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Vitamin C vs Pneumonia

8 years 5 months ago #852 by Andrew
Vitamin C vs Pneumonia was created by Andrew
A person I know developed pneumonia while taking doxycillin for a tick bite. More antibiotics were prescribed along with steroids but the painful coughing continued and worsened. I advised her to take around 15 grams of vitamin C as read about it on the internet as killing this bacteria within hours. The person took 9 grams over 15 hours and she has made huge progress, now chirpy and able to talk without coughing.

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8 years 5 months ago #854 by Ozone
Replied by Ozone on topic Vitamin C vs Pneumonia
Interesting. We have found out some interesting things about VitC over the years..some commonly known, others not. MD friend of mine does IV Vit C like Pauling used to do. DrHuldaClark, bless her, found that our WBCs..especially the gobblers, just cannot function without vitamin C...but also selenium and germanium. Anytime one of these three got depleted they simply stopped phagocytosis. She also found that high dose Vit C was unnecessary if the source was natural..like rose hips. A teaspoon was the equivalent of thousands of mg of pure Vit C. Then she found rutin and hesperidin were helpers of Vit C..occurring in nature. She also found rare earth elements like thallium in artificial Vit C...which is usually made in China nowadays....rendering it poisonous long term.
Research from pioneers like DrKlinghardt show that nowadays we are sick from different causes than fifty years ago. Medicine isn't keeping up. It would be interesting to get word to them about IBT...am sure they would be fascinated beyond the word...as their patients struggle with natural function!! It is only the body that really knows how to cure itself...if it can. Anything else is amusement as Voltaire said. MMS, ozone, zappers, hydrogen peroxide, glutathione, lysine- glutamic acid and lysine- aspartic acid, MSM, seawater extracts...the Frenchman, Vit C, etc etc...all of them work to seemingly help the body recover....but if we are geopathically stressed, sleeping flat, unearthed, stressed emotionally and taut, with blocked digestion etc....long term we cannot get well. Once we correct these, including mitigating EMFs....then yes, even a little VitC works!!! Good luck to the friend! In ozone therapy we use funneling over the chest and ear insufflation to clear bronchitis, pneumonia, and all sorts. Someone I know in Malaysia runs an RHP ozone clinic....gets miraculous results even with Level4 cancers. I wonder what he would say if I told him to put his patients inclined as he put them through the system??

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