40 dollar inclined bed frame ibt 1Inclined Bed Therapy:  Sleeping Inclined To Restore and Support Your Health For Free.  Fascinating Science, Discovery, History and Medical Research In Circulation And Posture, by Andrew K Fletcher.  Read the Success Stories.  Check the Forum.

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We have had our bed inclined for approx 8 months now.


Get up in the morning and the first steps are like I have never been to bed; no tottering for the first steps, no touching the hallway wall to keep balance.

Sinus, gone.

Head is clearer every morning.

Easier to get up from having a comfortable and refreshed sleep.

No night cramps in the thighs and legs.

Still wear glasses for long distance and reading though.  Still have some nasty psoriasis attacks from time to time.  But, I will never go back to flat bed syndrome.



Pat Hogen

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You saved my life Andrew! Thank you. Im a 29 M from Canada and I had a heart condition that was steadily getting worse. I've used your bed incline therapy and and with in the first two nights I've noticed a dramatic change for the better, and actually feel like I will live to see my kids grow up, before this I always slept on the floor with no pillow and now I realise why I had bad breathing heart conditions and everything else. I'm also thinking about chairs now and if the 90 degree is good for posture or not. Thank you Andrew you are an amazing person

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