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ClintAdams IBT Progress Tracking

8 years 10 months ago #24 by Andrew
ClintAdams IBT Progress Tracking was created by Andrew
Age: 57
Diagnosed Relapsing Remitting-9/25/06- Secondary Progressive-12/31/07.
MS Ailments.
1- Optic Neuritis April 19/96
2- L'Hermitte's- (Electrical shocks and buzzing sensations when moving head.)
3- Numbness in hands.
4- Numbness in bottom of feet.
5- Skin on arms feels crawly.
6- Slobber right side of mouth.
7- Cognitive dysfunction. (Short-term and long-term memory problems, forgetfulness, slow word recall.)
8- Urinary urgency.
9- Footdrop on left foot.( Foot drags along floor during walking.)
10- Right foot and leg OK but not 100%
12-Stiffness waist down.
13- Balance.
14- Weakness in muscles.
15- Muscle cramping (Charley Horses)
16- Cold left leg and foot.
This is a list of the problems that I have. The worst problem that I have is the footdrop and weak left leg that requires me to wear a foot and ankle brace to help with my walking.

The stiffness from the waist down is the worst in the morning or if I sit around. The rest of my ailments seem to get
worse as the day goes on.

I took Avonex from 12/5/06 to 12/15/07. (DID NOT HELP)
I took Rebif from 12/31/07 to 8/15/08. (DID NOT HELP)
Started taking LDN 3.5 (8/21/08) (DOES HELP)
Started taking LDN 4.5 (9/21/08) (DOES HELP)

When I started taking LDN I was able to quit taking medication for urinary urgency . Some of my cognitive issues
got a lot better. I was also able to quit taking the depression pills my neurologist had me on. I don't know if it was the LDN that got me off the depression pills or if it was that I quit taking AVONEX-AND REBIF. When I was taking
AVONEX I was a little depressed and my blood was a little out of reference range. But when I was taking REBIF I
was depressed (REAL BAD) and having my blood checked once a month because it was so far out of reference range.

I raised my bed 7.5 inches on 12/2/09. It took about a week maybe a little longer, but the first thing that I noticed was
urinary urgency improved. I know that above I said that LDN helped with urinary urgency and that I was able to stop
taking medication. But I still had the problem. During the day as long as I was careful I was OK, but at night, by the
time I woke up, I had a hard time making it to the bathroom with out having an accident. In the first week or 2 that got
a lot better. I cant say that raising my bed helped with how many times a night I had to get up because I only had to
get up once. That didn't change but the urgency improved a lot. 2- Charley horses have improved I don't get nearly as
many. 3- My left leg from the knee down including my foot use to feel cold especial if I over did, that has gotten some
better not perfect but some better. 4- Optic neuritis in right eye has improved. It's hard to put a number on it but I can
see the numbers on my cell phone better. My cognitive issues started getting better when I started LDN so it's hard to
say weather it's the LDN or the INCLINED BED but I have vary few cognitive issues right now.
5- Footdrop – At night when I'm in bed I can move my foot and ankle better than before I raised my bed. But when I
get out of bed, I cant move my foot and ankle any better Andrew thinks I need a little more time. I've noticed some
changes in some of my other MS ailments, some good, some bad. I'm trying to keep this MS TRACKING JOURNAL
as acurate as I can so I won't mention them until I'm sure. Today is May 2- 2010 my bed has been raised 7.5 inches for five months. Today I lowered my bed to 6-inches. The reason that I lowered my bed is because Foreverspring tried
to raise her bed to 8-inches and it seamed to have a negative effect on her. I also read were Andrew said that people
with MS did better at 6-inches. Even though I have had improvements at 7.5-inches maybe I'll do better at 6-inches so
I'm going to give it a try. I live in the United States (mid west) humidity has been between 30 to 45% during the last
five months. I'LL UP DATE IN A MONTH.


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