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No more lower back pain

After half a year of IBT:

- Better sleep: able to sleep 9-10 hours if needed (previously the maximun sleeping time was 6 hours because of back pain)
- More energy in the morning

- No more lower back pain

- A little bit better skin. The skin improved notoriously with the daily consumption of avocado seeds tea

Thank you!!!

Andrew (from Germany)

Posted Date : 03-06-2017

Anti Cancer Drugs Side effects mitigated + Muscle Cramps


One of my patients recently told me an extraordinary story about 'inclined bed therapy' - something I'd never heard of before.

The anti-cancer drugs that she is receiving have some unpleasant side effects including joint pain and insomnia. Someone had told her about the benefits of raising the head end of her bed by about six inches with wooden blocks. Willing to try anything in order to get through her treatment, she tried it out.

The result was positive: she slept soundly through the night - and with no joint pain! However, it was the effect it had on her husband that really impressed me.6 degree drawing of an inclined bed modification

He had suffered a life-changing major stroke over 30 years ago that had affected the right side of his body. Every night for all those years, he has suffered from appalling cramps in the calf and ankle muscles of his leg - so badly that they forced him out of bed every couple of hours throughout the night. Since placing the blocks under their bed, he has not had another cramp!

Traditional horizontal sleeping has been shown by some researchers to inhibit the ability of the body's circulatory system to function at an optimum level. This sleeping position causes restricted blood flow and the inability of the lymphatic system to flush out the toxins that accumulate in the many networks of vessels throughput the body.

By raising the head of your bed between 4 and 8 inches, you can increase the gravitational force on your body while you are sleeping. This posture creates the opportunity for your body to improve circulation without causing discomfort.

It's not a 'therapy' as such, but I've been impressed by what I've heard and read. It is now the subject of hospital trials which sounds good to me.

It can't cause any harm, and may just give you some extraordinary benefits. It's worth trying!

Matthew Manning (UK Healer)
United Kingdom Posted Date : 01-06-2017

6 months of IBT



I'll just do a small list of the big benefits I have experienced until now:

- I can better Fall asleep . Lying in bed being awake doesn't happen anymore
- No more ear noises (echo when speaking - especially with vowels)
- Less problems with my upper back


Very grateful :-D


Posted Date : 31-05-2017

Better Sleep

I have been sleeping inclined for about 6 weeks now.Sleep improved the very first night,getting 3 or 4 hours un-interupted,I used to wake up almost every hour.

Other improvements are harder to quantify. but...sciatic nerve seems better,less seasonal allergies,less swelling in lower leg.

Peter C
Posted Date : 26-05-2017

Mrs jayne hackley

myself and my husband used to suffer with serious  lower back pain but after using inclined bed therapy after a short period of time it cleared up completely would definately recommend such a simple yet effective solution wish I'd discovered it years ago

Posted Date : 16-05-2017

lit incliné depuis 1 semaine


j'ai adopté le lit incliné depuis 1 semaine,pour des maux d'épaules nocturnes surtout,installées depuis 3 mois,pour varices et prolapsus de vessie sans fuites urinaires;

lesdouleurs d'épaules ont disparu

j'attends de voir les résultats pour prolapsus et varices;

Mr Fletcher,dans combien de temps ,le résultat positif pour le prolapsus vessie peut apparaitre ?

merci ,cordialement,



lesconil 29740

Posted Date : 02-05-2017

Relapsing remitting ms, sexual function, tremors, bladder control, lethargy

I have been diagnosed with RRMS by Dec 2012. I had a very bad relapse in 2013, my one eye went blind, and I lost the vision with the other one. I couldn't walk to end of my street. This was caused by the medication I was given. My MS team let me carry on with that medication, but I have decided to stop taken it. A couple of weeks later,my vision started to come back,and a month later came back totally.
I have changed my medication to copaxon, and I had a lot of side effect, shacking legs, usually at the morning when I woke up, and fatigue,very strongly. Also had problems like increased ugre to urinate, sexual difficulties, and fogy vision sometimes. In november 2016 there was new activity on MRI so we decided with my team we have to change my medication. In December I started to use Tecfidera.
In January 2017 , I met with Andrew K Fletcher again, and we had a chat about IBT. I thought this doesn't happened accidentally, so a couple of days later I have changed the bed with inclining it by 6 inch. I haven't done it properly, because there was a breakage in the middle of the bed, so I had hip\back pain but what has changed??! My bladder problems​ gone and my sexual life has improved and also the shackiness has gone!
What I wanted to say, that I am feeling much better now, I am feeling more energetic at the mornings, and lot of my problems has gone. I am not sure If is the new medication, IBT or because I am taking a lot of vitamins and doing a lot exercise and yoga, but it works!
One thing I am sure,I fixed the bed now, and I am not going change it, as I am feeling better.

