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What type of blocks are safe for Inclined Bed Therapy

Suitable Blocks / Bed Raisers for Inclined Bed Therapy

These strong plastic cone shaped bed / furniture raisers / risers are excellent for tilting the bed for Inclined Bed Therapy. They are supplied in a box of 4 so you have a spare set for when you are travelling or staying with family and friends.

6 inch Plastic Bed Risers Suitable for Inclined Bed Therapy I.B.T.

Although they measure slightly less than six inches it is not crytical to be exact and as most bed legs are set slightly in from the edge of the bed, the angle is within the range. If additional height is required, the risers can be placed on to another board or book.

They pack inside each other and are fairly lightweight so can easily fit inside a flight bag or suitcase and do not take up much room considering they are hollow.

Far easier to install than wooden blocks and inexpensive. Check Ebay for a bargain.

The blocks should measure 6 inches minimum from base to top as shown.

If you need to raise your bed higher, then simply put one cone inside the other and this will add 1-2 more inches depending where your bed legs are situated.

Inclined Bed Therapy Strong Plastic Bed Raisers