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Diabetes type 1 and type 2 discussion

Diabetes type1.

8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #1212 by David
Diabetes type1. was created by David
:) Hi Andrew, I am still tilted, though have had to lower the height as 6 and 7 inches was to high and caused my wife Donna pain in the hips. not sure why? Now at 4.5" and is fine for us both.
Now as for the diabetes, my blood glucose levels are more consistent, but still to high. My sleep pattern is a little better in quality but still not getting a full night sleep. but never have slept well since turning 35 ish.
we both love the IBT for the quality of sleep is awesome.
As far as fitness is concerned, I feel better for using IBT and will never sleep flat again. Donna has lost weight and firmed up too, and my legs are stronger for it, as I am a cyclist(Downhill Mountain Bikes) this is important to me. and no-longer have numb fingers when I wake. So for me and Donna, IBT is the only way to sleep and will continue.
Thank you for the information you have supplied us. Namaste

Oh I nearly forgot too. For the first time in my life I go to bed and have warm feet. This has never happened before. I and Donna are amazed at that too.
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6 years 5 months ago #1408 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic Diabetes type1.
Hi David.

Hope you and your wife are keeping well.

Have you begun to see any signs of a reduction in your glucose levels compared to when you first inclined your bed?

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