on a raised fed I have most definitely noticed an improvement to my migraines, they are much less frequent and intense.  It really has made an all round tremendous difference to myself and my husband. 

Suzanne Evans
Posted Date : 20-03-2016




After a month of practicing this method, I am incredibly surprised by the significantly positive benefit to my health that I have never experienced on a flat bed!

Mr. Andrew I wish you only the best and really thank you very much.

without pharmaceuticals!


po měsíci praktikování této metody, jsem neuvěřitelně překvapen výrazně pozitivním přínosem pro mé zdraví. Už nikdy na rovné posteli!! panu Andrwovi přeji jen to nejlepší a opravdu moc DĚKUJI.

Kdo nezkusí ať nehartusí !!! Pryč s farmaceutiky !!!



Czech republic
Czech Republic 

Posted Date : 19-03-2016

Arthritis and age related health

You may remember meeting us last September in Brixham. You commented on the discolouration of her ankles. At the same time I was suffering badly with my right hip and had great difficulty getting in and out of my car/bed/ walking due to pain.
We raised our bed as recommended and since then I have found a massive improvement in walking etc. I still get some pain at times but I am much more mobile. My wife's ankles are improved but still a bit blotchy.
We will continue to keep the bed raised and hope for continued improvement.I feel reasonably fit but expect some discomfort at nearly 80 years old.
Thank you for your advice.
Anne and Peter

Anne and Peter
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 28-02-2016

IBT: relapse and symptom-free

Diagnosed in 2002 with RRMS, I began Copaxone immediately.


I learned about IBT on in 2010.  At that time, I was considering seeking the liberation procedure, but decided to try IBT first.  I stopped the Copaxone the day I lifted the head of my bed in 2010.

Since then, I have had zero relapses, and all my symptoms are gone.  (Even the l'Hermitte's Sign.)  No meds, no surgeries, no special diet... just IBT.

I don't tell my story to anyone who doesn't ask about it, and I have no interest in telling anyone else what to do for his/her own health. I can only share that this has worked for me, for six years, at whatever stage of RRMS I was/am in.  I will never lower the head of my bed again.

Lisa Gleaton


Testimonial to 2 years of inclined bed therapy

Haven't been here for a long while, but never forgot about this site or its importance!

It's been more than two years of IBT for me with no other forms of 'treatment'. I have had zero relapses and am much steadier on my feet, have normal heat tolerance, and no longer worry about becoming 'overheated' when exercising.

In fact, I have figured out that as long as I am doing some form of exercise that is fairly vertical, I'm ok. This has been heartbreaking for me as a wannabe masters swimmer, who swam in high school and college, but if I want to feel that "OMG, my head is going to explode from the pressure of too much blood flow to it with no escape" feeling, all I have to do is swim four or five laps without stopping. It's amazing that no other form of exercise gives me that terrifying sensation. I attribute it to being flat while swimming. I tried once again about four months ago, and never again. I'm terrified of having a stroke. I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed this?

So walking and biking, it is.

I'm sorry I never did all the measurements and regular check-ins that would have been really helpful here, but I just never made the time. I am thrilled with my results from IBT! I wish I could figure out how to get the letters MS out of my medical records as I now know that vascular issues have been my problem and my immune system works fine. I had seriously considered having the angioplasty surgery, but no longer feel a rush to do so. It would be great to sleep flat again, but having surgery in order to be able to do so? I think not.

I am very grateful I learned of this therapy. I feel it has really worked for me and prevented further problems of progression. When I speak to others who have MS, I am always surprised at how resistant some can be to the idea of this simple, non-invasive therapy... Why NOT try it?

Anyway, husband's complaints not withstanding, I loved my raised bed!





Lisa Gleaton
San Mateo
United States 

Posted Date : 11-02-2016

Years of personal experiments:varicose veins and varicocele

Years of personal experiments:varicose veins and varicocele


Mr Andrew Fletcher. First of all I want to thank you because you already helped me a lot. Your unsurpassed discovery is indeed a great improvement to all circulation suffers. But i have some extra difficulties and maybe you can be of more help again. Sorry for the bad English.

