We need more people to test this app for snoring. Can you help us by downloading the app and giving us a reading over two nights sleeping flat and provide a five day reading following inclining the bed to five degrees? Please provide us with your data in an image as shown below.

From Shannon who kindly provided us with the chart: "I think I inclined around the 11th of March. I didn’t down load app until 17th. I’m only on 4 inch incline at this time."

Free App used to determine reduction in snoring using IBT:


snoring reductions using inclined bed therapy

Why do we snore and what can be done to resolve it?

Simply rasing the head end of your bed to a five degree angle will assist respiration and encourage nose breathing. Try to sleep on either side and rotate from left to right when you feel the need to do so. Use books, blocks, bricks or furniture risers to achieve this.

inclined bed divan                                                                                                     

 6"                                           3"                   Remove castors

That's it!

Increased Health Risks associated with snoring and sleep apnoea:

  • Habitual snorers can be at greater risk for serious health problems, including obstructive sleep apnea and it's associated problems:


  • Irregular breathing patterns during sleep caused by partial or total obstruction or blockage of the airway.

  • Sleep apnoea interrupts sleep causing frequent waking and often is not realised by the affected, especially if they sleep alone.

  • Sleep apnea (US spelling) places a considerable strain on the heart and consequently the circulation. Prolonged obstructive sleep apnoea has been shown to increase blood pressure, cause enlargement of the heart and is implicated in increased risks of stroke and heart failure.

  • Furthermore, restless poor quality sleep is a major cause of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. I have been a passenger of a driver suffering from sleep apnoea and it is an experience I would never want to repeat.


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