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Ken Uzzell Therapist reports success with clients using IBT

8 years 10 months ago #60 by Andrew
My name is Ken Uzzell, I am a massage and trauma therapist living in Australia. My speciality is removing trauma from the body and have 15 years clinical experience.

I heard about Andrew's IBT from a homoeopathic doctor and have many hundreds of clients now sleeping on inclined beds and have gathered quite a bit of information about the responses experienced.

The Flash Backs is quite a common experience for people experiencing IBT, a few weeks after start-up. These flash backs only last a few days and are often discounted and not commented upon by people unless I ask them about it.

Congratulations Cyclops for noting it and sharing your experience here.

Now this is one of the major and hidden benefits of IBT and an area I have been trained in and have a clinical skill set and level of expertise that I use regularly with clients to resolve long term trauma issues.

Myofascial Release by John Barnes is what I have certification.

The basics are we use gentle and prolonged traction to areas of the body to unwind fascia - the fascia is the connective tissue that holds all our organs and structures in place. It has hydration and elasticity - and the interesting one, fascia has memory, in that the subconscious mind deposits physical manifestations of its trauma into the body fasica and the fascia looses a level of hydration and elasticity with the associated trauma.

When traumatized the fascia binds down on body organs and fluid networks within the body, creating restrictions that effects all aspects of our wellness and longevity. MS could well be one of the diseases linked to a build-up of life trauma's. These can be injury traumas as well as emotional relationship traumas, or the loss of a loved one, or even a mother giving birth can be registered by the body as a trauma. I know of a few people with MS that developed MS soon after giving birth to a baby. How-ever, this is no reason to not have babies, there were other issues present. The birthing process was the straw that broke the camels back.

These flash backs to earlier events people have is the product of IBT generating a fascia release - in fact a major fascia trauma release and for people who experience it, which we all do to certain levels, will herald in a major change and improvement in their wellness.

These are quite often phobias that are released out of the body. As the body stretches out with the low level traction provided over an 8 hour sleep period - the fascia surrenders its trauma, and hydration and elasticity is returned to the body - the images people experience are real life events that trigged the trauma in the 1st place. So our body even tells us what it is giving up.

Andrew's discovery is a medical revolution - and current research is displaying that we have a major break-through in the treatment of many diseases.

Keep up the great research and lets hope we see some really positive results for you all. I have aided a few MS suffers throw away their walking frames and walk free by giving them the therapy that IBT provides for free.

Give it time and go gentle on yourselves - I've been sleeping on IBT for a couple of years and am experiencing very positive results. I see hundreds of people who now sleep inclined and the benefits and results are simply staggering.

It is wonderful that you are giving this therapy a go.


Ken Uzzell

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