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Transcript from Interview:
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Read more: 2nd Interview on One Radio Network. The results after 3 months are in.

If You can relate to any of these questions, you need to watch this video. 
Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) can be a life changing experience even when all else has failed. 
Do you suffer from Migraine Headaches?
Are you in the habit of visiting the bathroom many times during the night?
Does your child wet the bed?
Do You wake up each morning feeling worse than before you got into bed?
Do you believe that the bed you sleep in is healing you while you sleep?
Have you woken up with paralysis that wasn't there the night before?
Do you experience sleep paralysis?
Do you or your partner snore loudly?
Do you have diabetes?
Do you have multiple sclerosis?
Have you injured your spine?
Do you experience constant back ache?
Does your child have cerebral palsy?
Do you have an adjustable bed?
Do you suffer from poor circulation?
Do you have a leg ulcer?
Do you have varicose veins?
Do you have Parkinson's Disease?
Do you or your partners hands and feet feel cold when your in bed?
Do you experience poor sleep or suffer from insomnia?
Are you afraid you might not wake up if you go to bed?
Do you have restless legs / Ekbom syndrome?
On rising from bed, does it take a while for you to become mobile?
Does your face look puffy when you get out of bed?
Do you have Bells Palsy?
Have you ever thought it might be the bed that is causing your health issues?

Andrew K Fletcher

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to watch this video

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Experiment video:

 Stenosis / narrowing shown experimentally in fluid filled silicon tube.


Simple experiment to show how dissolved substances--salts, sugars, metals and minerals, found in the blood and all body fluids assist circulation due to the affect of gravity on density imbalance due to evaporation from the breath, respiratory tract, skin, eyes and hair.

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This flow and return system shown experimentally in open-ended soft wall silicon tubing filled with water suspended 2 metres vertically by the centre with both open ends immersed in the water filled bottles, one of which has yellow food colouring added to show a return flow and to show clearly the narrowing caused by the tension applied to the water inside the tube and bottles.

Red coloured saline is introduced at the top of the suspended loop of tubing via a T junction and a syringe body to initiate the flow and return circulation, red representing the arterial blood flow in humans and all animals. And the phloem vessels in plants and trees. Yellow representing the venous return flow and the xylem return flow in plants and trees.

One of the objectives of the experiment is to show how solutes / dense substances alter the fluid tension on the inside walls of the silicon tubing filled with water, which is by no means as pliable as the majority of veins in the human body.

At the same time showing how increasing the density of the fluids at the upper part of the experiment, the canopy of trees and the upper part of the human body, --providing we are aligned correctly, either standing, sitting in an inclined posture or on an inclined bed with the head of the bed raised 6 / 15 cms (inclined bed therapy)

Not unlike trees and plants, we constantly evaporate water from the lungs with every breath exhaled and provide a constant stream of evaporation from the skin, eyes, hair, lungs, mouth, nasal cavities, throat, and sinuses.

Evaporated water does not contain salts, sugars, minerals, iron, and other metals. However, the fluid that it evaporates from does contain denser substances so it is impossible for evaporative water loss from the body or indeed the leaves of a tree without altering the density of the remaining fluids!

For every breath exhaled there must be a density change in the fluids at and below the surface of the lungs! The resulting denser solvent known as surfactant is oxygenated by the incoming air, its density is increased by evaporation from exhaled air and the density affords gravity to assist the flow of oxygenated denser blood back through the heart and into the arteries. Providing we are aware of this and align our body accordingly we can make use of the direction of gravity and enjoy the benefits from assisted circulation.

However, if we spend many hours horizontal, renal function or kidney filtration is compromised and there is an inevitable accumulation of dense often-toxic substances that remain in the blood, lymph, nerve, brain and tissue fluids. On standing after sleeping horizontally there is an inevitable shift in the direction of gravity which is assisting the circulation but with a toxic overload heading towards the kidneys.

It is this sudden postural shift and its effect on denser fluids towards the bladder that is considered as a mechanism for applying internal tension to the blood within the venous return flow, causing the origin of stenosis / narrowing of the veins, recently discovered in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Watch my other videos on fluid transport.

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Sincerely Yours

Andrew K Fletcher

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This is the first part of a 2 part video set to show what you need to reproduce the experiment.
Website for more Information:

Purpose of the Experiment

The experiment is set up to show how salts, sugars, minerals and metals dissolved in the blood are influenced by gravity and are observed to open and close the silicone tubing which is clearly shown and represents the narrowing of veins in chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins and chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency CCSVI, in multiple sclerosis, ms, depends upon our posture and correct alignment with the direction of pull from gravity. 17 years of research into Inclined Bed Therapy has shown avoiding sleeping flat by elevating the head end of the bed 15 cms or 6 inches higher than the foot end of the bed and avoiding poor sitting posture, by making sure your seat is always higher than your knees to provide a slope down towards your knees, rather than the familiar bucket seat found in cars and wheelchairs has provided people with impressive symptom relief, without surgery and without drugs.

