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TOPIC: Sleep

Sleep 8 months 4 weeks ago #1504

I have been monitoring my sleep during periods of inclined and flat sleeping. The monitoring device is called Fitbit and it is a wonderful gadget that provides a lot of information about sleep.
The result is very prosaic, I found no differences in sleep duration and neither have my REM, light and deep sleep periods change with inclination.

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Sleep 8 months 3 weeks ago #1507

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Looks like this monitor is unreliable. community.fitbit.com/t5/Alta-HR/How-accu...it-Alta/td-p/2596969

"Are Fitbits Accurate?
On the whole, Fitbit trackers are accurate enough for anyone who wants a rough idea of their fitness performance. While Fitbits are not perfectly precise, they give you enough information to let you know whether your daily steps are increasing or decreasing, your approximate sleep quality, what your resting heart rate is, and where you travel during your runs. Fitbits don’t exactly hit the bull’s-eye, but they could help you improve your fitness." wearablezone.com/news/how-accurate-is-fitbit/
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Sleep 8 months 3 weeks ago #1508

I agree, they are in no way as accurate as a clinical sleep study but they will give you a reasonable picture of your sleep.
I think if there was a difference in sleep patterns Fitbit would show that, though in absolute sense the pattern may not be quite accurate.
Subjectively, I also do not feel any difference in my sleep when I incline my bed.
Fitbit has problems distinguishing between REM and deep sleep, but if you put the two together it agrees with the polysomnograph.
This ihas also been my observation.

I am still trying to find out if I derive any benefits from sleeping inclined and sleep quality is one of the things I am looking into

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Sleep 8 months 2 weeks ago #1510

Hi Fresedo, have you considered Delta Waves in audio form as tapes / digital CDs etc? I found the plain ones were better for me than any that had 'subliminal words/phrases' about sleep or featured nature sounds or music. How long have you been IBT-ing?, it may take awhile to peel through any other layers of what might need 'fixing' or 'healing' if you have other issues. Hopefully you don't have any and if so that is very good!

I think IBT is remarkable in my case, in that it's improving my sleep in combination with accelerating some other remediation(s) that could be called disruptive in and of themselves. Of course for me it's STAYING ASLEEP that is of paramount importance these days, rather than the 3 am wakeup surge of wrong-time-of-day energy. (In the 'insomnia years' -- basically my whole life -- that I went through from my childhood through my late 40's / early 50's it was actually sleeping at all that was a concern -- once I would finally get to sleep I'd stay that way.)

Note: I am new to this Forum and tried to post the above last night; don't know if it really made it in here (don't see it now) but anyhow I did wake up at 2:30 a.m. but was able to take one smidgen tiny bit of sugar (kept bedside) and a tiny bit of Progest-E, a swig of water, and go back to sleep immediately which was miraculous for me. Usually once awake at 3am timeframe (pre IBT) it was over as far as sleep went for the day.
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Sleep 8 months 1 week ago #1511

Two weeks later, with a week of inclined and a week of flat sleeping the results are the same. My sleep patterns are almost identical.

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Sleep 8 months 1 week ago #1512

Fresedo, I wanted to mention this seeing your comments here. My own first encounter years ago with an (only slightly raised, in fact) elevated bed caused me negative reactions and it turned out my husband had raised the head of the bed unbeknownst to me at that time.

I recall that I informed him it was very bad and to make it flat again. My negative reactions ceased. We then continued to have a flat bed for years afterward until about 3 months ago. Between the first elevation and the second, however, I went through a lot of health issues and medical doctor treatments and prescriptions (which made things essentially worse) until I took my own health condition in hand using every alternative modality I could find out about. That has been a saga but anyhow, I think it took my getting to the point of clearing a lot of issues up and getting to a stage where IBT is now very good for me. (It is quite a treatment in and of itself, I do believe, and a foundation may have to be put down first health-wise in some cases.)

By the way, I attempted to respond to your Sleep discussion but the post did not take as of yet or disappeared. I wondered if you have heard of Delta Wave audio (used to be tapes nowadays they sell CDs and I believe it is available through streaming and all that although I personally prefer the CD rather than night time exposure to more wi-fi in the bedroom). I had very bad insomnia and delta waves helped me go to sleep and get good sleep (I prefer the plain tones but some come with subliminal words/phrases or music or animal/nature sounds).

