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Ottoman Type Bed Modified For Inclined Bed Therapy by Mick Luxlite

The Standard Ottoman Type Bed is hinged at the head board end and affords storage of bedding etc.

This type of bed can be easily modified by rotating the side of the bed, mattress support frame and hinges 180 degrees, so that it opens the opposite way around, raising it from the head board end.

These instructions are from Mick Luxlite and show how you can easily adapt an Ottoman Style bed for Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

ottoman bed inclined modification ibt 0

1. Install the sides of the bed frame reversed so your bed opens to a  true incline from the head end. By this, we mean affix the sides of the bed by swapping them around so that the hinges are at the foot end / bottom of the bed. Swapping left side to right side and right side to left side.

2. Remove the two stop bars (These are the rests for the hinged metal frame) and fit pre cut 18mm and 6mm mdf boards to each side of the bed at the pillow end / top with the 6mm board slightly higher as illustrated in order to overlap the metal frame to pervent side sway.

3. Replace midrail height bolts (Centre Supports) with longer 8mm thread mushroom head Coach bolts, Inexpensive and available at most (DIY and Building Suppliers) and adjust for new raised angle. This bed is actually slightly more than a five degree angle but I can increase or reduce the angle in minutes if so desired. Treat yourself you only live once.

ottoman bed inclined modification ibt 1

Centre frame supports, increasing height using longer mushroom headed coach bolts

Inside of side supports, showing fixing wood screws and raised coah bolt centre support

Mattress and cover disguises the modification