How trees really raise water to their leaves! And Much More at:
These Simple experiments with water filled tubes not only show how trees and all plants use a simple flow and return system to circulate sap, they will help you to understand how gravity drives your circulation and why we need to pay careful attention to our posture when sleeping and sitting. Gravity supplies trees and plants with the force to raise water to impressive heights without any need for a pump. And yet until recently, that connection has not been linked to our own circulation?

We are not just talking about blood circulation. The flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) throughout the huge network of nerves, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes is influenced by gravity! The direction damaged nerves grow and regenerate is linked to gravity! The flow of lymph in your lymphatic system depends on posture and gravity to effectively remove waste from your body, via the veins and venous return.

How we make use of this new understanding of circulation is surprisingly simple and costs nothing. Simply raising the head end of your bed 15cm / 6 inches will support and improve your circulation while you sleep. This is called Inclined Bed Therapy and these experiments were used to determine the 5 degree angle for both comfort and effect.
Andrew K Fletcher