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4 years 9 months ago #1531 by murdoch
Confused. was created by murdoch
Hi, First I will describe my situation. Now I am 34 y old. 10 years ago I was healthy, but doctors discover during USG scan nodules on thyroid, it was cancer. They cut my whole thyroid. 1 month after that surgery, I started to have sleplees night, mood swings, erection problems, lower libido, sometimes big somtimes maller headache. First few years I was trivalize it. Docs could not help me. But my situation become difficult, month after month. Then I measure all my hormones, outome was elevated acth and cortisol, low testosterone, thyroid panel was ok. I tried different supplements, but they did not help, sometimes make situation worst.

Then I did myself MRI of pituitary. Outcome was empty sella syndrome. I started research. First information was that it is uncurable or you have to shunt from head to stomach ( I said-no fkn way). After more research I find out that it could be and it is problem with too much cerebrospinal fluid. So I made myself MRV (magnetic resonance veinography). During this time my headache was sooo big that i barely can function in society.

I pray, and come to neurologist who my intuition tell me to go after praying. Outcome was that he did to me lumbar puncture, risking his reputation, but he did it. Headache decrease 70%, erection was better, but still it was not me before surgery.

Few months ago I meet this neurologist again and show me my MRV,and he tell me that I had IJV narrowed or problem with valve. Neurologist is working in one of the best centres which heal CCSVI. Iwill have soon catherer test wchih will proof that I had problem with right IJV.

I try last 6 months IBT but it's making my headaches worst. Few days ago I tried raising my bed 2 cm form LEGs site, and took 2 hrs nap. I fell like my erection increase and headaches decrease. My legs in area of thigh are become ,,cold''. Andrew can you help me and explain what is happening when you raise your bed from side of legs. It seems to be more powerfull than raising bed from head side. I mean I feel like my cortisol is growing and histamine and ACTH. I know my body beacuse I was normal until thyroid surgery, and measure many times my hormones. Defo, raising bed from legs side 2cm during whole night wuld not be beneficial. Maybe raising bed from head side is connected with veins, and raising from legs side is conneted with arteries ??? Please explain if you can.

Ps. Your work is great !

PS 2. I forgot to explain why I have headaches, and all other problems, mentioned in post. In thyroid you have small veins who can escort cerebrospinal fluid from head when you have problems with IJVeins. In my situation thyroid with thyroid viens is cut off, snd my problems starts.
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4 years 9 months ago #1533 by Ani-Boo
Replied by Ani-Boo on topic Confused.
Hello Murdoch

You've been through so much pain. It's very sad to hear. Hearing that you have had some relief from slightly raising your bed at the foot end is very interesting, especially as raising it at the head end made your headache worse. If that's how it works for you, I would say go ahead and do it. It adds to the theory that horizontal sleeping is not optimal.

Best wishes,

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4 years 9 months ago #1534 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic Confused.
I can't help wondering whether iodine deficiency caused those lymph nodules in the beginning?

Interesting that you tilted your bed to the side. I must admit, I hadn't considered how this could change circulation, though I do tend to tilt my body back onto my shoulder blade and bottom and find this very comfortable.
It also allows arms to rest comfortably down by your sides and I guess is the same as you are doing with your bed tilted to the side. (If I have misinterpreted this, please do let me know)

One other thought is that the compression from our weight on the organs and vessel's while sleeping on your sides, could be being relieved while sleeping this way.

So sorry to learn about the difficulties and pain you have been experiencing for such a long time.
Serrapeptase 250,000 iu strength is a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that might be worth exploring. Another property of this enzyme is that it breaks down blockages and dissolves scar tissue.

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