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The Trouble with Bed

Sitting for hours helps you push up the flowers

Time spent flat in bed, we should all dread

Hours spent in cars is like flying to Mars

Tight clothes and socks leads to blood clots


Infections spread when we are tucked up in bed

Morning eyes are swollen and sensation is stolen

Blood sugar rises as bed seals diabetics demises

Muscles weaken before we awaken to surprises


The heart beats harder and faster at night

Breathing in bed is laboured and tight

Occasionally stopping giving partners a fright

Cold hands and feet for hours at night


Snoring out warnings that all is not right

Veins become swollen with fluid seeping out

Limbs swell with oedema and ulcers are rife

As we get older bed governs our life


Digestive disorders as food moves more slowly

Toxins build up as kidneys barely function

Bowles compacted with food undigested

Waking up bloated and feeling poorly rested


Insomniacs awareness that beds are not safe

Pressure sores weeping as skin starts to chafe

Sweating profusely our bodies overheat

Depression and memory and thoughts of defeat


Morning or night-time paralysis interrupting our slumber

Trips to the bathroom, too many to number

Balance problems on rising and room spinning round

Why does this happen when we sleep so sound


Yet we are advised by Doctors to take to our bed

Saying the evidence is clear it is all in our head

But sleeping disorders speak volumes instead

That the evidence is clear it is all in our bed!

Andrew K Fletcher 04/09/17
Are you suffering from Flat Bed Syndrome?