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Future of medicine.

8 years 1 month ago #1215 by Ozone
Future of medicine. was created by Ozone

Going through the authors notes by the various renown pioneering world doctors....makes us see that the future isn't so good health wise. DrKlinghardt is my personal favorite....and he notes neurological problems as major. Others point out that neurological issues are vascular. One focuses on the lymph. Note though, that all the patients mentioned in the research SLEEP FLAT. I wonder what and how much would change if they studied people on incline?

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8 years 1 month ago #1216 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic Future of medicine.
It changes everything and as you rightly point out, all studies need to take into account our posture over 24 hours.
We now know that bodily functions respond to gravity from astronauts and bed rest models mimicking microgravity. But more importantly we know that sleeping inclined has a restorative affect on the body and yet there is little mention if any of the need to prevent patients from laying flat. It is almost as if it is intentional to weed out the sick and infirm.

Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!

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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #1217 by Ozone
Replied by Ozone on topic Future of medicine.
This little piece from DrClark illustrates the point quite well. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid...named after ascorbitus..scurvy.

As Dr. Clark stated in her latest book: “The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers“, cancer can be cured and not just treated.
Dr. Clark reported that scurvy was once a dreaded disease, as much as cancer is today. Now we know that scurvy is a simple vitamin C deficiency disease. It doesn’t even require medical care. It is noteworthy that all the medical care given at that time did not save the scurvy patient. But the women of a Native American Indian tribe, the Iroquois, knew how to prevent and cure, not just treat this disease, and to do it quickly, in days.
It took 400 years from the discovery of its cure (1535) to the use of the cure by the public in the early 1900’s. Yet it had even been published in medical journals many times. Today, we all know how to prevent, not just cure this dreadful disease: eat fresh fruit and vegetables. It is not medical advice. It is nutritional. It took the unrelated orange juice industry to bring it to the public’s attention in the early 1900’s.
Why did it take so long to put into practice a simple cure, the eating of fresh fruit and vegetables? The medical profession was waiting for absolute “proof” on its own “scientific” terms. The cure was called “controversial” by medical professionals, giving it a bad reputation. Had they known, sick persons and their families would not have waited for the resolution of professionals or commercial conflicts. Their priorities hold life dearer than financial interests, or analytical reasoning. And ordinary people, not able to read the medical journals, had no way to even learn about the controversy.
Is history repeating itself?
If they had, they would have tried the controversial cure, since that could do no harm and in a few months would have resolved the controversy. Why didn’t the doctors do this, just try it? Success would have meant an instant reduction in the number of doctors per ship, from a minimum of two, to one.
It was in the professionals’ interest to keep the cure and even the controversy over it out of the hands of the public, “lest they injure themselves with an unproven treatment”. The public was held hostage by its medical professionals.
Unless the public has access to the great truths uncovered by scientists, they cannot learn them even now. Books and computers are making it possible for the first time in history.
This is an excerpt from the personal journal of Jacques Cartier, the early French explorer.
Thus it was that we lost 25 of our best men to the dreaded sickness. There were another forty who were at the point of death and the remainder, except two or three, were all gravely ill…People from Stadacone… among whom was Agaya…responded that …the liquid and residue from the leaves of a tree …was the sole cure for the illness …Two women …gathered nine or ten branches …to boil them in water …Drink the water every other day…It…turned out to be a miracle… they were cured and restored to health after having drunk the brew only two or three times …After all that, the crew was ready to kill to get to the medicine. This wonderful tree has done in less than a week what all the physicians of Louvain and Montpellier, using all the drugs of Alexandria, would not be able to accomplish in a year… Winter 1535.
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