There is a disturbing move towards assisted deaths amongst politicians and the medical health industry. Assisted Suicide may be a choice for some, but "Assisted Life" is by far the better alternative!

Assisted death inclined-bed-therapy-alternative-to-assisted-suicideis and always has been practiced with the Liverpool Pathway (Slowly killing a person by not giving that patient food or water) And the removal of pillows to lay a person flat, which accelerates death in patients who according to the administrators are beyond hope. These practices are often spoken of but seldom can be found written in literature.

I have wittnessed the removal of pillows from a patient who was terminally ill, by nurses several years ago and death followed within minutes.

Instead of injecting lethal chemicals into patients shouldn't we first try injecting some common sense into our Health Care?

If placing a patient flat can accelerate their death, should we be doing something about all of the patients who are cared for on flat beds?

Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) has been shown to help restore a patients health when all "conventional help" has failed. Many irreversible and serious medical conditions have positively responded to avoiding sleeping on a flat bed, something that many people do every night and will never think to question how safe sleeping on a flat bed is until it's detrimental de-conditioning effects are felt.

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