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Type 1 Diabetes Recovery after 4 years of Inclined Bed Therapy

Diabetes type 1 and Inclined Bed Therapy
Had some good news yesterday from a lady who became type 1 diabetic after being given huge doses of steroids without anyone informing what they were administering, why they where giving it and what potential damage they can cause. Her pancreas had completely failed the day after and produced no insulin. She was told it would not recover and for four years since they were looking to be correct about her prognosis. She is in her late sixties.
Recently she has been noticing that she needs less and less insulin and most of the time needs none at all.
During a check up a few days ago, a doctor has advised her that her pancreas has begun to produce insulin again and that she will most likely not have to take it at all for much longer. Most of the time she takes a blood reading it is normal and she takes no insulin, sometimes 2 or 3 units. Before she took 15 to 20 units and more. Now that's a result worthy of a study

External Information:
"However in some unfortunate people the beta cells of the pancreas have been destroyed to the point where there are not enough left and they now have diabetes for life and need injected insulin."
‘So many people have blind faith in their doctors. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t questioned my treatment — and whether many other people are on lifelong insulin unnecessarily.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1361652/How-steroids-diabetes.html#ixzz3MKs8vUnw