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Update on IBT15 months!!

7 years 4 months ago #1373 by Ozone
Update on IBT15 months!! was created by Ozone
The time has passed so fast!! Been inclined 15 months with my whole family, plus very many friends and family members and patients of mine.
It is the simplest most effective thing out there. The successes are many, some blatantly obvious, others more subtle. A few people seem afraid of it, and one or two even went back to flat when they experienced a little Herxheimer reaction. Until I coaxed them back to incline.
The stretching of the fascia can cause a little emotional effect...like I read in one of the testimonials recently. This can also frighten a few people.
The specific benefits are too many to elaborate here, and it has already been done repeatedly. We can only hope that more and more people see sense and sleep inclined instead of flat.
Good luck to all.
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