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Migraine Headache Trial Using Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) Raising head end of the bed 6 inches / 15 cm

Migraine Headache IBT Trial / Study Feedback Journal Template

8 years 8 months ago - 8 years 8 months ago #829 by Andrew
Migraine Headache Tracking Journal Template.
1. Each person using Inclined Bed Therapy (I.B.T.) Please start a new topic beginning with the title: (Your Name / Alias) IBT Migraine Tracking Journal.
1. Thank you for helping me with this important research into migraine headaches.
2. Copy this Template to your word processor and save to your hard drive as IBT Tracking Journal so you can find it easy. This will keep your back up safe on your computer for ease of editing.
3. Edit using your word processor following the instructions and examples adding your history and observations using IBT.
4. Edit to remove all instruction text, symptoms and examples that do not apply to you. (all of the red text shown here should be deleted)
5. Copy and paste your edited and saved Journal from your word processor into your new topic / Journal using the edit tab each time you update your journal, replacing the existing one. This is an excellent way to avoid any lost text when posting. And continue to Update using the template Format.
Comments can be discussed by replying to the original post and answered using the normal forum thread reply.

The purpose of this forum is to get an easy to follow overview of known medical conditions, general health and well-being, mobility, function, sensory loss and fatigue levels before I.B.T. Therapy commenced, followed by dated migraine headache events that follow during using I.B.T.
Our aim is to provide accurate, and focused reports, so that all results can be statistically evaluated.

Comments and discussion will follow in the forum by replying to the Original post.

Name:_______________ (Or familiar alias)
Male/Female: (M/F)
Normal frequency & types / severity of migraine attacks prior to inclining your bed. Please use the score chart from this link to enable us to understand how frequently you suffer from migraine and how severe these events are by using the pain scale from the link below.
Migraine Headache Pain Scale 1-10

Remember to inform your doctor about taking part in this study and ask him/her to monitor your blood pressure and medication. Most doctors will let you borrow a monitor or you can purchase one as they are relatively inexpensive. A finger pulse Oximeter from Ebay etc for around £10 inc postage, measures your oxygen sats and pulse though not necessary for this study will provide interesting additional data.

[Please use date format MM/DD/YYYY]


List all of your ailments and any medical conditions. "Try to list every ache, pain, loss of sensation, loss of function or discomfort which troubles you and at what time of day it becomes worse. Expand wherever possible.

Provide as much detail as possible in your own words at the start, in order to quantify any changes, which may occur with your other medical conditions during the study period.
Please include any of the following that relate to your particular circumstances and delete those which do not:
Pain, aches, lethargy, spasm, tremor, vision, feeling cold in bed, blood pressure, cold feet or hands, dreaming, morning paralysis, swollen limbs, blocked sinuses, Irritability, fidgety limbs in bed, ability to maintain body temperature, poor circulation, lethargy, depression, loss of movement in limbs, snoring, poor sleep, sleeping disorders, breathing difficulties,
poor quality, finger/toe nails, absence of half moons on nails, hair condition, varicose veins, leg ulcers, loss of skin sensitivity, taste, smell, problems with balance. liver spots, old scar tissue, sensory loss, headaches, pins and needles, night sweats, cramp, bladder control.
Night time bladder urgency, Urine infections, bowel function, spasm, memory loss, backache, mouth infections, ulcers, scoliosis, psoriasis, exzema any other not listed
It would be very helpful if you could film a video diary, or take photographs of any leg ulcers, scars, finger/toe nails, swollen limbs, skin, hair conditions or varicose veins, as these conditions have already shown remarkable improvements in several participants.
Time saver: (Copy and paste information from your previous posts on other forums and websites to save having to type it out again including post dates )


REMEMBER TO SAVE THIS FORM ON YOUR HARD DRIVE AS YOU EDIT IT EACH TIME AS THIS WILL BECOME YOUR OWN DIARY AND AN EXACT COPY OF THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE REPORTED: This way if the data is lost at either end, one of us will have a copy. "Computers and web forums do crash".

It would be great if you could also monitor any other medical conditions in your journal while taking part in this study. This is how we learn about other conditions that might be improving or worsening.

1st 7 day notes I.B.T. Tracking date:_ DD/MM/YYYY

Please Delete Example text and insert your own.
12/28/2009: I Had a sever Migraine today, lasted 5 hours Scale 6 Was more severe than when I was sleeping flat

14/28/2009: I am sleeping more comfortably, I am Feeling warmer in bed, I have not been getting out of bed so much in the night to visit the bathroom, Had a migraine headache today was less severe than sleeping flat Scale 3

Update (2nd WEEK) I.B.T. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

Update (Following 2 WEEKS) I.B.T. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

Update (2 WEEKS) I.B.T. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

Update (2 WEEKS) I.B.T. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

Monthly Update (4 WEEKS) I.B.T. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

Monthly Update (4 WEEKS) I.BT. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

Monthly Update (4 WEEKS) I.B.T. Tracking date:_ MM/DD/YYYY

At some point, ‘preferably after Four months’, during the study you may wish to revert back to horizontal rest in order to determine the differences.

Please record any comparisons that are observed.

(Repeat Entry each time you revert back to flat)

Continue reporting using the same format, preferably once every month so that we can compare progress with other people sleeping Inclined.

Using the pain scale
Migraine Headache Pain Scale 1-10

Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!
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8 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #830 by Andrew
migraine headache overview and triggers.
Keeping a headache diary helps you determine any causes and triggers. Use the tables text below to monitor

Potential triggers:
Aged cheeses
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Aspartame (Nutrasweet)
Nitrites, Nitrates
Hormone replacement (progesterone)
Sensory stimuli
Strong light
Flickering lights
Sounds, noise

Let-down periods
Times of intense activity
Loss or change (death, separation, divorce, job change)
Changes of environment or habits
Travel (crossing time zones)
Schedule changes
Sleeping patterns
Skipping meals
Irregular physical activity

Source: www.uptodate.com/contents/migraine-heada...ts-beyond-the-basics

Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!
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