Series of photographs of severe bruising resulting from a fall, Photographs taken over 10 days following my injury

I had a fall several days ago resulting in a severely bruised hip, considerable pain, having twisted my hip joint. I fell on to some logs that I was carrying having got my feet caught up in the plastic cover. The first day I could barely walk, I had severe discomfort and pain after resting up on the flat settee / couch. This was interesting because the bruising hadn't come out immediately but my injury and pain was considerably worse as a result of resting up horizontally.

Went to bed, “Inclined Bed Therapy” of course”, and could only sleep on right side and back. On waking I was pain free although the bruised area was tender and stinging a little when putting on clothes. I could walk around with a little discomfort, took first photograph that evening on the 24th of March 2013. Then another 27th March 2013 trying to match the exact lighting of the first photograph. More taken 28th, 29th, 30th and 3rd April

After first photograph was taken the next morning again pain free but had some modest pain and aching again after resting up or sitting by the computer, but no pain or discomfort in the morning after IBT. Interesting?

The following day I was able to walk normally without pain and only discomfort was from clothing pressure or when turning over in bed, even so by now I was able to sleep on left hand side.

My walking is now back to normal now and only a slight stinging pain in the bruised area. Will take more photographs this evening and so on. I think people will be astounded at the rate of healing using Inclined Bed Therapy.