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Sleep 8 months 1 week ago #1513

Jan, you must have misunderstood. I do not have problems sleeping, I am talking about the quality of sleep, that is how much time one spends in REM and deep sleep periods.
Since there is no difference for me I am looking at other possible benefits of IBT, that is if I can find any. I do not count as benefit that in the morning everything incl me and the comforters slid towards the end of the bed.
At the present I am trying to establish how it affects my blood pressure.

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Sleep 8 months 1 week ago #1514

Glad to hear you're not experiencing the going-to or staying asleep issues! As far as REM and deep sleep and the like, I found the various delta wave purveyors talked about, of course, sleep hygiene as they call it, sleep cycles, REM, Non-REM, and deep (restorative) sleep. Without going into the side issue here of whether one can stimulate lucid dreaming and that type of thing, which I was also interested in at the time of investigating the delta waves, I was interested in daytime creativity being aided by other brain waves recordings as well. The delta wave people had alpha, theta, etc. recordings as well. At any rate listening to waves tones can be helpful in brain entraining I think it's called.

On the topic of REM sleep, I have taken up the 'earthing concept via grounded mat' as of last night, for the first time, and I must say there was a significant amount of REM over what I've been managing to experience for quite awhile, going through thyroid makeover in these last 2+ years.

In one vivid dream, my sleeping subconscious mind combined the sensations of IBT (not quite sliding off the end of the bed anymore in actuality since my husband lessened the initial tilt a bit versus what we started with, after we undertook it again recently) with a sense of being draped backward over a round real-size Earth -- I am not very visual typically in dreams but anyhow it was kind of like that. (I had read in the earthing literature that came with the mat about it taking the Earth itself as the source and getting negative ions by utilizing the electric potential of all the lightning strikes every minute planet-wide.)

See the book "Earthing the most important health discovery ever" (I say from my personal experience so far that IBT is greater and as universally available and as basically low-to-no-cost to try out, but all this works together in harmony wonderfully I say). Page 255-7 in the paperback version, in Appendix A 'The Physics of Earthing -- Simplified' talks about Earth's surface electric potential and its being renewed by the lightning strikes.

One other thing, there may be a lot behind one's personal readings of this and that (e.g. BP, pulse, etc.) which may have to be considered in a whole picture of what may be going on in one's life/health.

For example, my pulse was always around 90-100 lifelong despite much aerobic effort to train it downwards (jogging 7 miles per day at 8 minute miles for a long time gave me a lot of good weight control and breathing training and I was considered a fitness specimen by all the doctors I was trying to get help from for my hypothyroid issues so they just suggested I go away and not bother them since I was obviously fine, and if I wanted something as an Rx they could give out some antidepressants and similar plus had excellent samples of the latest and greatest such stuff.

Despite all this so-called perfect health and lab tests for all kinds of things (at my own expense) which showed 'all was well,' I felt horrible.

Blood pressure was 140/90 at the best and I had the 'white-coat syndrome' when I saw them coming as well (to take measurements).

But when T4 generic levothyroxine failed me, thyroid tests readings went sky-high, and I was beset with incredible fatigue and all kinds of horrible hypo symptoms eventually, starting February 2016, I was horrified to find my BP going up all of a sudden to readings like 173/110 after merely slowly climbing 17 steps up to my apt from the first floor (I could no longer even walk a mile let along jog) and I went into a sheer panic about it all. (Apparently, it was all that cortisol spiking or whatever but little did I know at that time.)

Starting with some spray-on magnesium (to try to calm down) and pursuing various hypothyroidism-treating dietary modifications and other things, I have gotten the pulse down to 85 by day (random readings here and there once in awhile just for grins anymore, since I can tell what it is pretty much anyway) and in the 60s lying down in a meditative calm state.

I use my oximeter to gauge BP since it does oxygen levels and pulse, since seeing a BP monitor still gives me a jump in BP, admittedly psychosomatically. The last time I used my BP monitor to actually take it, it was 130/70 I think, and I was anxious just hearing the thing crank up with its little 'motor' noise.

Don't push the IBT concept I say, it may be your subconscious mind is not on board with the idea.

But good luck and good fortune in your health endeavors and discoveries, all the best and let us know / hear about, how it's going!

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