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Urine Density (Experiment)


Looking for minimum of 10 preferably 20 healthy people to sleep 5 degree head down tilt for two nights 5 degree head up tilt for two nights and horizontal for two nights, collecting urine output and measuring the specific gravity / density of the collected urine using a hydrometer which can be obtained from any wine / beer making outlet or a second hand store / car boot sale for next to nothing.




Method to tilt bed to five degrees, can be blocks of wood, bricks, frame or wooden wedge under mattress.


Tall slender glass or vase deep enough to allow a hydrometer to float freely in the contents and a larger sealed container to collect all of the urine produced sleeping and on waking in the morning.




Normal night time and morning urine output over two days is to be monitored using the hydrometer recording the density when the urine has been collected and cooled to normal room temperature. Measurements should include each sample of urine and an average sample of urine taken by combining all of the samples of urine in a large container for each of the sleeping positions used in this experiment labelling each container as HUT (5 degree to the horizontal Head Up Tilt) H (Horizontal) HDT (5 degree to the horizontal Head Down Tilt)


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When Harry Met Andrew

When Harry Met Andrew




Inclined Bed Therapy for children with Brachytelephalangic Chondrodysplasia Punctata

I was invited to meet Harry age 14 by his father to hear from his son how sleeping on an inclined bed raised six inches at the head end has transformed his life in a year.


Our meeting took place at a local pub. Dad was waiting for me outside and immediately phoned his wife to bring Harry along. I had heard that this lad was articulate and very intelligent, despite his very rare and debilitating medical condition. I had already spoken with his dad on several occasions, before and during IBT.

Harry's first positive gain from using Inclined Bed therapy (IBT) reported by his Father was that he had stopped wetting the bed and that he was very proud of this achievement which gave him a huge confidence boost.


Harry walked into the bar and walked towards us. Dad said this is Andrew, the man who asked us to tilt your bed. Harry shook my hand and said thank you for helping me and we sat down for what turned out to be a conversation I will remember for the rest of my life.


Harry stunned me with his articulation and depth of knowledge in a wide range of subjects. His positive attitude, sense of doing the right things in life are a credit to his family, friends and teachers. They have helped Harry enormously and he has helped himself and everyone around him by being Harry.


We learned a lot from a lad who had been put through the mill with numerous operations on his spine, including having a Harrington Rod fixed to keep his spine straight, which had to be removed after it was protruding through his skin. He later had a bone graft to fuse his spine but despite this, according to his dad, he was still suffering from scoliosis bending forward due to poor cartilage growth.


This condition affects the nasal passage, making it difficult to breath through the nose, restricts air flow to the lungs, which results in poor oxygenation with causes fatigue, breathlessness and regular infections. It also affects skeletal and cartilage growth and causes spinal column compression.


Harry is very light in frame and muscle. We discussed how this had changed over the last year. He told me that his legs and arms are much stronger and his muscles are developing better now. He added pointing to the corner of the bar and then to the door, stating that if at age 13 he had walked that distance he would have been fatigued and needed to rest. Now he adds, he can walk a mile and possibly more.


He had never been able to swim because of his buoyancy, poor posture and lack of muscle, saying he sank each time he tried. He now enjoys swimming.


I asked if he has a better immunity to infections such as colds and flu. We learned than that this was the first time since birth that he had avoided winter bugs, despite his father mother and brother all having flu he had somehow dodged it. We have known for a long time that using IBT helps to protect us against coughs colds and flu. I for example get initial symptoms, go to bed and find that symptoms have vanished. Not to say this happens every-time, as we did manage to get a particularly nasty virus last year that took a few days to shake off.


Everyone around Harry has noticed his pyjamas which always fit are now flying at half mast. In other words he is experiencing an accelerated growth spurt-when for years he has barely grown at all. Of course we would need to test this on a larger group of children with the same condition but there is an inherent lack of funding, will and expertise. But most of all this is a very rare condition, so I doubt it will ever happen in the realms of the medical and pharmaceutical studies because there is zero chance of recouping their investment. And there lies the main problem with bringing forth to mainstream medicine a FREE therapy. He said you should be a very rich man from this discovery. Dad jumped in and said; Son some people do things for the money. Andrew does not do this for money, he does it because he cares and wants to help people because he is a kind person.


Harry and I spent a long time discussing how IBT was discovered? why it is not accepted? Why don't people listen? why don't people just do it? I replied as best as I could to such an expert interrogator,. Believe me he is one tough and astute young lad. In fact his range of knowledge puts a lot of adults on their backfoot. I told him that if a thousand people read my research and advice, perhaps 5 people would try it. Most would shrug their shoulders thinking what's this got to do with me or who are you, or what qualifications do you have or you are no doctor. He replied; “but my Dad listened to you”. He added “I can make them listen to you”! Will you come to my Special needs school and talk to the parents and teachers. I will tell them what you have done for me and you can tell them why it works! I said they won't let me come to your school to talk about health issues because I am not a doctor. He said; “Believe me when I have spoken with them they will listen”! He said; “I want to tell everyone and I will come with you to any part of the World to let them know about your discovery.” My eyes were welling up, still are as I write this. His dad's and Granddad's eyes were also welling. What a kid you have there, I said, he is amazing and I am overwhelmed with having this opportunity to talk with young Harry.


