Getting into the nitty gritty of Inclined Bed Therapy by Mike Zalben Zalben Chiropractic Healing Arts 

So today we are going to talk about the nitty gritty of Inclined Bed Therapy, which is not to be confused with an adjustable bed that keeps you pretty level with your lower body, but let’s you raise your upper body. Even those adjustable beds that let you raise your lower and upper body.

What we are talking about is getting you on a complete incline.
So we are making this video because I keep going over all of this with all my patients and so hopefully this will answer every-bodies questions and really drive home the importance of inclining your bed.
Inclining your bed, we are talking about raising the head end of your bed about six inches so that you have a five degree incline.
Why is that important?

That is the degree, the five degree incline. That’s the number, five degrees that allows your body to continue to circulate fluids, blood, plasma, gasses. Anything in your digestive tract, while your sleeping.

And this was proven by an engineer in England, who just looked at a tree one day and realised how fluids and nutrients get from the roots up to the leaves. He figured this out, did an experiment where he proved that it’s the fluid that come up to the lungs that we breath out carbon dioxide and water as moisture and that changes the density of the fluids so that they circulate.

Trees do the same things. The leaves of the tree are the lungs, so that the moisture comes off, just like the moisture comes out of our lungs, so that denser nutrient filled plasma or fluid goes down and then comes back up.

So, the single greatest thing that I have done for my health is inclined my bed six inches, raising it up six inches to get a five degree tilt.

Nothing I have done has made a bigger impact on my health than this.

Now you know, you talk about body hacks, everyone is talking about body hacks, hacking the body these days. This is the greatest hack of all.

You don’t have to do anything except sleep and watch out for the benefits.

Though when I was learning about this, the engineer in England said that he is treating some really serious diseases with this simple hack. And I couldn’t believe it and he was talking about helping people with multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's and end stage aids patients who have horrible problems with diarrhoea, which is what usually kills them. And he was talking about these end stage aids patients actually stopping the diarrhoea by inclining their beds.

So these were fantastic claims and I couldn’t believe it so I Said, I’m going to try it and my Wife and I tried it together and it’s undeniably helping us.

“How much does it cost?” It costs like literally nothing, like and bed raisers are like 10 to fifteen bucks on Amazon.
And I spent something like 25 dollars on some bed raisers because they can hold extra weight and they don’t break down after a couple of months like some of the cheap ones do. But this costs literally nothing, it’s so easy to do and the health benefits are mind boggling.

Your digestion will improve, Your assimilation so your digestion is the break down of food, your assimilation is the body’s uptake of those nutrients and the elimination is your body getting rid of those.
All three of those processes are radically turbocharged by simply elevating the head of your bed.

And of course this was discovered when they entered the Pharaohs sleeping chambers. The pharaoh thousands of years ago slept on an inclined bed and it’s also in the hieroglyphs in the pyramids and when they saw the person on an incline, they knew the person was sleeping and when they were flat, they were dead.

“oh-- look at that well look to see if anyone that raises their bed and hear what they are experiencing”

Yes and if they have any questions, feel free to contact me and I hope that this has answered some of them.
But the most important thing you can do for your health, the simplest thing you can do for your health is to get your bed raised up.
Totally different than an adjustable bed right, we are inclining the whole bed and not just raising the head.

“ And if anyone has any hacks they want us to myth bust or prove, we will be happy to do that”
“Just let us know in the comments, thanks guys”.