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help please

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6 years 4 days ago #1442 by ali ro mo
help please was created by ali ro mo
First morning after sleeping IBT = was aware whilst sleeping to have an headache. Awoke with sickly headache that passed after a couple of hours.
Secondo morning = Feeling absolutly terrible . Terrible hangover feeling headache chills bile vomit lasted all day.
I'm to scared to try again, I'm back to flat, but I do believe that the IBT had disturbed some underlying health problem , I'm thinking heavy metals or some toxic accumulation.
should I keep going with it and it'll sort itself out on it's own or should I give up? I would be glad of your support. Thanks

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5 years 11 months ago #1445 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic help please
Begin at half the height required for a few weeks until you ease into IBT. Then when you are comfortable to do so, raise bed slightly higher around an inch at a time until you feel comfortable, usually around five degrees.

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