The second part of this video set shows the experiment and an explanation is narrated.


Experiment Results: When coloured salt solution is introduced at the top of an open-ended water filled tube suspended by the centre 2 meters vertical with both open ends immersed in 2 water filled glass bottles, at ground level a tension is applied to the water in both sides of the suspended vertical loop of tubing. A slight narrowing of both legs of the experiment is observed before the salt solution is introduced, but not significant enough to show on video.

Once introduced at the T junction / top of the experiment, gravity immediately draws the salt solution down and this is shown clearly on Part 2.

This causes a drag behind the downward flowing salts affecting all of the water molecules inside the whole tube and the water molecules inside the open topped vessels, representing both the phloem in trees and the arterial blood flow in humans and animals.

Yellow food colouring was added to the vessel to show clearly the return flow generated by the downward flow. Here we see the yellow salt free water drawn up the opposite side of the tube that contains the downward flowing salt solution, representing the xylem in trees and the venous return blood flow in humans and animals.

This happens because the falling red coloured salt solution applies tension to the water molecules and it is this applied tension that is demonstrated to pull on the inside wall of the tube drawing the return flow soft silicone tube in causing it to collapse, while the downward flowing side that contains the salts causes the tube to bulge slightly and to neck immediately behind the falling salt solution.

I have argued for 17 years that a simple density flow and return system operates in the body and not just in the arteries and veins but in the nervous system, the lymphatic system, in skin tissue, the skeleton, the eyes and respiratory tract. In fact every single cell and every molecule of fluid in the body must obey the same rules observed experimentally!

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Density Flow and Return Simple Sugar Solution and Heat Experiment


What You Need: 2L Of water 2 kg of sugar, large saucepan & supervision is a must because boiling anything on a cooker is dangerous and boiling syrup coming into contact with your skin will cause severe burns. Object of Experiment to Observe how solute density alters the way water boils when heated. Scale down to 1 k of sugar and 1 litre of water in a smaller pan. Add water and all of the sugar to the saucepan and begin to heat it. Observe closely how the denser fluid at the bottom of the pan behaves as the heat begins to motivate the syrup. At the same time observe the vapour bubbles and the rapidly agitating syrup below the surface. Adding heat to the water and sugar crystals accelerates the dissolving of the sugar creating a very dense solution. The surface of the syrup does not boil, yet below the surface about half way down the saucepan is clearly boiling and if you look very close you can see lots of large and small gas bubbles forming and rising as you would expect them to do. However if you study what is happening you will see that the surface of the syrup remains unbroken and shows little if any motion while below the surface it is completely different and actively bubbling and boiling.

So what do you think is happening? I suspect that a flow and return circulation is operating in the lower active level of the syrup where the heat is causing the fluid to form gas and rise but in doing so is generating a return flow from the cooler water causing the rotation of the syrup rather than it reaching the surface and disrupting the stagnant state. The dense syrup is acted upon by gravity and the heat at the base of the pan changes the density of the syrup causing it to rise, where it meets the lower part of the cooler surface less dense syrup and returns back to the base of the pan taking with it the vapour bubbles and preventing them from reaching the surface of the liquid. Before all of the sugar has turned into clear liquid stir the solution with a wooden spoon and let it return back to the un-agitated state and you should see the lower level behave as before and the surface layer remain once again still. Eventually the surface syrup heats up and the liquid boils as one would expect a liquid to boil. Yet when another Kilo of sugar is added to the now boiling syrup the same low surface flow happens again and the surface of the liquid stagnates until all the sugar has dissolved and the liquid is boiling in the normal manor.

This is a fascinating experiment that requires supervision as boiling syrup is very dangerous. The sugar looks like clouds viewed from an aircraft for a while. What does it tell us? Having been working on a density flow theory in plants, trees, animals and humans that generates circulation by density changes occurring in the fluids due to evaporation, the boiling syrup experiment shows how powerful this gravity driven flow really is. It also shows how density changes at the surface of the ocean due to evaporation and the resulting increases in density of surface water generate an underwater river that drives the Atlantic Conveyor system, a river thought to be larger than all of the combined rivers in the world that powers the world's weather. But does it also tell us something about the nature of gravity?

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