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Welcome to The Aging Games and today I will discuss a not-so-new sleep hack, Inclined Bed Therapy Benefits and Reviews.


Deep sleep is vital for physical and mental health. After a good night's sleep, your entire body functions better, resulting in quicker mental response, improved memory, burning more fat and even your cells produce more energy.

You can try IBT without spending a penny by raising the top of your bed frame by a few inches.

What is Inclined Bed Therapy? (IBT)
It's simple! Raise the head end of your bed by 6 Inches (15cm) or more depending on your bed size and reap the rewards of health and improved circulation.

It costs nothing but a couple of books, bricks or wood to take advantage of gravity and it's role in circulation, according to the man who discovered IBT, Andrew K Fletcher.

▶️ Inclined Bed Therapy Benefits from the users:
• Snoring stopped.
• Heartburn and Acid Reflux reduced.
• Water retention (edema) eliminated.
• Improved Circulation and health throughout.
• Diabetic sensitivity reduced.
• Return of Sensation to numbed areas.
• Psoriasis and skin inflammations drastically reduced.
• Varicose Veins disappearing.
• Improved recovery and defenses to common bugs, virus and germs.
• Improved recovery from DOMS after a hard workout.
• Huge improvements in people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions.
• Bed wetting stops, bladder and bowel control restored.
• People with Parkinson's Disease experienced huge improvements in their symptoms.
• People with spinal cord injuries have gained function and sensation below the injury site.
• Sleep apnea greatly improved and vanished in some cases.
• Back ache gone eliminated.
• Migraines a thing of the past.
• Lethargy and chronic fatigue replaced by energy and new motivation.
• Muscular atrophy reversed.
• Osteoporosis reversed.
• Insomnia cured.
• Night time visits to the toilet greatly improved.(this was huge for me)
• No more cold hands and feet in bed.
• Tremors gone.
• No more puffy, tired looking eyes in the morning.

▶️ Read the Testimonials on Andrew's website to learn more and more things it is starting to affect in a positive way:

▶️ Dr. Mercola's article about IBT:

So, any questions regarding IBT please ask me below. I'm happy to share.

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