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Eye irrigation removes cataracts safely using deionised / distilled water

5 years 2 weeks ago #1521 by JanW55
By the way. Andrew I definitely do think "going IBT" has helped my vision in at least 2 major ways:

(1) By increasing my metabolism, thereby reducing hypothyroidism symptoms (and improving the thyroid 'pathways' where it can actually get in there and WORK effectively as a major super-important body hormone), I am visibly decreasing years-long fluid build-up appearance/puffiness all over and that is helping my eye area get more 'ease' and less stress I think, which aids my vision-therapy efforts.

(2) IBT is helping my head bones shift to better positions and therefore improve my 'bite' (teeth meeting, tongue placement, relieving neck pain, etc.), AND in my particular (albeit odd) case, THAT part also has an effect on getting my eyes to better physically align both horizontally and wider apart.

The cataract lipofuscin junk or 'misfolded protein' or whatever it is, can't help but get better drained, shifted around and receive better cellular transport or whatever the eye lens is SUPPOSED to have, when everything is properly functioning.

(Obviously being hypothyroid my entire life and having some genetic tendencies toward mouth/teeth problems as well as the binocular vision disorder resulting in M.D.'s trying to physically re-vamp my eyes by muscle surgeries makes mine an unusual mixed-up case unfortunately, but anyhow if IBT is helping ME it certainly can help everyone!!)
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5 years 1 week ago #1523 by Andrew
Great to read your getting some improvements Jan. My eyes are feeling really nice after using pure coconut water. (Make sure there are no additives, such as fructose or preservatives in yours)

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