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Welcome To Our IBT Community

9 years 3 months ago - 9 years 1 month ago #1 by Andrew
Welcome To Our IBT Community was created by Andrew

Welcome to Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)!

Thank you for joining our exciting community, where discovery and experiments don't have to wait another 10 to 20 years before being tested on humans :) Here we conduct our own experiments by altering our sitting and sleeping posture.
This might at first sound far too easy and inexpensive to resolve / reverse many supposedly irreversible illnesses but as you begin to understand the implications for gravity having an affect on our blood, cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic fluid circulation and then testing the theory for yourself as many thousands of people all over the World already have, the possibilities for improving your health free of charge become very real indeed.
Kind regards Andrew

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Gravity, Learn to live with it, because you can't live without it!
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9 years 1 month ago #394 by Exmoor Owls
Replied by Exmoor Owls on topic Welcome To Our IBT Community
Hi Andrew and all in this community, tonight sunday 17th May will be a whole 10 days sleeping on an incline and just wanted to offer a big thanks to Andrew for all the amazing work he done on this subject and his energy to helping so many people. My life changed the 1st night I slept on the incline, earlier that day I had said to my partner on getting up "that this bed is killing me!" and I meant it. I would like to share my story to date starting from a few months ago when had a health check from the NHS, (now they have stopped them which is to me a huge loss of saving money and lives later on, but that's another story).

I have had sleep apnea for years and tried as best as I could to live with it, believing to be 'one of those things, a cross to bear' I used a cpap for the 1st year but decided to stop it and 'just live' as best as I could. Last year turned 60 and so this March was given a free health check at our local surgery. I was great on everything including the cholesterol but dreadful on the blood pressure. Appointment to see Doctor was made and prescribed drugs as was nearly 200 over 120, and reluctantly decided it was best course of action. The drugs did help me through those difficult 1st few weeks and my pressure came down but never lasted the day and could see before long would be on more and maybe for rest of my life.

In researching on the net I discovered Dark Chocolate can help as very high in anti oxidants, so I bought some 96% on the net and found it to be very beneficial, then discovered a recipe for making magnesium carbonate from Milk of magnesia mixed to carbonated water and that also really helped. Then started trying better breathing which also had a good effect, when I remembered to practice! but my blood pressure would shoot up over night sometimes by over 40 points with all this good help. It just seemed to me the problem was with the bed and my position as when relaxing in my massage chair it would go down lots and also while relaxing sitting up in bed before sleep it came down significantly yet most mornings after a so called 10 hour good nights sleep it would be way up again. Finally my patience broke 10 days ago, I went down stairs and typed into Google 'Inclined sleep' as really felt I needed to be doing something like it.

First of all I sat glued to a radio chat on American radio with Andrew and was just blown away by the whole 2 interviews. What Andrew was saying made so much sense and I had no reason to doubt him or others who were testifying to their own experiences. Within 2 hours the bed went up the required 6 inches, I could not wait for increments, Cathy my partner was about to fly out to Portugal and I said I was willing to try this crazy idea after she had gone. Lots of what Andrew said in the interview made sense to her and the knowledge she had about water, trees etc so she said do it now and we will both try it. Next morning she exclaimed to me she felt better than she had done for years, no aches and pains where every morning there would be some. They returned by lunch time and then she flew out to Portugal, tonight she returns to the inclined bed, but that's her story

During these 10 days I have woke up feeling better and better, one of the big pluses for me was my breathing practice now became so much easier rather than the laboured difficult breathing I was used to on a flat bed (research needed here!) and as I often wake up in the middle of the night I found this time was well spent with the breathing practice, sometime 1 to 11/2 hours of very chilled out peaceful relaxation. So now I practice before sleep, in the middle of the night and after waking up, as so relaxed on the inclined bed. My life has been changed around since that 1st night and I feel so indebted and grateful to Andrew, and one day I will repay his kindness as I feel he deserves whatever help and support I can give by being proactive in any way that benefits the spreading of the information and education of his truly stunning discovery.

In the past 10 days my blood pressure has at times dropped considerably after my breathing practice, this has convinced me coming off the drugs was the best course of action for me. I am now totally sold on the idea of inclined bed and breathing well, and both were offered free on the internet! I play around with the breathing but take the advice to allow my exhales to be longer than the inhales whenever I consciously breathe. 10 days ago that was about 1or 2 in and 2 or 4 out. With every night my breathing just gets better and better. I spend the same time in bed but with some 2 to 3 hours of conscious breathing. I sleep less, my sleep is clearly better due to blood pressure often better when I awake than went to sleep! Hooray. I have found now my appetite is changing so all around now I have confidence this is my way out of years of sluggish mediocre health.

Once again thank you Andrew so much for being an inspirational being, I hope the rewards come to you and I will for one try and promote inclined bed therapy to those who come my way and others I will try to inspire to raise their beds by the 6ins and let their own bodies guide the healing process and the path they need to follow to restore balance and well being.
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