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More incline bed awesomeness!!

7 years 8 months ago #1339 by cinco
More incline bed awesomeness!! was created by cinco
I've been sleeping on an incline for many years but only recently discovered something else about my bed!

I used to have neck problems and would have to visit the chiropractor a couple of times per year until I bought an inversion table. The inversion table took care of my neck problems AND my carpal tunnel which is cool, right? BUT - the other day, I was particularly sore and didn't want to set up my inversion table and was trying to think of other ways I could get what it provided when it occurred to me that since I didn't have to go all the way upside down on the inversion table to get the results I wanted, MAYBE my inclined bed would help. At LEAST to the point I could set up my inversion table without wincing in pain (because they're huge and heavy and awkward to set up).

Lo and behold! It WORKED! It did exactly what my inversion table does! I didn't actually HEAR things going back to where they belong, like I do on the inversion table, but that's probably due to the mattress muffling the "cracking" but who CARES?!?! It WORKED!!! I am SO excited!! Even more excited than when I discovered inversion therapy in the first place and "broke up with" my chiropractor!! WOOHOO!!

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