My story begins when I was a 19 and diagnosed with a enlarged varicocele (varicose veins in the testicles). I received surgery. It was a sort of extraction of the enlarged vein and a ligature of the remaining in the principal gonadal veins. After this surgery, during the recovery, i felt a lot of pain in all the veins of my body down the trunk (including feet and legs). After the total recovery, these pains were gone. I became healthy and stayed that way about three years.

After these, I have passed though some difficult times in my personal life that made me become an insomniac, and I felt my body to become weakened after a month of very bad sleeping, and my circulation started to be weakened as well. I started to feel my varicocele starting over again.

Unhappily, at those times, I was counselled to sleep with the legs up inclined, to allegedly "rest" the circulation system during the night. For my despair, the problem was progressively worsening, the pains more intense and more and more veins of my body becoming affected by pains.

I used hammocks to sleep all night for about one year,  were the legs become lifted up.
Well, I just have aggravated my symptoms sleeping that way. The doctors that i visited were of no help at all. My second varicocele was too much enlarged at this stage, and Doppler indicated that my principal gonadal vein was refluxing with a bloodstream of 9.00 mlm (the maximum normal is 1.5). I could barely walk, because every time a made a step with the left leg (the side of the reflux) a felt a great pain inside the left side of my body (beginning in the region of the gonadal vein, a little below the left kidney region).

After one year sleeping in this  way, I returned to normal bed, but i adopted a triangle cushion to rest my leg in it....well the result is that one night I waked up in pain, feeling in both feet was totally numbed and after it, the pain was completely spread to all my body, from the kidney regions to the fingers and my feet. I stayed in this miserable condition, worsening every day, and walking or doing any exercise worsened the situation, because my circulation could not sustain the impacts of the movements. The only physical activity i can do is swimming in cold water.

After dozens of doctors, I found one that proposed to do a coil embolization of my left gonadal vein...he inserted 6 coils in it. After this, the very intense pain in these vein lessened, (but I'm still with 4.0 mlm...tree times bigger than normal). The rest of the veins in my body (down the kidneys) continued to worsen and varicosity increased day by day.
The sleep was very bad, needing to take sleeping pills, i cannot move and sleeping in the side in a normal bed.

After total despair, i finally found the IBT theory doing research in the net. In the very first day I tried, and the result was instantaneous. The blood feel warm in my feet, and the pain was mediately relieved and I slept much better during that night.

My circulation started improving every day,and It gave me happiness and hope again.

After some time I realized that the way I tilted the bed was wrong, because i only have inserted some books below the head of my mattress, so, the inclination stopped in the middle of the bed. It was ok to me, because i was improving everyday so i stayed in that way.

Unfortunately,after some months I started to feel my neck becoming awkward, and realized it was for the way that I tilted the bed.

The problem is, I refused to do the right technique (inclining all bed) because the stretching that it gives to the body apparently stretches the veins of my trunk (gonadal veins) looked like it was a chance to cause harm where I have the embolization..the right veins (free of surgery) seems to be stretching too. The legs feel very good sleeping this way, but i am afraid of the stretching effect in the low kidneys region (the gonadal veins)...

Observation: this pain caused by the tilting of the entire bed disappeared after two months of faithful perseverance (apparently was Just the tendons  stretching, as guessed by Mister Fletcher).

 One year after the experiment:

Well people, one year after tilting the entire bed, as prescribed by Mister Fletcher, my body is marvellous cured. I started improving Day by Day. .months passed and those  things that in the past represented a challenging or impossible task..became easy and smooth. After a year my feet and legs don't get sore any more, I no longer need the varicose socks..and remain all day, working and doing exercises with great comfort. Now I can exercise hard mountain trekking without pain  at all. I don't feel pain in the varicocele any-more. Some enlarged veins in my feet now are more normal in size too.

Maybe is a coincidence, but rosacea disappeared too (apparently it can be caused by enlarged micro veins in the face).

I had many experiences with these circulation issues, tested personally by my self over the last 5 years many methods and theories. I can assure for you all, raising the legs is the worst thing you can do for circulation problems. Indeed, tilting the bed, as prescribed by Mister patient and over time you will be improving your circulation Day by Day. Its incredible....thanks Mister Fletcher ! This great discovery rescued my health and I am strong once again after years of suffering.