Always trust your instincts! Never give up and incline your bed because it works!!
Thank you Andy!!


25/02/2018 Update

 Hi everyone,a Little update from me.

Iam sleeping on 6 inch inclined bed longer than a year now. I had some pain at the beggining,and i found out it was because i didn’t set the bed properly,and the mattress wasn’t good.
After i changed the mattress and set the bed ,i had no pain at all.
So if you have issues,pain that you believe it might be because of the inclined bed, think about it, maybe you have not set the bed properly..?
Now i benefit from IBT and would never give up on it!

Because when I have to sleep on flat bed,(on holiday,etc) from the first night i sleep on it I have horrible crumps in my hands,I wake up more often during the night, and when i have to stand up from bed,my legs are shaking and are weaker (MS symptoms)
On IBT non of this is happening!
Definetly helps the circulation in the body.

Thanks for Andrew K Fletcher and IBT!!

Balint Mario
Newton Abbot
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 13-04-2017

Spinal cord injury using IBT

Julian Boustead

Thank you Andrew K Fletcher for phoning up this day to make arrangements . YES to your question I have NEVER stopped from that day and everyone should be sleeping on an inclined bed . I can guarantee everyone would benefit from using one of Andrews inclined beds or just blocks of wood . AT least you should give him a call as you would be meeting one of the most interesting person and genuine Thanks Andrew

Julian Boustead
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 24-03-2017

Shocked. Glaucoma Gone Vision now 100%

Hi all, have inclined our bed and the results are as follows, we have had some good results, my wifes veins have sucked in a bit, we have no aches when getting up in the morning, we both dont snore as much, my wifes feet are looking a bit better {her feet are minging, dry skin and bad flakey nails} my cough that I have had since October has gone so helps with the lungs, and I had onset Glaucoma but in has gone too, the pressures in my eyes were 24 and 26, anything 22 and over is a red alert, they have now decreased to 14 and 16 and my field of vision test has gone from 62% to 100%. I was so pleased I burst out laughing and told my optician what I had done, and she stated that studies have shown that wearing tight collars and ties can contribute to Glaucoma causing head pressure so raising the bed was quite feasible.

Also my sister does not have to get up in the night to pee no more and gets a full nights sleep, she has never ever had a full nights sleep previously. Will get back to you all if any our things happen.

Lawrence Hooper
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 17-03-2017

I am amazed Digestion Diarrhea Improved Using IBT

I first read about IBT because I thought it was about Irritable Bowels and I thought it was some type of new therapy for the bowels. Well, it turned out to be about my bowels afterall.

I decided to try the incline for my constant muscle pain. I didn't have anything to lose; just some books to put under my bed. My bed is only raised 3" at this point. I need someone to lift the bed so I can add the additional inches and finding that someone has proved to be difficult.

My pain is still constant, however, my bowels are now 100% better. For four years straight I had diarrhea almost every day. If I went anywhere, I wore an adult diaper garment. On Dec. 18, 2016 my bed was raised 3 inches. One Dec. 19th I did not have diarrhea. Today is Feb. 26, 2017 and I have not had any bowel issues since I raised my bed. This is amazing to me and totally unexpected.

I just wanted to share what a little bit of incline can do for you. I am looking forward to finding out what the 6" incline will do for me. I might have to go to the store and buy a couple of car jacks and get my bed at the correct height.

Sherry Page
benton City
United States 

Posted Date : 26-02-2017

15 Days IBT Pain + Sleep Quality


Title: 15 days already!

Good evening everyone,

New in the use of the inclined bed therapy, I'm at the end of 15 days pleasantly surprised!

I had inguinal hernia surgery 4 years ago and it threw me for some time more. Since the IBT, finished the pain in just 3 days: magical!

Also I decreased my hours of sleep while being at the top in the day! I no longer have the usual 8 am but only 5 hours and still in great shape in the day!

I noticed a higher therm night before makes me get up once a night but no problem ré réendormissement then!

That is for me the benefits of IBT to date.

Good luck in the raised position of 15 cm for my case.


your  Thierry

Original French Testimonial

Bonsoir à tous,


Nouveau dans l'utilisation de la Thrapie du lit incliné, j'en suis au bout de  15 jours surpris agréablement !

