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7 years 1 week ago #1380 by mallav
5 months user experience was created by mallav
Congratulations to you sir - Mr Andrew Fletcher, for your relentless , selfless service to humanity.

It has been 5 months , me (69) and my wife started sleeping on IB raised to 6 inches.
1. Both of us observed our leg pains have reduced considerably. Climbing up and down stairs has become easier.

2.Good night sleep is another boon

3. I had very lighter version of varicose veins, which have been suppressed.

4. Getting up once in two hours for emptying the bladder has not improved. May be it would take time.
5. Recently small lumps are formed in my palms just below the ring finger. Google search gave this info below.
(The development of Dupuytren contracture and its symptoms generally takes place over several years; however, it can vary. Some cases develop over a few months or even weeks, and in some affected individuals development of the condition begins and ends intermittently. The condition often presents as a thickening of the skin in the palm at onset. In addition, the skin may appear puckered or dimpled. As the condition progresses, a firm lump of tissue often forms in the palm of the hand that may become sensitive to the touch. Over time and with further progression of the condition, cords of tissue form beneath the skin and extend toward the fingers. As the cords begin to tighten, the fingers pull in toward the palm.
The exact cause of Dupuytren's contracture is unknown; however, some researchers suggest the condition may be caused by an autoimmune issue. In an autoimmune disorder or reaction, the immune system attacks its own body tissues, which may be the case with Dupuytren's contracture. )

Very small lumps . Not alarming. May not be due to IBT. Just reporting.

6. Overall ok. Otherwise our day starts with two Pranayamas and oil pulling . I am from India. The two pranayamas are. Kapalbhati and . Anulom vilom . Oil pulling is cited in Ayurveda. Very effective for cavities and dental health. And removes toxins from the body.

7. Occasionally we do Fragrant Qi Gong exercises Just 8 mts . Please google.

8. Also occasionally the 5Tibetan rites .

Just sharing with you.

With regards

May God Shower His Grace on you and your family

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7 years 2 days ago - 7 years 2 days ago #1381 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic 5 months user experience
Hello Mallav and family :)

Thanks for reporting back to us about your experiences using IBT.
I know this condition with your hands as it affects my Mothers husband and his son, neither of them sleep inclined, so it looks like it is hereditary. He had to have surgery to sever a tendon to allow the fingers to extend. I'm surprised that night time urination has not reduced. Could it be due to drinking water prior to bed? I find that if I drink water / fruit juices later than 8pm I will also have to get up at least once in the night, though given this new knowledge of being upright is better than laying down, even on IBT, it doesn't bother me too much.
Good to know how far this message has reached.

Out of curiosity, where are your hands placed mostly while you sleep?

Kind regards


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