Rafael Pimenta Machado
Espirito Santo

Posted Date : 01-02-2016

Central Nervous System Disorder CCSVI MS

Anne FlahertyAnne Flaherty to Inclined Bed Therapy
3 March 2013 ·

IBT completely changed my life :) I had been struggling w central nervous system disorder severely for about 7 years when I came across the IBT advice. One Saturday night I decided to try simply a first run of raised torso - and on Sunday morn I could think more clearly, see more clearly, walk more easily, than I had in several years. That was Springtime 2009. Within in 6 months my doc wrote me an urgent letter to stop the thyroid meds and come in as so much had already changed. Within a year I was diagnosed with functional circulation issues that had not come to light until I was sleeping properly ( head higher than feet, on a slope, not just with pillows). By 2011 had vascular surgery to fix those functional issues (still doing IBT to this day) and received clarity of mind for first time in years. In 2012 it was discovered that the etiology of my central nervous system disorder (a major one with no cure) had been misdiagnosed for over ten years, (thanks to IBT helping me in 2009) and finally got on the proper medical protocol in 2012, and now it is 2013 and I am alive again, and continue my IBT - telling everyone! :)Andrew you are amazing!!

yes I am talking of CCSVI surgery - in fact, it was IBT that proved to me that CCSVI was legit and got me to pursue it!
Inclined Bed Therapy I'm not sure that CCSVI is a cause of ms, but I am certain that ms is a circulation problem and nothing to do with immune system attacking the myelin sheath. If it was this, then there would be no reason for people with ms to find their functions are restored at high altitude and return when back to lower elevation. There has to be a reason for supposedly damaged myelin to begin functioning and I still feel that the answer lies in the liquid crystal properties of myelin. This happened instantly so how can damaged myelin be repaired all be it temporarily within minutes of arriving at the top of a mountain?


Anne Flaherty yes! thank you so much. you speak what i have learned internally - it is amazing the politics surrounding the neurologists versus cardiologists (or rather, vascular surgeons). Here I have offered my body to science but received almost no relief, but for further destruction of my body. Then I used my own learning (and your IBT is so simple it is hard to "hear" I think!) and immediate relief, and within a couple years return to proper muscular functioning (nerve functioning) in my legs and my brain, no more impediment to opening my hands all the way, your theories (yes and I am aware that most have been scientifically proven) around how liquid moves and forms and settles or acts are all world changing, like the explorers who finally proved that the Earth is round, and ships would not fall off the edge..... (that was relatively recent too!) Peace to you, I pray for your success to reach others~~~~~

I am so crazy well I cannot even tell you! and
Andrew K Fletcher there is present talk in the MS comunity right now, that your sese about circulation is even more true: a few have found tremendous relief fm MS via chiropracty that focuses on the hemo
dynamics of circulation around the neck area, I will send a link asap. It seems it is exactly about circulation as you have stated! and the chiros involved agree and respect the ccsvi stuff but also point out the matter of bones compressing veins and causing the stenosis that is being found in all people w MS...!!!! I will connect you ll asap

6 May 2013 at 11:42 ·    From Facebook Group

MS CCSVI Spinal Cord
United States 

Posted Date : 20-12-2015

Osteoporosis Ruby Tate

2nd.  April,   1998
Over two years ago I  sat  in the  armchair reading a small advert which asked people to raise their bed 6" at the head and to reply and tell what benefits had been noted. At the time I could not move my neck to left or right and it ached continuesly. I was unable to sleep at night as I could not get comfortable.  I was only able to turn by easing myself gently. It took three to four turns.  Getting out of bed was a major obstacle.  I needed help to dress and undress. I spent most of my nights in my chair with the result I was always tired and had no energy. My problem is Osteoporosis of the upper and lower spine.

I expected nothing but had nothing to lose, so Harry raised the bed 6".  we did not take it very seriously but were happy to try anything.
On the fourth night I had the first full nights sleep since I dont remember when. By the end of the week I was sleeping naturally and turning over .