J'ai une herrnie inguinale dont j'ai été opérée il y  4 ans et qui me lançait depuis quelques temps de plus en plus. Depuis la TLI, fini la douleur, en à peine 3 jours : magique !

De plus j'ai diminué mes heures de sommeil tout en étant au top dans la journée ! je n'ai plus besoin des 8 h habituelles mais de 5 h seulement  et toujours en grande forme dans la journée !


J'ai remarqué une thermie nocturne plus élevée qu'avant qui me  fait me lever une fois par nuit mais aucun problème de réendormissement ensuite !


Voilà pour moi les bienfaits de la TLI à ce jour.


Bonne continuation dans cette position relevée de 15 cm pour mon cas.


TLIment votre







Posted Date : 22-02-2017

Everyone Should Be Sleeping Inclined Liver function, sleep quality, muscle tone, posture, immune system, sexual function,

My wife and I started IBT about 10 months ago and have been delighted with the results so far. We are both in our early fifties and have always been fairly healthy and active. So far the results are:

  • Much lower incidence of snoring
  • Improved liver function (I know because alcohol affects me less now)
  • Better sleep quality
  • Much improved sexual function
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved posture
  • Rarely get sick
  • and the most incredible of all - we have both grown over 1cm. How do I know? By coincidence we measured our heights a month before starting IBT and decided to measure our heights just recently and discovered we had grown! This probably indicates spinal disc regeneration.

Any one who does not use IBT is an absolute fool considering it's free. I tell friends and acquaintances about its benefits but I mostly get strange stares like I'm mad. I know who the mad ones are! Thanks for putting this information out there, it's a life-changer!


Darren Mikic

Posted Date : 06-02-2017

IBT Definitely Works! depression, sciatica, restless legs syndrome,

I'd just like to share my very positive experience with IBT so that others may benefit from it too. I was a bit sceptical at first, but thought I'd give it a try, raising the bed with books (!) just to see. I slept so much better, my restless leg syndrome and the sciatica in my left leg which used to wake me up several times in the night just seemed to disappear, and I woke up happy and refreshed. I was hooked. To cut a long story short, I had a couple of bed raisers made by a local carpenter (you can't buy them here in Egypt) with a groove to fit the bed legs into. Perhaps the best outcome of all - and I don't know if anyone else has experienced the same thing - is that I seem to be in a constant good mood whereas I used to suffer from occasional bouts of severe depression. I don't know whether it's just sleeping better, or whether it's the IBT itself, perhaps Andrew could give us an answer on that one, but whichever it is, I'm truly grateful.

Interestingly, when I told my sister about it (expecting her to scoff at the idea), it turned out that her family doctor had advised her to use IBT years ago for her husband's acid reflux and it worked wonders. I'd never noticed her bed was raised!


Posted Date : 11-01-2017

Over 1 year later Nocturia, Cold Feet in Bed, back pain, snoring, sleep quality

 We did not do IBT  gradually, so the first week we didn't sleep so good. Only positive results with little or no  cost for this therapy sleep. Immediately our sleeping patterns changed, my  wife still snores but very light and usually stops on her own. For myself I rarely wake up at night to urinate  and when I wake in the morning there is no rush to go. The downside is that we need to bring our shims with us when we travel or we will not have a good nights sleep.  Living in northern Canada and nearly 60 years old  my feet are often cold prior to bedtime and couldn't sleep until my feet were warm, now my feet warm up very quickly.(without help)  Lower back pain was common for me and now is a thing of the past especially when I oversleep.  Andrew I hope your name goes down in history for reviving a method of sleep the Egyptians were using back in the day. God Bless!  Amazon sells a set of four blocks for under $25. 


Posted Date : 30-12-2016


I had a serious car accident nearly six years ago . I was left with scars ,these being my ankle,knee and face and was under the impression I would have permenant numbness. I stumbled across the inclined bed therapy website after linking off from One Radio Network and thought I would give it a go. My partner is a tree surgeon and the science of the therapy made so much sense. After raising our bed 6 inches for a couple of weeks and pretty much forgetting about it I noticed that I had normal sensation and the numbness had gone!! I find sleeping at a 6" angle very comfortable and natural,  it's difficult to sleep flat now. We recently went travelling in Nepal and sleeping on flat beds was not ideal. We introduced it to three different Nepali families and they we're open enough to try it out also with good effects, one being a young boy who also had a car accident, he now is spreading the information to others in Nepal. I will never go back to sleeping flat on my back. Thank you Andrew for your persistent research and battle to get the information out there,  you are a shining star *

United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 20-11-2016