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increased salts in urine--why is this good?

8 years 1 month ago #1272 by Paul
Good point Andrew. Before jumping to conclusions based on an application its probably best to first see how the app really works and thats vital to know. Ozone and Andrew have already mentioned numerous times how much of the established known medical theories, studies and general data is based only on sleeping horizontally, so I doubt the phone app will be any different.

Its interesting what you point out though Kuma, and it reminds me somewhat of people like yogis who "sleep" only via several meditation periods throughout the day, and yet they apparently have brilliant health and energy levels without any normal sleep...adrenaline increase during sleep? Maybe something in that as kidney function definitely improves with IBT...

Have to keep it realistic too though and wait a few weeks for your body to adjust before jumping to conclusions, and don't forget too that IBT is also a therapy, and like many therapies things will probably get worse temporarily before getting better.

Great to hear your chest and eye improvements via chiro too.

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8 years 1 month ago #1273 by Ozone
I am afraid you are going to have to checkout my old posts on that one Kuma....it's a long story. I have 13 years in the alternative health field. Might I add that I have had patients that corrected their lack of conception by simply correcting geopathic stress....and EMF issues, one even conceived after I gave her orgonite. Feng shui can also have that effect, as it alters the way one sees ones life. With the Clark protocol we had quite a bit of pregnancies, even accidental, after just clearing people of heavy metals and cleansing their organs. So conception cannot be used as isolated criteria for research. No doubt IBT enhances the functioning of the body due to multiple effects...then of course things like pregnancies occur. One must note however that the body had rejected conception for a valid reason....and some get unhealthy children because they haven't addressed enough issues.
The exciting thing about IBT of course is its simplicity and cheapness. Which is probably also a hindrance in some ways. But as of illness and why we are sick etc, after intensive research, there are many many factors, and each time people discover one or two secrets they unfortunately believe they have found the answer to it all. Can't blame them though...it's hard out there..many people are sick. Good luck.
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8 years 1 month ago #1274 by Kuma
Thank you so much for saying a little bit, and I will search through old posts now that your experience has piqued my interest.

For myself, I absolutely adore it when I find an absolutely simple health-promoting protocol. The more primitive, the more I connect with it. Some of my favorites, which came from researching the scientific perspective (not a natural "hippy" tendency), are: sunlight, earthing, optimal breathing (by Buteyko), water, minerals, g-force exercise (love my little trampoline!), meditation, and of course non-toxic eating and living. I find it very satisfying that most hours of my day (on my bed) now include earthing, gravity (IBT), and optimal breathing (nasal breathing all night).

I've been intrigued by Hulda Clark's perspective several different times in my life, trying some of her (also simple) protocols.

I have a feeling there are SO many more super-basic health protocols, and I can't wait to discover all the ones I haven't found yet!

Thanks again for your reply.

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8 years 1 month ago #1283 by Ozone
A fellow earth hugger....good going. I know Martin Zucker...one of the authors of the earthing book. He told me they also have big problems just trying to convince people to touch the earth....people claim it turns you into an antenna and does harm. Have slept earthed for years...my whole family like it. But for serious illness it's usually to enough. I have done quite a bit of things myself...they all work and fail. Some people respond to one thing..other people don't respond at all. You just have to find your own medicine I suppose. I am currently doing Russian Scenar..it's a whole knew world. Deficiencies are also a huge things with people...everyone seems to have some major deficiency that contributes to their illness. Nervous system is major....and as its influenced by EMF, dirty electricity, geopathic stress, etc...even infection...you can see the complexity. Chronic illness ALWAYS has chronic infestation of some kind, although it's not necessary the cause of the illness. Again, good luck.

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