My dressing was a problem no longer .  Each day it became easier.
T'here have been so many other benefits too.  I have worn glasses from the age of l?yea.'rs and I am now 68 years.  Last year was the first tine I was told there was a small improvement. My hair appears thicker, my hairbrush needs  cleaning less often. 

Harry's ear, which constantly gave him trouble with a discharge has now cleared up completely.

We both feel the clock has been put back, for us.  I give thanks for this invention and wish Andrew every success in the future for the benefits he has given us and will continue to do so.
Yours truly,

Ruby Tate


Ruby Tate
Dawlish Warren
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 08-12-2015

fibromyalgia , ,sleep problems ,depression improved

I have had  fibromyalgia for 7 years . I have always had sleep problems from my early teens . I struggled to get off to sleep ,often taking hours to finally get off , and , I never slept well , always waking up several times in the night etc .

My other half does an internet radio show and was told about Andrew and IBT .We were both intrigued and Andy decided to have Andrew on his show . I found I was hanging on his every word and found the whole subject facinating and couldn't wait to try IBT.

We put our bed up 3 inches to start with and found that we both had increased energy ,something wich was important to me as I never have much energy at all. The poor sleep I had left me feeling tired all day .Also one major symptom of fibromyalgia is extreme bouts of fatigue which left me struggling to just get out of bed.

After about a week at 3 inches we put the bed up the full 6 inches.We still had the increased energy but nothing more for about 3/4 weeks .

One of the worst symptoms of fibro that I have is constant arm pain and lack of mobility in them . For 7 years I haven't been able to raise my arms above waist high and also haven't been able to put my arms behind my back at all . Andy has had to help me get dressed ,put my hair in a ponytail for me ,put cardigans/coats on for me etc . Not being able to dress ,look after myself and do normal daily things has had a terrible effect on my mental state. I have had depression since the age of 13 and the fact that I couldn't do things for myself brought my depression to the worst it has ever been.My doctor said I'd get used to it but I never did .

3/4 weeks after raising the bed 6 inches we went away for the weekend . We were meeting friends so I went back to the hotel to get some bits while Andy met them . I had an itch on the back of my neck .I suddenly realsed that I had put my arm up to scratch my neck .I looked at my raised elbow like it was a foreign object ! I hadn't seen it in that position for 7 years . I then raised my arms up to my ponytail and realised I could reach it myself .Next I put my arms around my back and reached my bra strap , something that I could not do . It upset me greatly that I couldn't even do up my own bra . I sat on the bed and cried my eyes out AND started laughing like a loon ! I could not believe what I had done . I then got changed , did my hair ( and bra, yay ) and reached the top shelf in the wordrobe ( top shelves were a no no for me too ). I was just stunned at what I could do after just a month of IBT .

As a result of my increased mobility my depression has improved as I can now look after myself and manage to do things around the house . Andy had always been amazing in helping me with anything I needed but I hated asking for help .I felt so useless

My sleep problems have also improved .I now get off to sleep much easier and quicker and manage to stay asleep for most of the night .

I have been on very strong anti -depressants for years .I took 4 tablets a day . Since using IBT and getting such good results with mobility and sleep I have managed to drop the dose down to 1 tablet a day which has lifted the " fog " in my head that was there daily .

IBT has seriously changed my life .I am so grateful to Andrew for bringing his wonderful discovery to the world . I tell others about it and they look at me like I'm crazy .

I always say these 3 things to people about why I decided to try IBT

1 - Andrew is not selling his idea to anyone and is not looking to make money out of it , he's only telling people to help them .

2 - It is so cheap /free to raise your bed . Most people have something they could use in their home ,wood ,books etc . There is no expensive outlay to try it .

3- The MAIN thing that made me want to try IBT was the fact that you are not taking any more drugs . For years now my doctors only offer of help has been to increase or put me on more medication , something I did not want .

If you are reading this and thinking of raising your bed , please try it . It's not hard or costly and you have nothing to lose . If it doesn't work for you , stop , but you might be surprised at the benefits you gain . Also be prepared to give it time , don't expect an overnight or complete cure . I still have some health problems which may go in time with IBT or they may not . Right now I am so happy that a couple of major problems in my life have got better. If nothing else improves I will still be forever grateful to Andrew because the things that have got better have improved my whole outlook on life . A win is a win . And, in a world where health problems plague a large amount of people , that is enough for me .

