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Inclined Therapy (I.B.T.) For people with multiple sclerosis (MS) Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) and Limes Disease

Alex G/Porrapiper IBT Progress Tracking Journal

9 years 1 week ago #21 by Andrew
Name:Alexandre Galvao / Porrapiper
Male/Female: (M)
Age: 51

My recorded journey with this plague took place in 1993 after I had a fall that left me with pins and needles on my hands and feet. After visiting Chiropractors with no symptoms improvemetnt I finally went to see a Neurologist that sent me for a MRI and an EEG. The MRI results showed a lesion on my neck and some on may brain. the diagnosis was probable MS. Was sent home advised to take Evening Primrose Oil. Once I found out the results I started enquiring about this disease and treatment options. I first went to see a diatician that placed me on fruit, raw veggies and distilled water. I felt better but not healed. At this time I realised that this problem had started much earlier because I had a numb left leg before, tightness around the waste. Because of playing lots of sport I always thought these were caused by the exertion. Still in my quest for a solution for a cure I was directed to a doctor whose father was well known for his work in Antwerp Belgium concerning sub tropical illnesses, My blood serum was sent to Belgium and it came back positive for Chronic Ricketsiosis which is the possible cause of the condition due to it's vaso constricting toxins which are release twice a year into the blood stream of the host. I started being treated with Tetracycline (2 types) for seven days every month and also exercise to stimulate the blood circulation. 5 Types of Ricketsia anti bodies were found in my serum. This treatment has continued on and off since. The symptoms have also varied over the years from mild to severe. Have had 4 MRI's. The third that was done showed the same damege to the brain that already ben found on the second. Dawson fingers present but the neck lesion had disappeared. Last year had a very bad patch with my back quite saw and could hardly walk. Had a spine MRI but no leasions found at all. Neurologist reckons I had a relapse but as I usually recover well he did not place me on any medication.

At present my left leg is a bit weak, I cannot stand for too long without getting tired, my hands and feet always feel like they are dry all the time. Urgency of urination day or night, short tempered, feeling cold inside sometimes, back pain, dark shadows under eyes, sexual drive driven away, depressed, blood pressure, cold feet or hands, no dreaming, finger/toe nails, hair condition, problems with balance. liver spots, old scar tissue, memory loss, backache, There might be other things that are not functioning properly but one get so used to it that one takes it as normal.

Born in Mozambique, Moved to South Africa in 1974.
Heat tends to make me feel worse. Stress drains me.
Have always worked indoors either in front of a drawing board or in front of a computer since the age of 20.
Going to different areas mainly near the coast seem to make me feel better.


Never had any so called MS treatments because the productS available are prejudicial to the human body
because they agravate the Ricketsia for they are in themselves infected.


I am starting the therapy today the 03/04/2010

Placed 4 bricks 2 per side at the head of the bed.
At present the symptoms I have had still bother me.
Good night sleep. Woke up as usal. Felt weird during the day. Lo blood pressure?
Bad night. Didn't sleep well. Still felt weird. Back symptoms and left leg still bothering. A bit out of balance. Concentration still a bit impaire.
Good night sleep. Had a good day. Seemed to have more strength and better concentration and memory but still early days. Have felt like this before.
and tha down again. But the road lies ahead. Let me return to my inclnie for up is the way.

17042010 Since my last report I still continue on the inclined bed. Still have discomforts even tough my stamina seems to have improved. Due to my weight loss my blood pressure stared to drop to the extent that I stopped taking one of the tablets but this has proved to have been a bit of a mistake. My blood pressure has gone a bit up speacially as the day progresses. I am no returnign to taking the second tablet. I ahve also drank a bit of coffee and I am no suffering with cold legs and feet. I has to be circulation. Apart from that I am going to band practice within the next hour. Have rejoine a bagpipe band which I haven't done for many years. Let's see how things turn out. Stress and health have become a pain. Time to unwind. Cheers for now.

19042010 These last 2 days have been a bit of a tria. because of the blood pressure which I already commented about on the 17th. After breakfast I seem to get a bit light headed and today I found the BP at 130/60 when I visited the clinic at my palce of employment. Before having the blood pressure checked I took a BP pill that I have not been taking. This was in case the BP was high but to my amazement it was the oposite. I than drank a big mug of filtered coffee hopin the BP would rise and it did to !55/90. I was sent on a trip feeling very light headed and anxious. The doctor that I visited gave me an injection to clam me down because the anxiety was getting unberable and at the present moment I am feeling a bit better. I forgot to talk about the feeling of cold that I get in my legs. It is not there all the time. I also have cervicalspine stenosis of the C5, C6 and C7. Trusting that the IB will improve this ailment.
15052010 It has been a month since my last report. Things continue being more or less the same. Most of the symptoms are still around. I say most because they vary therefore I still haven't come to the point where I can say that some have gone. I think I have been over doing it which means my energy levels are improving. When I feel energetic I tend to try to go back to normal but I end up sleeping only 5 to 6 hours a night. I know this is wrong and I am trying to change the routine. My blood pressure is a bit up today. All for today. I shell try to start reporting daily as it should be. This is a diary.
14062010 Greetings to all reading this. It has been a month since my last report. Still sleeping in a inclined bed and this is "lekker" a term used in South Africa which is part of the Afrikaans language and means, it is great, cool, better than ice cream, etc. I continue on a big dipper. Some days it feels like I have nothing wrong but others is as if though I could get a new body so as to be human again. Have had intensive back pain, This has taken me to physio. My back muscles are quite stiff.I get cold feet but it is an inside cold.I have found that I get up less during the night. Have been extremely stressed at work. this does not help.I am also concerned with the medical approach to CCSVI in South Africa or I mean the non exiting approach. The medical fraternity is starting to make me sick. As a christian I know my duties and the approach I have to take. PUSH Pray until something happens.In the other hand the flesh is calling for these medical murderers to be disposed of. About to go to sleep. Good night you all

08/08/2010 Since my last I have had either a relapse or a nerve pinched on my neck. I started with a discomfort on my ribs that became quite saw and started turning to numbness which travelled down towards my leg (left) at present I have a weird feeling on my leg from above the knee and also weird feelings on my right foot. Cannot stand for long periods. When I walk after standing too long my legs feel tight. Is this CCSVI or cervical spine stenosis? Still carryiong on with IBT.

Blessings to all
Have you had testing for CCSVI blockage yet: (N)
Have you undergone a stenosis procedure (N)

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