Harry said he wants to be a good politician, to do things right and to avoid all of the mistakes that politicians make. He would make a fantastic politician! He told me about how he spoke to some man who was shouting at kids in wheelchairs telling them to shut up. He went up to the guy and spoke calmly saying; There is no need to be rude and harsh to these children. You are lucky, you have a normal life in a normal body. Try saying shush calmly instead. That guy has been silenced forever.

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What type of blocks are safe for Inclined Bed Therapy

Suitable Blocks / Bed Raisers for Inclined Bed Therapy

6 inch Plastic Bed Risers Suitable for Inclined Bed Therapy I.B.T.


These strong plastic cone shaped bed / furniture raisers / risers are excellent for tilting the bed for Inclined Bed Therapy. They are supplied in a box of 4 so you have a spare set for when you are travelling or staying with family and friends.

Although they measure slightly less than six inches it is not crytical to be exact and as most bed legs are set slightly in from the edge of the bed, the angle is within the range. If additional height is required, the risers can be placed on to another board or book.


They pack inside each other and are fairly lightweight so can easily fit inside a flight bag or suitcase and do not take up much room considering they are hollow.


Far easier to install than wooden blocks and inexpensive. Check Ebay for a bargain.


The blocks should measure 6 inches minimum from base to top as shown.

If you need to raise your bed higher, then simply put one cone inside the other and this will add 1-2 more inches depending where your bed legs are situated.

Inclined Bed Therapy Strong Plastic Bed Raisers


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How to convert a wood framed bed for Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

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This video was created to illustrate how a wooden framed bed can be easily converted for inclined bed therapy at very little cost and effort.

Total cost:
It took approximately 5 hours to convert our Kingsize Pine bed.
We purchased a solid used bed from Ebay for £150.00 and purchased one piece of timber from the local builders / timber yard for the conversion for £11.00.

If you or your partner are comfortable with DIY, this guide should provide you with sufficient details to modify your own bed for inclined bed therapy or IBT as it is now known by many thousands of people throughout the world.

Chances are, You are probably watching this video because you already know about my exciting discovery and research into posture health and circulation, and have probably asked the question about how your own bed can be modified to permanently accommodate sleeping on five degree head up angle.


If you feel this is too complicated for you to tackle, you can still show this guide to someone who can get the job done for you.

If you have just surfed in, Inclined Bed Therapy or (IBT) More detailed information about this exciting discovery can be found here at http://inclinedbedtherapy.com and this subject is certainly worth a read to understand how simply tilting a bed has transformed the lives of many people with serious and supposedly irreversible medical conditions.

Be sure also to check out my other videos on this topic.

History tells us that we have not always slept on our perfectly flat beds. In fact the Pharaohs or ancient Egyptians slept with their beds raised at the head end by 6 inches or 15 cm's. Why? http://www.touregypt.net/images/touregypt/furniture8.jpg

Reading through the digitised Bible, wherever bed is mentioned it frequently associates bedrest with illness and death. One paragraph states "take up thy bed and walk" with reference to paralysis. The Tudor period in Europe was plagued with the sweating sickness, which killed millions who fell asleep never to awaken. Two guards were placed at the side of a sick persons bed to ensure they remained awake and presumably sitting rather than laying flat and this simple act was used to prevent people from dying of this terrible affliction.  


Please remember to share this video to help get the word out about Inclined Bed Therapy.
Your comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for watching

Andrew K Fletcher

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John Cann 69 Spinal Cord Injured Using IBT Featured in Sunday Independent

 Miracle of medicine

ON THE MEND: John Cann is standing again Pictures: Steve Porter
John Cann Spinal Cord Injured Using Inclined bed Therapy  

John, a former commercial diver who served in the Army, was keen on rugby and canoeing until the operation left him paralysed.

He was told that however much movement he had after two years, there would be no further improvement that was until he tried the bed-raising technique.

But as the months went on, he noticed pains travelling through his legs and realised that it was the nerves regenerating.

After all this pain, I noticed I was getting more and more feeling back and found I could flex muscles I had not been able to flex before, said John.

The only things that do not hurt are my ankles, and my right knee is not very strong. I can stand, but only using my standing frame at the moment.

Andrew has now arranged for John to use a parachute harness that will fully support his legs, and a rail is being fitted to a wall at his home so that he can move around on his feet more often. Andrew said that many people were sceptical about the effects of the raised bed method and it had not worked for everyone.

But he added: If it can do that for John, what cant it do for the rest of us I say go out in the garden, grab a couple of house bricks and give it a go.