Thank you Andrew for all that you do xx










United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 14-10-2015

Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Get Worse Before Getting Better

Inclined Bed Therapy: Worse before better?
There may be some pain before gains. Not all the time with ms but usually shooting pains down legs and arms moving around rather than a persistant pain in one area, as nerve pathways open up. This is often the pattern, although some fortunately bypass the pain.

Many people reported sudden pain from cavities below the gum line from teeth that had been decayed and should have ben reporting decay back to the brain, but not just in ms, age also numbs the gums and a number of elderly people also reported a trip to the dentist to sort out nerve pains.

This was also the case with spinal cord injury, pain before recover in sci was viewed positively, as it meant that there was communication developing with the brain from below the injury site.


Good News! 14-Jun-1999

I'm Finally Getting Good Results.

  I've been doing the inclined bed since January. I've had M.S. for over 20 years -diagnosed in 1986 as relapsing-remitting M.S. Two years ago, I had a serious attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks paralyzed from the waist down-no feeling and no motion. After a couple of months of steroids and other drugs, I became able to walk first with a walker and then with a cane very short distances.I was still left with lots of fatique, weak legs, balance problems, painful pins and needles in the legs and feet, abdominal muscle spasms, incontinance, and sleepless nights. My diagnosis became secondary progressive M.S.I decided to get off all drugs(much to my neurolist's dismay).I then found Betty Iams on the computer and began her regimen of strict diet, exercise, supplements, meditation, and I've added acupuncture. It feels great to be in control. This is a lifetime regimen for me. I'd been coasting along not getting better, but not getting worse when I read about the inclined bed. I decided to try it-what could I lose? Right away, the painful abdominal muscle spasms started to subside and sleep became somewhat better. Then nothing happened. Then I started getting worse. I decided to give up the inclined bed -this after 3 months. One problem, however-I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore! Andrew wrote for me to hang in there that it was expected that I get worse before I get better. Everyday I waited.

Then like Andrew said, I started getting better and better. This past month has been amazing! I even walked up and down a flight of stairs with my cane unaided. Fatigue has gone, the abdominal muscle spasms have gone, the painful pins and needles are subsiding, leg strength is getting better so that I can walk greater distances, and balance is much better. I still have incontinance and sleep problems, but given time, I know those problems will be gone, too. One very interesting thing happened with my eyes recently. I'm very nearsighted and had my prescription for my contacts checked 3 months ago. Last week, I went back to the eye doctor's complaining that I just couldn't see. He checked my eyes again and much to his amazement, he found that they had improved greatly since my check-up 3 months ago!I wrote Andrew about this happening and he feels that sleeping on an inclined bed can help the optic nerve to regenerate and repair the damage of long term M.S.Let me encourage anyone who is trying the inclined bed to stick with it and don't think it won't work. I'm proof it can. My whole family and I are so grateful to Andrew Fletcher. Liz

Posted Date : 02-10-2015

Sleep apnoea gone, psoriasis, energy, tiredness improved

After using this technique for the last month i have notice a dramatic recovery of my psoriasis skin condition. It hasnt completely recovered yet but ive noticed a remarkable difference from my psoriasis being on my lower arms and all over my legs it has reduced to a spot on the upper part of the legs which disapears over the weekend while im off work.

Ive also notice that my sleep apnea has gone completely. Before Inclined Bed Therapy I could sleep for 17 hours a day and still I wuld wake up tired.  Not no more I have 6 to 8 hours sleep and when I wake up i have the energy to go to the gym, somethng I have never done for several years. I fully agree that this technique works, wether mind over matter, or having real scientific benefits, I dont care it works! and I feel great. thank you so much I never thought such a small difference in my life would have this much positive impact.  

chris haswell
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 02-10-2015

Psoriasis improvements and chest/back problems disappearing.

I think IBT is actually starting to eradicate my Psoriasis and debilitating chest problems (which I think are spine related), but I only recently thought this may be the case, because I had forgot completely that I was even doing IBT at all, and in fact for the last month I have been racking my brains to see what else I have been doing over the last few months that could explain the Psoriasis fading, and the chest problems becoming less frequent. 


