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Psoriasis The Healing effects of sleeping on an inclined bed

Psoriasis Before And After. Photographic Evidence From Inclined Bed Therapy.

I met Helen for the first time on the 12th of June 07, noticing that she had lesions on her arms, particularly elbows. Helen has psoriasis.

Helen , listened to my explanation of psoriasis being a circulatory problem under the skin, rather than an infection of any kind, and having had this problem for many years. I explained to Helen that Psoriasis has responded very well to Inclined Bed Therapy, where the head end of the bed is elevated by 15 centimetres, or 6 inches to form an even tilted sleeping surface, allowing the head end of the bed to be sloping down to the feet, with a level surface of no less than 5 degrees to the horizontal.

During several pilot studies, many participants have reported huge changes in skin tone, skin temperature and documented circulation improvements in the skin. I have seen for myself vast improvements in people with a range of differing skin conditions, including psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis!

I asked Helen if she would be interesting in conducting an experiment to see if her psoriasis would improve as a result of simply sleeping on an inclined bed and avoiding flat bedrest. Thankfully she agreed to test my theory experimentally for herself. She also let me take photographs of her arms, hands feet and legs prior to raising her bed six inches at the head end. Thanks to Helen, we now have a valid benchmark.

Helen tilted her bed on the 19th June 2007. On the 24th of July Helen has reported that the whole of her body has improved and that her legs arms hands and feet, which were photographed, have improved dramatically. She now goes out wearing three quarter trousers, something that she has not been confident to do for many years. She continues to improve, enjoying restful nights instead of often painful itching and terribly uncomfortable nights.

Helen provided more photographs over the following months, which provide conclusive evidence that IBT helpes the skin to repair itself.

During many years of dedicated self-funded research into this fascinating subject of gravity assisted circulation, several cases of psoriasis have been reported to have improved dramatically. One case in point is a regular visitor to my home, who was featured in the Woman’s Realm Magazine, having experience massive improvements in psoriatic arthritis, and to this day, the only visible evidence on her whole body are two small circular patches on her elbows. The lady in question is a former nurse who used to wake up every morning racked with pain in her joints and unable to move her hands for up to 2 hours, immersing them in hot water to get them moving. She had holes in her fingernails and toenails, and is over 60 years young. Several other reports of psoriasis improvements have been noted, including 76 year old going topless on a beach for the first time in her life following huge improvements in her skin.
But alas, no amount of anecdotal evidence will embarrass the medical profession into accepting that their own literature could be embarrassingly wrong and that a drug /surgical free method of treating patients with a whole range of medical conditions could produce far better results than the barrage of overpriced pills jabs and surgical procedures.

An interesting paper on salt content in sweat from people with psoriasis. "

Z Hautkr. 1987 Jul 1;62(13):1029-34.

[Psoriasis. Sodium, potassium, chloride--analysis in sweat, saliva and urine--selective ultraviolet phototherapy].


It has been recognised that the sweat (extracellular area) excreted from those affected with psoriasis contains twice the amount of sodium and four times the amount of potassium in comparison to those not affected with psoriasis. According to Saalmann, after HUV therapy (SUP) there is a significant reduction of the saliva sodium content (intercellular area) not only with psoriasis patients, but with all other patients receiving radiation therapy as well. This result has never before been described in the literature. Therefore, on the one hand, completely new aspects of psoriasis and therapy can be recognized, and on the other hand, of the effects of SUP.

PMID:   3630300