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IBT in The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine:

Urgently Needed: Scientists To Conduct 'Inclined Bed Therapy Inclined bed therapy new zealand newsTrials 
Issue 31 of the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, Nov 2018-Feb 2019, p 20.

Andrew K. Fletcher, the UK engineer and medical researcher who discovered 'Inclined Bed Therapy1 (IBT) in 1994, is calling on New Zealand scientists to investigate IBT in trials.

His website, www.inclinedbedtherapy.com, hosts testimonials from IBT users whose anecdotal reports suggest that the simple tech­nique of raising their beds by 6 inches at the head end*, can improve health in a diverse range of ways. There are positive reports from sufferers of multiple sclerosis, varicose veins, leg ulcers, inconti­nence, oedema, diabetes, migraine headaches, sports' injuries, memory loss, Alzheimer's, among numerous other conditions, yet UK medical authorities have yet to acknowledge its potential cost­saving value and initiate clinical trials.

The idea for IBT originated from experiments Fletcher conducted using a looped tube to establish how trees circulated sap. Two solu­tions of varying densities were used, the denser of which contained a dye. As his YouTube videos demonstrate, gravity pulls the denser fluids down the vertical tubes and this movement creates a positive pressure in front of the descending solutes and a negative pressure and applied tension behind them, which cause the solutions to flow.

Fletcher believes IBT should be the first line of intervention for im­proving patient care outcomes and is eager for trials to begin.

There is good reason to conduct further investigation into the thera­peutic value of sleeping on a bed raised by 6 inches. There was a reason why the pharaohs slept like this 5,000 years ago,” he said.

*Lift king-sized beds 7 inches.