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Neck and Back Pain When Sleeping on an Incline

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5 years 4 months ago #1487 by SuzieQ92
Is sleeping on an incline contraindicated for anyone? When I tried sleeping on an incline, I slid down the bed and felt like I was climbing back up all night long. In addition, my hips and lower back hurt, as well as my neck and upper back. I couldn't figure out how to put pillows under my neck in a comfortable fashion while inclined. My neck was raised up too much and hurt. Sleeping without a pillow hurt as well.

I tried using an inflatable wedge product under the head of my bed. Had the same pain problems in the same places.

Any help and advice is appreciated to help me address all of these issues.

One more thing. When I slept on the incline, in the morning it felt like blood was pooling in my legs. It took a little stomping in the mornings to get thing flowing right again. Is this normal, and is it okay?

Thank you!

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5 years 4 months ago - 5 years 4 months ago #1488 by Andrew
Hi Suzie, thank you for posting.
It may be prudent to begin by raising your bed half the normal height for a few weeks. This will help you to get used to the differences.

This post covers the differences with IBT and how it changes your posture. inclinedbedtherapy.com/research/135-symp...ined-bed-therapy-ibt

Memory foam mattresses and indeed foam wedges are not good, whether inclined or flat.

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5 years 2 weeks ago #1522 by JanW55
SuzieQ92, I wonder how things are going with you now; hope it's better! Anyhow I wanted to mention that I had the same effects from IBT. Feelings of sliding down and increased pain in various areas such as hips, low back, neck.

We then "less-inclined" (lowered the risers) and persisted on (I had to make some pillow adjustments and am still working on that, although I've been on a right-for-me pillow quest for years pre-IBT anyway.)

There is MUCH improvement now since I am getting used to the setup and feel horrible NOW if lying fully flat on my back.

Interestingly I saw on the Peat Forum someone recently linking lower back pain with SIBO and excessive histamine. I am in a battle with personal SIBO issues and I think that person had something there. When I take one Benadryl pink pill at night and the niacinamide (or niacin when feeling hearty and ready for THAT), the low back pain completely cuts out. (I've suffered from low back pain for 51 years since age 12 and the history of all my nasal congestion woes is mentioned in my initial IBT Testimonial so I won't repeat all that here to everyone's relief I am sure [smile].) -jw
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