The penny finally dropped only when I recently stumbled upon one of your interviews by Clive de Carle, and I heard you mention it helps Psoriasis.  I have been doing IBT correctly since the end of April this year, but only really noticed improvements in my general well being over the last 2 months, so it has taken a while to have a profound effect on me.


From here on down this will be a long post as I am going to try to explain where I am coming from in terms of health, and how I think IBT is the real reason my health is showing such great improvements, and not all the other things I started last year.


In January 2014 my health took a dive for the worst.  My main problem was seriously debilitating Psoriasis.  I decided against the medications (steroids) being offered despite the pain and terrible itching, and instead completely changed my terrible lifestyle from eating junk foods, to eating good wholesome organic foods along with many vitamins and mineral supplements.   

I listen to the Patrick Timpone shows on a regular basis so anyone familiar with that great show and others like it, will understand the many different things I have tried.


Over the course of 12 months I must have spent a few thousand pounds of my savings on implementing new lifestyle changes, doing all sorts of things including drinking distilled water, fasting, juicing, urine therapy (yes you read that right), organic sulphur, iodine, tons of supplements, various natural creams, salt baths galore, drinking aloe vera juice, high vitamin C and vitamin D intake, and many more things.  I even tried a few spiritual things like Reiki healing.


Many of my Psoriasis problems became a lot better by doing all these things, and in fact I pretty much solved the itching problem to a large degree.  However, it was still relentless in spreading to all parts of my body, and while not as severe as it was initially, it just kept on spreading.  


My lower torso was pretty much covered in angry scab-like eruptions.  It spread to my scalp in a big way too, and my face was terribly affected that I simply could no longer socialize with anyone - I was even uneasy with my own family despite how supportive they were.  Depression would hit me constantly and everyone who has Psoriasis will know everything I am talking about.

A year later in January 2015 I was still having problems with my psoriasis, in that it was still relentlessly spreading to new areas.  Then my debilitating chest "attack" problems started to get really bad, in that when an attack comes on I experience terrible crushing pain in the chest that radiates into the back, my breathing becomes labored and I find myself having to breathe very shallowly, and this usually lasts 3-4 hours when it starts.


My chest problem became so bad it actually made me forget my Psoriasis problems completely, while I was forced to focus on what was causing these chest attacks.  I had entertained IBT in December 2014 but never took it seriously enough, and only used a 3-foot long board to raise myself barely few inches from the floor.  It probably would have done my lower back worse than good thinking back now.


Anyway, by around April this year my savings were gone and since then I have not be able buy anything in the way of supplements, or creams.  All I really do besides take the odd dose of my dwindling Iodine and Vitamin D supplies, is eat mostly vegetables and eggs - things which I already had been doing since last year.


On 27th April 2015 I listened to another interview with Andres about IBT, and I promptly raised my bed properly by a full 6 inches and achieved an angle of 4.57 degrees.  This time I used one of my bedroom doors as a board to rest my mattress on, and using thick books I managed to raise my double bed mattress very stably, and it covers the entire length too - something I never did before.  

I still had no idea at that time it would do anything for my Psoriasis, and I only did IBT to help with my circulation and lymph waste elimination - something I now think is a vital reason IBT works.


The last chest attack I experienced was 2 months ago in July, which up until then was almost a weekly occurrence.  Its been getting easier to sleep too, especially over the last month.  Before this whenever I went to bed I was in constant discomfort lying on my sides, with pains that if I was not careful would bring about a full-blown chest attack.  


I only noticed in the last month that my Psoriasis lesions are almost all faded away, and my body is close to 80% clear.  Earlier in the year there were terrible scabs on my lower torso and one in particular never healed, always seeping a clear liquid really angry - it is now completely gone with only a white patch of skin to show the space it once occupied.


It has taken me easily a month to realize that it might indeed be the IBT that is making the difference, because its the only thing that I have been doing differently that I did not do last year.  Its probably taken 3 months to produce any noticable effects but now its 5 months in and I am finally sleeping like a baby, and the Psoriasis on my scalp (the worst place on my body) is finally starting to show good improvement too.  In the past I would spend most of my days picking the white crusts from my scalp, but thankfully this is now something that I no longer need to do, as they are almost gone.


