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A rare mention of Inclined Beds in the UK national press

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4 years 10 months ago #1536 by Ani-Boo
The following article was published in yesterday's Sunday Times Home supplement:


I think the purpose of the article was to point out that there are stylish ways in which you can make a home more comfortable from the point of view of people getting older (and suffering more health problems) without making it look like a care home.

I have to declare a personal interest in the article, as Pendenza Beds is a company I started when I found that there was nowhere in the UK that I could buy a purpose-built inclined bed. I'd used wooden blocks to prop up my bed, but I never liked the almost Heath Robinson appearance they gave. I decided to have an inclined bed made to my specifications and was so pleased with it that I decided to start an online company selling them.

I deliberately don't mention any health benefits in relation to my beds as I want them to be seen as an ordinary piece of furniture that has a place in any home. There is undoubtedly a stigma linked to adjustable beds and some people can be put off associating themselves with anything that could be considered for the use of the infirm. I want to avoid that connection in regard to my beds. Until now my customers have been drawn to my website because they are already aware of the benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy and are looking for somewhere they can buy an inclined bed. However, I also want to attract the uninitiated to see the inclined bed as a new and beautiful piece of furniture, and the article has gone some way to help that by showing a photo of one.

I'm very pleased that, although the Sunday Times article was about making life more comfortable for the elderly, they recognised that my beds are stylish enough to feature in their newspaper. It also gets the IBT message to more people.

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