Of course, there are many conditions that Inclined Bed Therapy will not work well with, but then the question arises will a flat bed work with these same conditions better than IBT?


Having been unable to help Dad. I guess it's fair to say IBT won't help people by preventing cancer from spreading.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. Not had much success with halting this illness, although to be fair only 2 people in the advanced stage of the illness have reported back to me. Some cases of progressive multiple sclerosis are very slow to respond also. And although spinal cord injury has been shown to be reversible to some degree a full recovery from spinal cord injury after 2 years post injury is unlikely. Though a huge amount of recovery is possible and has been reported by many people with both complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries. Dikul, The Russian Trapeze artist who fell and became paralysed made a complete recovery after being told he could never walk again. He went on to become the strongest man in the World by using an exercise regimen involving repetitive exercise using a sloping bench for push ups over many hours, often falling asleep on the sloping bench. His first job following some recovery was riding a motorcycle around the inside of a giant tube, known as the wall of death. I have postulated on the possibility of a centrifugal force being used to improve the outcome of spinal cord injury further. Who knows, in a few years time when the implications for this research are fully realised we may see a centrifuge used for spinal cord injury recovery.

Immortality is not going to happen using IBT in the foreseeable future.

We will still get older, but I suspect based on the many reports I have already received that the ageing process may be slowed down by at least ten years using IBT. Not enough figures to substantiate this and not enough years of research yet either. But in the fifteen years I have researched this, a large number of people have stated they feel 10 years or more younger using it. Wrinkles also appear less and the face is less puffy and distorted as it is waking from a flat bed. Muscular atrophy is reversed using IBT and bone loss arrested. The stooped posture common in the elderly is also corrected due to the slight traction on the spine each night. This is also backed up by many published papers where muscular atrophy and bone loss among other adverse reactions have been observed using both flat bed rest and head down bed rest as a model.

An eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, or RP, a condition that affects the cones at the back of the eye did not respond to IBT, although many other benefits from the inclined bed were felt by a man who was totally blind (rare), he did not regain his sight.

Yet Several other people with multiple sclerosis who were also registered blind through supposedly irreversible optic nerve damage did recover their sight and go on to being able to function without glasses. One lady in particular is now able to drive a vehicle without glasses.

Male Baldness. Although it has to some degree slowed it down and in some cases encouraged hairs to continue to grow without falling out. Another interesting observation reported by a few people is that pubic hair no resists the tendency to fall out as much as when sleeping flat and needs to be trimmed.

Cystic fibrosis. No luck with two children who have this condition, sorry to say.

There will undoubtedly be more conditions that IBT does not help.

Question originally from Naked Scientists website 06/03/2009

Is there anything that IBT doesn't work for?