I discovered last week that my chest/rib attacks may be caused by "referred pain" coming from my back, and so I actually have a back problem and not really a chest problem at all.  From what I only recently learned of IBT, it aids back problems very well indeed and makes perfect sense why it would do so.  Dr John Bergman is a popular Chiropractor on youtube and he states that the discs need to be lubricated to regenerate, and I think IBT would do this easily be gently stretching the spine during sleep.  If I do indeed have a spine issue causing my severe chest pains, then IBT is the only reason I can think of why I have not had an attack in two months, and in my case its simply taken a little over 3 months for IBT to work for me.


This then is the long-winded account of my health and how I have dealt with it over the last year.  IBT is the only thing that can be improving my chest/back problem, and eradicating my Psoriasis, simply because its the only thing I didn't do properly until the end of April this year.  I simply forgot that I was doing IBT at all for the past 5 months, not only because sleeping on a raised bed became so normal, but also because I didn't even regard it as a therapy at all at that time.  I now see that its most likely the only true factor in my recuperation that is making a difference at all, simply because its the only thing I am doing that I didn't do before.


In fact its very possible that many changes were happening from week 1 but it took me months to notice simply because I had forgotten I was doing IBT.  I only noticed changes 3 months into it but didn't attribute this to IBT, and in all likelyhood the changes may well have happened much earlier than this.  I have kept a health diary since March 2014 and will consult that to see if I had noticed changes in my Psoriasis soon after April 2015 when I started IBT.




Posted Date : 29-09-2015

Pain and Energy Level improvements from radio presenters

Conversation between Andy Young and Sean McGuire 15/09/2015

When I do catch up with on of your podcasts,  sake guys you are doing great work. I am so chuffed you on our station. Thank you very much Sean, it's kind of you to say so.  I am just overwhelmed by the response. I don't know if you caught the Inclined Bed Therapy Interview on we did with Andrew K Fletcher the other week?

Shut up,  look I'm ill and of course I have moved my bed up ha ha ha. It's amazing. Yes it was brilliant. I am getting people contacting me every day saying it's cured this, it's improved that. Myself and my partner we are both not terribly well but since we did that we have both got a reduction in pain. Yes. And we also wake up in the morning with a lot more energy which is a massive help.

Look you know I am walking around in constant pain. That's how I live my life, it is how I ended up on the radio I suppose, because I couldn't really do anything physical.


Exactly, look anything that improves and let me tell you, I went away for a weekend to a festival and I actually put my tent—well it wasn't my tent so I can thank the person that gave me the tent, I made it so that I was also on an incline when I was laying down and yes the pain was less and I don't know thinking back on it because it must have given me more energy because I did loads, it was amazing.


Andy Young and Sean McGuire
United Kingdom Posted Date : 20-09-2015

No more waking up to pee (nocturia)

A healthy 70 year old friend of mine began inclined bed therapy around July of 2015.


Prior to raising his bed he was waking up every 2 hours during the night to pee.


Within the first two weeks of raising his bed he noted that he either slept straight through the night or woke up to pee one time. 


Today is September 18, 2015 and he still has great bladder control during sleep thanks to the inclined bed


Thank you Andrew Fletcher.



Posted Date : 18-09-2015

Primary Progressive muliple sclerosis ms using IBT

Hi everyone, i was diagnosed with Primary progressive MS in 2001 and gradually started the downhill journey. I never used any kind of conventional therapies since there are none. I started the IBT in May 2015, so its been 4 months now. I follow a 85% plant diet with no suger, dairy, gluten, red meat. I can say from first week i no longer needed afternoon naps, initially, i had more bladder urgency and more spasticity but after almost over a week it went away. My balance is much better and strength in both legs have increased. I get up once at night to use the bathroom and that is because i go to bed at 7pm. I can say that this is for life since its comfortable and is producing results, most important is the energy. Thanks Andrew for your devotion to this therapy and spreading it. I will keep you posted of new improvments which i have no doubt will be coming.

New Zealand 

Posted Date : 13-09-2015
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