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Radio Interview With World Champion Boxer Tomorrow at 8pm London time Talking about how IBT helped him win his title

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Radio Station IBT Interview Today

Tony Moran WBF Cruiserweight World Champion On Inclined Bed Therapy !!!! Full fight watch here in HD:

June 21 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This Tuesday at 8pm UK time, Tony Moran WBF Cruiserweight World champion & Andrew K Fletcher who has helped Tony with his achievement will be joining us at Raconteurs News to talk about Tony’s amazing world title win whilst being homeless at the age of 42 and the incredible benefits Tony has had from inclining his bed.

Listen Live and post your questions for Tony and Andrew here

Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!
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Dare To Dream is Tony Moran's motto. Tony reveals how Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) inclinedbedtherapy.com helped his dreams to come true when against all the odds he became the new Cruiserweight Boxing WBF World Champion. His opponent Sandy Robb is a 3 times ABA champion, who fought with everything he had over 12 gruelling rounds at a pace that any 32 year old boxer would be proud of. But Moran, who is now 42 and giving away 10 years to Robb, fought like a 25 year old and was as fit and active in round 12 as he was in the first round. He moved around the ring jabbing with precision and unleashing powerful combination punches that would have knocked out a lesser man.

During 12 rounds, Moran under advice from Andrew K Fletcher, stood in the corner, ignoring the seconds advise to sit down, he also lowered his hands wherever possible due to a new understanding of how gravity plays a vital role in our circulation.

Tony's story is far better than the made up Rocky Series of Films. Unlike those films, Moran's story is not fabricated, it is a true life struggle against adversity, injury and obstacles and is even more remarkable when you consider at 42 he was homeless and unable to train effectively, his fitness was in decline after a collision in a MMA cage fight with an object that shouldn't have been there, fractured his skull and ended his MMA fighting career and he suffered a cracked rib 10 days prior to his fight with Robb.
Several years ago he thought his boxing career was over and had said so publicly. Now he is back in the Sports Arena and is running his own training School

Andrew's revolutionary discovery reveals how gravity drives the circulation in plants, trees, animals and humans and once applied to posture, he questioned why we sleep on flat beds and searched the history of beds to find many examples of historic inclined beds, some dating back 5 thousand years in Ancient Egypt and in doing so rediscovered how to “Sleep Like An Egyptian”

Hear it First On Raconteurs News ! We don't pull punches in our Interviews! Join Andy & Jason plus a growing number of Hosts and Guests covering a wide range of interesting topics that you won't find in the main stream media. For more fascinating interviews go to www.raconteursnews.com

From Tony:
“Irrespective of the level and title, consider these facts;
12 rounds, non stop from the first second to the last.
In one of the toughest sports in the world.
Against the toughest and most machine like of opponents, without sitting once in any of the twelve 1 minute breaks.
Gives the evidence of which I share, as a personal trainer and coach.
That health through Clive de Carle www.facebook.com/clivedecarle and his nutritional expertise and Inclined Bed Therapy, devised by Andrew K Fletcher. www.facebook.com/andrewkfletcher
Alongside expert coaching from Fran Harding www.facebook.com/EnglishBoxing and a lot of heart and determination from myself-combines to allow, for such an achievement.
Elements in all areas, I can share with any client, whatever their goals.
The service I offer for fellow athletes and boxers I have proven as fact and evidenced based.”
Message me to arrange an appointment and let's achieve your dreams together!

Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!
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