 Orignal Article:


JUST by raising their beds with a few blocks of wood, or some house bricks, scores of spinal injury sufferers say that they have noticed a dramatic improvement in their conditions. But how can such a simple method seem to succeed where conventional medicine has failed Chief reporter ANTHONY ABBOTT looks at the apparent phenomenon of the Naturesway Sleep System:

DELIGHTED John Cann is standing on his own two feet again after eight years of paralysis in his legs and he is convinced its all down to a simple bed treatment.

John had no feeling in his legs for eight years after an operation went wrong, but following two years of treatment using a raised bed method pioneered in the West Country, he has got the feelings back in his legs and now is determined to walk.

The 69-year-old is amazed at the effect the simple treatment has had over the past two years and has urged other people to try it for themselves.

I raised the bed and that night I had no pain at all, he said. I had been going until about three in the morning and then had to have an injection to get back to sleep.

Now I make a point of standing up with my standing frame every day while I watch the news in the evenings to build up my strength. I never give up and now I have set myself the next aim to go for. I am going to walk unaided. I may need cr-utches and then sticks, but I am going to walk again.

Former engineer Andrew Fletcher, who invented the Naturesway Sleep System six years ago, said that he was astonished when he visited John at his home in Gunnislake to see him standing.

He says that many people have benefitted from the simple treatment of raising the head of their beds a few inches, but in the case of John it had been very dramatic.

It was just incredible, said Andrew. I was nearly in tears. Here was a man who was told there was nothing that could be done for him; had felt nothing for eight years and then in the last two years has got feeling back in his legs.

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 John Cann Who Has a Spinal Cord Injury Walks after 11 Years Of Paralysis on Carlton Television News

Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) has helped many more people with spinal cord injuries since this video was first shown on the local News. But it is not specific to Spinal cord injuries and has helped people with multiple sclerosis, ccsvi, parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, psoriasis,varicose veins, oedema,leg ulcer, poor circulation, and many more conditions during 17 years of research.

On the forum, you will find evidence to support this statement from people who have simply tilted their beds.

John Cann Walks after 11 years of paralysis using a simple non-invasive free therapy, discovered by Andrew K Fletcher, who has shown beyond any shadow of doubt that gravity plays a vital roll in the circulation of fluids and that posture in relation to the constant direction of gravity is of paramount importance when restoring function to all neurological and non-neurological damage.
On Saturday April 15th 2000, John obtained the timber for parallel bars to be erected at his home in Cornwall, On Sunday I went to John's home and completed the job, for tomorrow was to be a momentous occasion indeed.

John was left paralysed, in 1990, when surgery to his spine went wrong. He was told that after two years any chance of further recovery would be highly unlikely and for the next six years he experienced little if any change in his condition.
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MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Andrew Fletcher's Bed Treatment To Be Investigated

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Andrew Fletcher's bed treatment will now be fully investigated. Picture: Steve Porter
Andrew K Fletcher Featured in Sunday Independent

Of the many people who have enjoyed improvements in their health using the gravity bed, none was more dramatic than the case of 69-year-old John Cann.

The former commercial diver had no feeling in his legs for eight years after an operation went wrong and left him paralysed.

He was told that, however much movement he had after two years, there would be no further improvement, but then he tried raising his bed and the results were spectacular.

When John, from Gunnislake, was first featured in the Indy last April he had got the feeling back in his legs and was able to stand.

But now, just five months on, a delighted John is walking further with the help of parallel bars and is determined to get on to crutches as soon as possible.

He is getting some specially made boots to support his ankles and says he has never felt better.

He said: 'I am getting stronger and stronger every day and the only thing that's holding me back now is my ankles and my knees.'

John, who lives alone, is noticing more and more feeling in his legs as the nerves recover and his long term aim is to walk unaided.

Ministers pledge on bed project

HEALTH ministers have pledged to look into the benefits of a simple bed treatment, pioneered by a West Country man, which is having a dramatic effect on spinal injury and multiple sclerosis sufferers,writes ANTHONY ABBOTT.

It marks a real breakthrough in Andrew Fletcher's five-year battle to gain official recognition for the Naturesway Sleep System that appears to be succeeding where conventional medicine has failed.

Thanks to the backing of Torbay MP Adrian Sanders, Andrew, who lives in Torquay, has received a letter from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health, Lord Philip Hunt, saying officials will examine the benefits of the gravity bed.


The Minister said that the Government was always interested in developments that might lead to improved care for patients.

Andrew said: 'This is long overdue. It is absolutely incredible to me to think that there is something here that doesn't cost anything and I can't understand for the life of me why everyone isn't doing it.'

 First revealed in theSunday Independentthree years ago, the Naturesway Sleep System involves raising the bed a few inches with blocks of wood or ordinary house bricks.

The discovery followed several experiments by Andrew who found there was a circuit which made water carrying salt and nutrients flow upwards. He wondered how gravity and the flow of water would affect the human body.

Andrew set up a controlled study on the Internet and scores of sufferers around the world found their condition improved with the treatment.

Original Article:

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