Simple Furniture raisers measuring six inches / 15 cm fit nicely inside each other so take up less room in your suitcase for those Inclined Bed Therapy Holidays. Fortunately they come in packs of 4 for around £10 on Ebay and elsewhere. You can buy stronger ones and even wooden raisers or make your own custom designs by filling plastic bottles with cement and sand mixed with a little water. In this you can insert castors at the bottom and upside down at the top so the bayonet is protrusinf with the wheel embedded in the mortar. You will need to let it set for around a week before using it. The tough plastic bottle provides a durable external coverto save scratching your floors. I like this method. You can also embed a large threaded bolt into the mortar so it can be screwed onto your bed legs when set. You will need to drill a hole slightly smaller that the threaded bolt in the bottom of the bed legs to avoid splitting the wood. The one's shown are 5" raisers but with timber placed on the bottom of them with a square cut to the insde measurement screwed and glued on you can make them up to any height you like.
You can fit one inside the other to raise the bed higher because you have 4 in a set.                    Add a comment

Published on 16 Nov 2014

How to make Custom Made Trendy Cool Bed raisers / Risers for Inclined Bed Therapy, by Reusing / Recycling discarded 2 litre plastic bottles, biscuit tins, McDonald's And KFC Large soft drinks cartons, Bargain Bucket Cartons, Baby Milk Formula Tins, Plant pots etc.
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Inclined bed therapy (IBT) was conceived after a remarkable discovery in how gravity drives our circulation, helps us to stay healthy and why we should avoid sleeping on a flat / horizontal bed.
20 years of research have revealed that simply raising the head end of your bed by 6 inches / 15 cm can reverse medical conditions currently thought to be irreversible. But rather than listen to me talking about the miraculous and phenomenal results from IBT my challenge is simple. Try it yourself and report your results back to us on the comments section below. Hit the like button and share this important message with your family and friends and anyone else that will listen.

To begin your journey back to health listen to the Inclined Bed Therapy radio interview on the front page

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Thank you Rae for your excellent instructions on modifying your wooden framed bed for Inclined Bed Therapy. Simple design and Great job!

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This video was created to illustrate how a wooden framed bed can be easily converted for inclined bed therapy at very little cost and effort.

Total cost:
It took approximately 5 hours to convert our Kingsize Pine bed.
We purchased a solid used bed from Ebay for £150.00 and purchased one piece of timber from the local builders / timber yard for the conversion for £11.00.

If you or your partner are comfortable with DIY, this guide should provide you with sufficient details to modify your own bed for inclined bed therapy or IBT as it is now known by many thousands of people throughout the world.

Chances are, You are probably watching this video because you already know about my exciting discovery and research into posture health and circulation, and have probably asked the question about how your own bed can be modified to permanently accommodate sleeping on five degree head up angle.

If you feel this is too complicated for you to tackle, you can still show this guide to someone who can get the job done for you.

If you have just surfed in, Inclined Bed Therapy or (IBT) More detailed information about this exciting discovery can be found here at and this subject is certainly worth a read to understand how simply tilting a bed has transformed the lives of many people with serious and supposedly irreversible medical conditions.

Be sure also to check out my other videos on this topic.

History tells us that we have not always slept on our perfectly flat beds. In fact the Pharaohs or ancient Egyptians slept with their beds raised at the head end by 6 inches or 15 cm's. Why?

Reading through the digitised Bible, wherever bed is mentioned it frequently associates bedrest with illness and death. One paragraph states "take up thy bed and walk" with reference to paralysis. The Tudor period in Europe was plagued with the sweating sickness, which killed millions who fell asleep never to awaken. Two guards were placed at the side of a sick persons bed to ensure they remained awake and presumably sitting rather than laying flat and this simple act was used to prevent people from dying of this terrible affliction.  

Please remember to share this video to help get the word out about Inclined Bed Therapy.
Your comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for watching

Andrew K Fletcher

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