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UPJ obstruction after incline bed therapy?

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7 years 2 months ago #1376 by blenderlady
UPJ obstruction after incline bed therapy? was created by blenderlady
Hello, about 3 years ago I found out about IBT and created my own included bed. After about a month of sleeping on an incline (at the age of 51) my kidney backed up requiring UPJ (Ureteropelvic junction) surgery.

UPJ obstruction mostly occurs in children. It often happens when a baby is still growing in the womb. This is called a congenital condition (present from birth). The blockage is caused when there is a narrowing of area between the ureter and the part of the kidney called the renal pelvis. ( medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001267.htm )

Apparently I lived with this condition for 51 years without incident. I find it very coincidental that only 1 month after sleeping on an incline the blockage occurred.

Does anyone know what happens to the kidney drainage function as a result of IBT?

I have since been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy (they suspect due to a virus) and want to do IBT again. Researching IBT led me to think about the UPJ obstruction, and to ask this question out of curiosity.

Any thoughts?
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7 years 2 months ago #1377 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic UPJ obstruction after incline bed therapy?
Hello, thanks for your interesting post. I had not heard of this condition. Following a quick search to find an explanation.

If the blockage / narrowing occurs in the outflowing ureter, it as you say resulting from a stenosis / narrowing of the vessel that carries the urine to the bladder. It is difficult to see how sleeping inclined could further block this vessel. The only tests we did was to determine density changes in the urine, and we did see a density increase compared with sleeping flat, using a simply hydrometer.
When my Father was in hospital with pancreatic cancer that had spread, he was kept flat for several days and while horizontal and in a coma, his kidneys and liver failed. He was producing thick brown urine and we were told he had hours to live. His bed was raised at the head end and his kidneys started to function normally, producing lots of yellow urine. His massive fluid filled legs rapidly went back to normal size, he came out of his coma and with the help of a stent in his gall bladder to open up the tumour restriction, he lived for a further 8 months and even visited us on holiday. Sadly his cancer got the better of him, but we witnessed a remarkable change within hours in fully restored renal and liver function. His skin was notably less yellow within days of being inclined.
I guess the majority of people experiencing your particular problem and resulting surgery, do so without sleeping inclined.
Were any stones present that could have altered the flow of urine?
IBT does help to support and restore muscle so could be useful for supporting your heart. It is also recommended patients with heart conditions.
Recent investigation into a much higher elevation of patients beds in intensive care units. Inconclusive but at least there is investigation. ccforum.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/cc10135

Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!

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