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Angle of incline

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3 years 5 months ago #1580 by Matt_B
Angle of incline was created by Matt_B
I'm a user of IBT for the last 9 years and have a few questions relating to my experience and what I've read about IBT. After 2 lots of varicose vein operations I am convinced by IBT is now helping greatly with my circulation.

Firstly, I'd sleep inclined 100% of the time but my wife refuses. We previously came to an agreement where I sleep in my inclined bed for a night or two per week, I still felt like I was getting benefits from this when I did this regularly. I just wondered if there are any thoughts about frequency and duration re: IBT.

Secondly, if I understand correctly, IBT theory is that it is the compression of the veins in the feet from standing up that causes circulation problems rather than the actual legs being vertical - does this imply that the steeper the angle of laying down, the better? If it was possible, would it be better to incline a bed steeply?

Thirdly, 'other' sleeping positions? On some occasions I need to sleep downstairs (elderly dogs) on these occasions I usually sit in a chair with my feet on a foot cushion that is lower than my hips - this isn't as comfortable as being in bed, but is this similar from an IBT perspective?
Would very much appreciate your thoughts!

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3 years 5 months ago #1581 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic Angle of incline
Hi Matt,

Continuation of IBT is essential, especially where varicose veins are a problem. So intermittent IBT is counterproductive, two steps forwards, one step back.

You right about compression on bottoms of feet, from standing in one position. This can be countered by gently shifting your weight from one foot to the other, to help with pumping action.

A steeper angle will inevitably cause you discomfort, possibly loss of sleep too and then there is an increased risk of tissue damage, due to increased shear forces on skin.

Sitting, with knees lower than seat is better, but not ideal due to compression of buttocks for long periods of time and no doubt there is also pressure on backs of thighs from chair.

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