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Doctor Richard Massey and Patrick Timpone from ORN, discussing the use of a pulse oximeter to confirm increased oxygen levels / sats increasing after raising his bed to a five degree head end up angle for just two weeks.

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Doc; I wanted to say thank you so much for having Andrew Fletcher on your show. the guy who talked about the inclined bed.
P  oh the inclined bed guy 

I mean this is a show worth listening to over and over until you get it I've never been 97 in the day

p I'll be

for years on the pulse oximeter I was 94 day in and day out and old people Patrick old people would come to
see me saying, I can't breath breathe doc and they'd be 98 and I would just think how can this be?

P how can this be?

You know that I'm 94 94 on the oximeter and so I'm gonna tell you this is after exactly two weeks of inclined bed therapy my oxygen has improved so everybody think about going down to the local pharmacy and buying one of these little pulse oximeters that fits on your finger, it will tell you your pulse it'll tell you what percentage of your blood cells have oxygen in them 
P so that's what the number is the percentage of cells that has oxygen in them Hmm Hmm it means 97 percent of my blood cells have red blood cells with oxygen on them yet flip it your finger goes in the other way P yeah oh yeah . And then you have to push the little black button okay. And so it also tells you your pulse so you can do little food allergy tests with it too. I know yeah that's cool yeah you don't have to hold your pulse and so if you're like me and you're down around 95 94 hmm-hmm then there's a test that I figured out accidentally on myself and so while you have the thing on your finger you flop yourself down on the couch and put your feet up on the end of the couch so your legs are elevated and watch it for a full 60 seconds and before I started doing incline bed therapy my oxygen saturation would drop to 79 P what is that what is that telling us? Putting my legs up and that I've that deep inside my legs I have some varicose veins where blood accumulates and doesn't come back up to the heart and it has no oxygen in it to speak of and so when I put my legs up that blood actually comes back up to the heart gets pumped out to my finger and it registers the oxygen. Just I mean the thing starts to alarm and beep huh you know yeah if you get to 90 you know and so that doesn't happen any-more after two weeks of inclined bed therapy You just put your been six inches up and I can say it to people I can say it to people over and over I can say you just put the head of your bed six inches higher than the feet so okay doc I think I got it so I put my feet six inches higher than my head? see everybody thinks that that that's the way to get varicose vein blood out of your legs and it's just the opposite of what we would think which is what fletcher talked about P you talk to them

yes and he talked about that beautiful experiment how he could get fluid to go up 24 meters seemingly against gravity and that's how our bodies designed as to is to keep fluid moving that way by by never being exactly horizontal but to have the head end slightly up all the time.

P so yeah I've had mine up I've had mine up and since we've talked to him you know about a week after and I like it I like sleeping like that I just yeah I like the way it feels

I mean we have to get rid of the satin sheets but that's about the only side effect well you slide off the end of the bed

P yeah well there are advantages to it but we won't go there well we have a lot of folks that are trying it and I think we'll wait another month or so maybe in September and then have folks call in.

but I have actual numbers and so if you get this pulse oximeter call in and let us know if you have the same results as I do yeah because I was 94 all the time and now I'm 96 and 97

p Isn't that amazing Inclined bed therapy and he said t would improve the oxygenation he said it would empty out the varicose veins it looks like that's actually physically happening.

P so why did the veins why did the veins pull down like that do you you know how they are causing it?

so of course on on a physical level there's some pressure usually in the an abdomen area that can be from constipation the classic one is pregnancy of course when there's a baby there and the blood can't get passed

P Ohh that's why the gals get the varicose veins

Veins yeah the blood can'tcome up from the legs but I'll tell you and I told this before my father when he would stand up for more than five minutes it looked like he had dark purple socks on about halfway up to his knees but he had no visible of varicose veins externally it was the deep ones on the inside that couldn't be seen that they had swollen so much and they would pool this blood so had run out of oxygen and turned purple so when I looked it up in the recoil healing book it's just a matter of You know how do people know these things?

I mean this is you know how do people know these things so the big event that happened in my father's life is one day he's a four year old boy and he comes home from whatever and and his mama's gone and she never comes back home

P Oh took his older sister and she never came back home varicose veins blood down in the legs doesn't want to come back home to the heart because mom is not there that's that's one of the classic stories

Wow and I was you know it's just kind of one of those moments like

P oh my gosh so that happened ?

yeah that actually happened and that story matches what happened with him and he didn't want to wear those jopes toes that's the other thing I would mention that when I put on the jopes toes on, those tight leg things of course it changed the pulse oximeter numbers just like the incline bed therapy does but who wants to wear those? yeah they squashed the toes against each other if you don't keep your toenails just right they dig into the side of your toes. Talk about wearing something hot in the summer in Texas a pair of jopes toes is not good. I mean just sweat would pour down my body you know I'd have to take a change of clothes everywhere I went but it worked.

But now I don't need to wear them because I did the incline bed therapy is what it looks like so y'all let me know if that works for the same way for you.

P you said about Jopes toes in a couple of times over the last year remember I had swelling in my right leg I guess that what do you call that is a little bit of edema and that's the same thing right? It is you have oedema P yeah it gets stuck down there and I took some herbs and horsetail no it wasn't horse tail it was horse chestnut and butcher's broom and and my acupuncturist gave me some vasculin which is a kind of nice product


P and so I was talking about it on the radio and I had Atom Bergstrom on, he sent me a blog or something that he said well you could do it another way too - that all you do and I've done it and I do it in yoga in my feet. you take your toes and you move your toes as far back as you can right the toes as far back as you can on each foot and then you squish them together and move your feet in.

like this pigeon-toed

P pigeon-toed the opposite of Charlie Chaplin which is this way you know Charlie Chaplin stood like this is the opposite to Charlie Chaplin and one day I was getting a little bit of that puffiness on my right as you can even see my right has a

oh yeah it is a little puffier

P and not as many veins are showing probably it's a it's a girl thing right. the right side it's always about a girl you know I play with that on my yoga pose and and about three or four hours after I did it, after I had that level edema going and it went away just by doing that just by bringing my toes back and doing that so what he said that's a it's a pressure thing he said it's just like you were saying I don't know how it works with the toes but it's got something to do with the toes yeah yeah

it does and interesting maybe that's what the socks - mm-hmm you know in a sense maybe they squish them together or something like that you know A lot of paraplegic folks have to wear jopes toes because they don't have any autonomic tone down in their lower extremities and so the blood will always pool in them so they have to wear the tight hose have done in order to not pass out when you sit them up and you would think intuitively you know that while doing like a chilled esteem like I do with my yoga and yoga and getting the blood to go down it's the way to do it but it's not really it's it's it's it's not is it?

it's not and you know Andrew Fletcher explained it so clearly I don't think I can do it as well and I would just encourage people to do that

Thank you for listening to the show