How my Wife was cured of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For over 20 years my Wife has had to be extremely careful about what she eats and drinks.

Eating at restaurants was definitely off the menu.

The slightest mistake would have her rushing in pain to the toilet.

Her tummy would become severely bloated.

Many food additives frequently triggered severe stomach cramps, bloating and perspiration, followed by inevitable severe diarrhoea.

It has been a year now since my wife was treated with antibiotics for a scratch on her leg that became infected at Totnes Hospital in Devon.

She is allergic to penicillin, so was given Doxycyclin: 1 per day

And Metronidazole 400mg 21 tablets taken 3 times a day. Beginning with a double dose to start the course.

(Please check to see what other antibiotics are effective for IBS with your GP)

Side effects my wife experienced from Metronidazole resulted in a raw feeling in her stomach, sore dry mouth and she was unable to drink alcohol after the course finished for a week. because it left a foul taste in the mouth, making alcohol taste like “disgusting vinegar”

Fortunately, the antibiotics, coupled with Lugols Iodine applied topically to the wound.

Following the prescription meds, Jude took probiotics and natural yoghurt from the local supermarket, in order to replenish the good bacteria that would have been eliminated by the drugs.

It was about a month later that Jude and I realised that she was not experiencing IBS, which was for her, a weekly occurrence, sometimes several times a week, often several times a day.

While you might think this condition is good for keeping weight down, it can lead to more complications and adversely affect your immune system by reducing the nutritional value of your diet and by releasing stomach acid into the intestines.

After one year of being symptom free, her irritable bowel syndrome is completely cured!

She can now eat foods that would have sent her rushing to the toilet within a few minutes.

I went back the hospital to inform staff about Jude’s results and most of all to thank them for curing her of IBS. No one was aware of this simple low cost alternative antibiotic treatment.

Though our experience raises questions as to why our Doctors and nurses appear to be completely unaware of this simple curative intervention, that costs very little money and is life changing?

In all the years she has been going back and forth to the Dr’s surgery for pills aimed at controlling rather than curing this terribly debilitating condition not one Doctor or nurse has mentioned it?
This is very odd since deciding to write this article, a quick search on the Internet has shown an abundance of publications which confirm our own results?

Why haven’t the drug companies come clean about this important discovery? One patient cured is a lifetime customer lost? Big Pharma Business model?

We hope that by sharing our experience with other people who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome can get the same permanent relief as my Wife did.

We were also sleeping on a five degree head up angle (inclined bed therapy)

How irritable bowel misery can be cured just by taking antibiotics: It helped Nicola and scientists think many more can benefit too